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With the final areas of residence begin to lay down their arms, The kingdom of Maluku is no more, Oceanian officials and advisors have been sent to oversee the rebirth of Maluku as a modern state, as promised the Neo-Fatherland party voted down a bill enabling them to annex the state of Maluku instead voting for the Coalition United Party compromise bill called the "sphere of influence bill."

The Kingdom of Maluku will become a parliamentary constitutional republic the same political system as Oceania, The Kingdom of Maluku will also now be known as The Republic of Maluku or simply Maluku.

The new advisors and officials will begin rebuilding Maluku as a parliamentary constitutional republic, however constitutionally banning heavy industrial industries, With a free-trade agreement already established, Maluku will be heavy depended on Oceania for major industrial goods.

Oceania advisors will supervise the government for 100 years being able to vote bills and acts, protect the constitution and help foster a modern democratic state.

Oceanian officials will also share key position within the government of Maluku for the next 50 years to help aid and educated the new ministers and public servants,

Socialist Republic of Sulawesi will become a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, Now known as the Sulawesi

Similar to the Republic of Maluku, Sulawesi constitutionally will ban heavy industrial industries, With a free-trade agreement already established, Maluku will be heavy depended on Oceania for major industrial goods, with Oceania advisors and officials sharing key position within the government and help protect the constitution and help foster a modern democratic state.

Civil unrest is high, in Sulawesi armed Civil unrest is most common, both state are in poor shape, resistance groups still roam large areas of Sulawesi, however the large population areas are now under the control of Oceania.

Permanent naval - military Base will also be establish on each state holding maximum 60,000 solders and an unlimited number of warships at each base, with attest 30,000 to be station at each base at all time.

Large Job Programs will help rebuild each nation with Oceania pledging 3 Billion over the next 5 years, Oceanian Banks will also be allowed to expand into each state and with a deal with the Oceania bank fund, offer Interest-free loans to help start up business and investment programs to help kickstart their economies.

Chancellor Charles also announces he will be visiting Homar, for an important announcement, There will also be a victory parade sometime during the next month in Oceania.

Chancellor Charles also have asked Homars president to keep its 4 thousand troops to station them in Sulawesi the more unstable state, Homors navy ship will also be allowed to use Oceania navy ports for as long homar's 4 thousand troops are station in Sulawesi, an increase in troops, ships or any military hardware ill also be welcomed.

Sanctions against Kalimantan are expected to expand too include the whole economy of Kalimantan, and a navy blockage is also expected to be announced once the Navy is large enough to force Silistrious 1st fleet out of Oceanian region and force Kalimantan to collapse.

Neo-Fatherland party has been noted in that they expected War between Silistrious and Oceania should be expected if they continue to support Kalimantan.


Intelligent reports confirm Sari Purnawarman muhammad the Queen of Maluku and her children have escaped to Socialist Republic of Sulawesi and now making their way to Silistrious.

Socialist Republic of Sulawesi remain under heavy attack from the bombers of the 3rd division's carport bombing, as 8 out of 9 ports are now blockaded by the Oceanians navy, the Ruler of Socialist Republic of Sulawesi has since requested to meeting with Oceania officials to talk about a peace deal, The Neo-fatherland party however makes it clear to the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi for there to be peace, they must accepted an unconditional surrender,

Oceania launches Operation Coastal Chaos where "squids" (specials-ops Marines) sneak into major power plants and fuel storage building and sabotage them, 18 Titian Class-Destroyer spread thought the sea of Sulawesi begin shooting down any building taller than 2 stories, with no fuel left cities being attacked and nation wide blackout, Socialist Republic of Sulawesi reluctantly agree's to Oceania's unconditional surrender, and pulls out of the Conflict.

Large parts of Maluku begin to also accept an unconditional surrender, with whole cities flatten and countless dead, with no King and a government fleeing, many are giving up.

The People Union of Kalimantan requests Silistrious to build a base in Kalimantan and to maintain as strong presence to prevent oceania expanding the war towards them.

Oceania's War machine begins to roar to life as its capability to construct warships and warplanes double.


Reports flood in, Homar's air strikes that attacked training and recruitment camps, had killed the King of Maluku, who was visting a few recruitment camp before fleeing to the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi, The Kingdom of Maluku enters a state of chaos, Oceana occupying forces break thought defensive lines and attack critical military installations and Supply depots, And surround the "Silistrian Zones".

As a response to the establishment of "Silistrian Zones" Oceania establishes an Anti-Air Network, which comprise of 47 - Pelican 88s (a Light Armored Vehicle) is an eight-wheeled amphibious Anti-Aircraft vehicle, With a two-stage long-range surface-to-air missile (the classic D-70S, Highly accurate, small and one of the Fastest missiles in the World), with 23 - Atlas Class cruiser, design specifictly as an anti-aircraft ship, the Atlas Class cruiser has 4 Sidney Missile launchers armed with 4 two-stage medium-range naval surface-to-air missile, and another 75 - AU-111 intercepter as well as another 25 AU-8 next gen Muti-Role fighter jet, to prevent any drops off, with almost 80,000 solder on the island and another 25,000 on the Southern island to help repel any counter-attack.

