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The Life and Times of True Evangelion

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True Evangelion

It's been a long while since my last entry. I've been busy with life. Things have happened, things have gone by. I've learned a few things while PT has been gone. I'm still however, a kissless, non-fapping virgin that goes on the internet, however. I've been quite busy with school. I'm in my senior year of high school and things have been a blast so far.

I honestly am nervous about Project-Terra starting back up. As you know, I've got some...issues with the community. Hopefully they will be fixed when Terra starts up. Hopefully I can revive TFE for....the third time now?

Moving on from Project-Terra, a lot of you know I am trying to get into game development. It's still caressing unbelievably hard. Things I have done so far:

  • Got Autodesk Mudbox to finally work, maybe I can now make Ultra-High-poly models.
  • Bake Normal Maps
  • Make Edge Loops in 3DS Max
  • Found a good gun tutorial, will follow later

There's probably more, but I can't remember stuff. Now, for real life. I have gotten accepted into two colleges! Each one is offering me scholarships that are very useful. Hopefully I can manage to get a full-ride, as my money situation is very very dire right now! That's it for now though.

Merry Christmas!


True Evangelion

As of Today, I am entering hibernation. I need a break. Terra's community is so bad, that I'm ashamed to be part of it. There are a select few who are good, but the rest are ********.

I've tolerated it since PT R1, but their personalities as sperglords are starting to turn me into one too. I yelled at Statefarm, treated him cruelly.

As of now, Fon Master Ion is the probationary President of TFE while I decide what to do....

Terra's so called "community" makes me sick, no community should act like Terra's. It's the worst I've ever been a part of in fact. The volatility on here makes 4chan look peaceful.

I will continue my game dev blog posts, and I will still be on IRC and post on AP, but I need a break from the most of it.

Until we meet again in-game,

HWJohn/True Evangelion

True Evangelion

I've been busy studying entity types on Cry Engine 3. Entities are vary, like some being items and others being fire particles. I managed to make a gas pump explode, and activate multiple fire entities. This was done by using the flow graph, which is a script module of Cry Engine 3 that uses node-based scripting. Now, I've also been working on the ever-classic OMGWTFBBQ exploding gas barrel. Do you wanna know what the model consists of? Just one cylinder.....no modifications to it. Just a plain, old cylinder.

But that means no polygon details, like the sides flaring on the top and bottom, and the nozzle, right? No, it doesn't. I will be making two models: A high-poly (All the details) and a low-poly(Just the cylinder). I will then use the High Poly to bake a Normal map. Not only will this save me some resources, I believe it will make UV mapping easier. Expect progress soon, and maybe even a short video.

To complete the barrel:

  • Create the model
  • Create the textures
  • Create the destroyed model
  • Make the physics to blow the barrel in half.

True Evangelion

Tired from war, our homes were lost. Abandoned by the people we called allies. We fought to the last ship. But we've finally have been given the order to evac. We lived in this region for so long, which had been snatched by Goonswarm and TEST. But.......we will not falter! Among the corpses of the weak and incompetent, we are the ones who fought, instead of hiding! We fought against a juggernaut, totalling over 50K pilots!

We are Nulli secunda! Second 2 None!(S2N).

Goodbye Delve! Goodbye Period Basis, my home, our home, which we had lived in and prospered. ******** -AAA-, who we trusted, yet they just kept us docked.


True Evangelion

I am a guy who is starting on Game development.

"But True Eva? How do you afford all those programmz!?"

Well I tell you, Student editions help....

Anyways, I've been studying hard, learning all the quirks about Game dev. Let me tell you, it's not easy. I took me four hours just to set up the following item that will be later in this entry. My SDK is Cry Engine 3. This engine is AWESOME....The graphics are absolutely glorious! Right now I can only run DirectX9 due to a compatibility issue between the SDK and ATi cards. I have made little progress, but little is better than none.

Anyways, I made a model of a health Kit I am planning to actually heal a player


To do this stuff, you need:

  • CryEngine 3 or another SDK (UDK)
  • 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, etc. (3DS is best)
  • Photoshop or GIMP
  • A very very good computer
  • Patience

I ********ing love POM:


True Evangelion

blog-0779121001341652664.pngI HAVE RISEN, FEAR ME YOU PLEBS

Will be starting this blog soon.


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