The Neo-Fatherland party praises Homar for the newly announced sanctions against People Union of Kalimantan, One spokesman said "Although they [People Union of Kalimantan] are not technically at war with Oceania, their support for both The Kingdom of Maluku and Socialist Republic of Sulawesi are simply unacceptable."

As The Kingdom of Maluku losses their last Port city, Oceania begins to move onto the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi, Oceania airstrikes attack, governmental buildings and other key military installations and Supply depots, While the Oceania Navy blockage 6 out of 9 ports, However Most of Oceanians fighting force remains on Maluku as heavy fighting continued as the last breath of the old regime is taken.

Civilian populations remains hostile against Oceanian solders seeing them as occupiers from a state trying to recreate the Oceania Union, the brutally that has been shown during the war also has made the Oceanian occupying force very unpopular compared to the Forces from Homar, who went as far as to drop aid to help civilians stuck between war zones.

Domestic News

Neo-Fatherland party has finally, after protests in New Zealand and New Guinea and heavy lobbying from the Coalition United Party, Realeased a statement that the kingdom of Maluku and the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi will not be annex. Instead the kingdom of Maluku and the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi will be forced under Federation Of Oceania sphere of influence

Critical Parts of their industrial sectors will be exported to Oceana, Keeping their economy heavily depended on Oceana, And the new reformed government will be entrusted stay within Oceania sphere of influence.

Both Neo-Fatherland party and the Coalition United Party have signals their concern over the deployment of the Radon gas bomb by the Silistrian state, Neo-Fatherland party has warned use of such a weapon would be seen as a direct declaration of war against Oceana, and that Oceana will then begin mass mobilisation as well as deploy Nuclear Armed Weapons.

Coalition United Party also signals their concern waring such a move just justifies the Neo-Fatherland party decision to once again enable Nuclear, chemical and biological research, although nuclear weapons is still years away after years of self-disarmament, Oceania still contains a significant number of Biological weapons thats has the potential to do so much more damage, and that it may response with if a Radon gas bomb is used.


Large Protests have been reported in New Zealand and New Guinea, chanting "NO TO NEW OCEANIA UNION, SAY NO TO TYRANNY" popularity of socialism also have drops as many fear a return of a Oceania Union style government and economy, Historians report that socialism and the popularity of leftist policy was pushed when Indonesia was incorporated into the right-wing Oceania Union, resuting in large long term political internal struggles which had damaged the image of the union internationally and at home, the communist eventually won elections and Oceania union began a long and ugly decline.

However while many in the states of New Zealand and New Guinea fear a return of a Oceania Union, many on the mainland of Australia favor supporting the War, Addicted to power, many remember their parents and grand parents stories of how strong and influential the Oceania Union was, even despite its decline, and strongly believe the region will benefit from a Oceania Union more than if it remains fragmented.

Political battles between the Far-right who want to annex the kingdom of Maluku and Socialist Republic of Sulawesi and the Centre-Right that want to stop the War completely and withdraw any and all occupying forces

The Neo-Fatherland Party has declared the war against the kingdom of Maluku to be over..despite battles between against Oceanian occupying forces and the Maluku royal forces continue to rage on, Maluku most important port and industrial city Taniwal, producing almost 68% of all industrial domestic and militaristic goods for the kingdom of Maluku has been completely destroyed and reports coming in are stating Oceanian occupying forces has again control of what is left of the city, Maluku is also reporting huge shortages of weapons and domestic goods, as well as huge civil unrest.

A image of the city of Taniwal


photo taken by Officer Lt. Mark L - of the 4th regiment

As Oceanian occupying forces take the final last few strategic installations in Southern Maluku, Oceania deploys another 10 Perth Class and 19 Guinea Class - Frigates, Sinking 3 Subs and damaging another 1 forcing it to the surface, With the discovery the submarine was a old Oceania Union class submarine and that it was sent by People Union of Kalimantan, has resulted in the announcement of economic

sanctions against the People Union of Kalimantan,

With the increased number of Frigates, oceania has began to push back and regain large areas of the seas between the north and south of Maluku, With landing parties finally landing in Northen Maluku, Oceanian occupying forces encounter unusual tough resistance, unlike the Maluku royal forces who often ran out of ammo within 5 minute of the start of the battle and being poorly equip, the new resistance is unusually heavily armed, although with heavy sea and air support, oceania was able to created 3 enclaves, surrounded by the new resistance. During the fight to establish the 3 enclaves, 7 solders of the new resistance were found heavy hurt, after being treated for their wounds, they under went interrogation, oceanian solders discovery that the new unusual tough resistance are Silitrians.

After finding out that Silistrious have been sending Military Advisors to Kingdom of Maluku and that at lest a few Military Advisors have been actually joining the resistance on the Northern island of Maluku, Neo-Fatherland Party condemns the Military Advisors being sent to the Kingdom of Maluku, but as debate rages within both house Chancellor Charlies was able to convince enough ministers to prevent a national condemnation of Silistrious, Chancellor Charlies begins lobbying in the Neo-Fatherland Party to prevent annexation of the Kingdom of Maluku

Bombing raids over northern Maluku intensify, as the total number of bombers are increased to 44, with another 100 Jet fighters escorting the bombers. Key strategic installations have reportedly been hit hard with the human loss counting almost half a million deaths.

People Union of Kalimantan reports seeing large number of aircraft and bombers, and with lose of 4 submarine People Union of Kalimantan withdraws support of the kingdom of Maluku and the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi and begin to prepare incase oceania moves against the People Union of Kalimantan.

With 30Titian Class-Destroyer and another 40 A-90 Cruiser Scorpion Class-Corvette and another 20 Guinea Class, Perth Class Frigate blockading Socialist Republic of Sulawesi With almost 40,000 solders landing in Sulawesi, significant less prepared for a military conflict than the Kingdom of Maluku was, civil chaos quickly follows, reports of light bombing by 20 multirole fighters also are coming in.

Chancellor Charlies has announced the support Homar is giving Oceania unprecedented and extremely welcomed. Chancellor Charlies announces he is planing to travel to Homar to expand economic and militaristic cooperation as well as establish and expand anti-terror cooperation, Chancellor Charlies also plans a similar trip to Silistrious however due to current political situation in Oceania, it will have to be a wait a little longer.


As the Titian Class-Destroyers flatten South Maluku cities, Oceanian troops land in South Maluku and heavy fighing breaks out in major cities, with close air support, Oceanian troops continue on a slow but steady pace gaining control over large parts of the island.

As war battles on to again control over the Southern Maluku island, 3 Titian Class-Destroyers and 5 Scorpion Class-Corvette were all destroyed near the Northern Maluku island, Unknown to the Federation of Oceania, The People Union of Kalimantan has almost 33 Oceania Union Submarines, although over 80 years old, they have been maintain extremely well with large part reconstruct, the Oceania Union's Blackbelt-Class S17-Attack Submarine was considered one of the most advance and powerfulest submarines of its time before the global Collapse and the collapse of the Oceania Union, despite being over 80 years old and the world largely recovered it remains a formidable Submarine.

A second fleet of 6 Titian Class-Destroyers and 5 Scorpion Class-Corvette 11 The A-90 Cruiser and 9 Scorpion Class-Corvette, attempted to move its way up to the northern Maluku islands, hoping to find the naval fleet that destroryed the smaller fleet, the large fleet was attacked as soon as it reached the port city of HoGa, in north Maluku, only 2 A-90 Cruiser and 4 Titian Class-Destroyers and 1 Scorpion Class-Corvette surviving , reporting Submarines.

Soon after reports of Submarine sighting and attacks coming from the top of the Southern Maluku island flooded in. Oceania began to pull back its navy from large areas of the Southern Maluku island, With the majority of Oceania's navy forced back to New Guinea, lacking a significant anti-Submarine capabilities, Oceania was forced to Speed up the deployment of the few Perth Class - Frigate it had, which was Oceania's first vessels since the collapse of Oceania Union to be fully fitted for combat, although it lacked in numbers, it gave sufficient cover from Submarine attacks to protect a small force near Southern Maluku island.

With the navy "defected due to lack of anti-Submarine capabilities" Oceania change doctrines from a primary navy lead attack to a primary Air lead Attack, with the full deployment and mobilisation of Oceania's airforce, almost 100 fighter jets (the AF-08'S) were sent to establish Air superiority, A few dog fights were reported but lacking significant technologic knowledge, resource and experience as well as limited industrial capacity Maluku air force was quickly crashed.

24/7 Bombing raids were established over kingdom of Maluku as well as Socialist Republic of Sulawesi, attacking Ports, factories, as well as crop fields and farms, as well as key population areas.

Soon after the Bombing raids over kingdom of Maluku and Socialist Republic of Sulawesi

were established People Union of Kalimantan began pulling support from both states and began to ask foreign state like Silistrious and Homar and many others for any form of aid including military equipment and military personnel.

Paratroopers began to land on both islands, resulting in heavy fighting and heavy resistant, rumours and reports are coming though that in large pockets of resistant Paratroopers would call in air bombing killing hundreds of woman and children.

Back in Oceania

Oceanian intelligence agency "intelligence reports" were unable to establish if the kingdom of Maluku or any other nation in the region had Submarines. It was clear Oceania's intelligence agency had failed, and were unable to establish if the kingdom of Maluku or any other nation in the region had Submarines nor was it able to accurately pin point key military base in the kingdom of Maluku, nor warn of terrorist attacks on its embassy in Homar.

Reforms to the Oceanian intelligence agency will be announced soon.

The Neo-Fatherland Party has also called for all Oceanians to return home after the terrorist attacks on its embassy in Homar.

With Oceania at war and in the middle of remilitarising, thousands of jobs are created, and with new work programs building new and Old national monuments as well as old Capitalist monuments like the iconic "The Southern Great Bull" monument, The grand Tasman bridge and the Continental Dome, as well as repairing roads and building new roads and rails, Unemployment is at less than 1%.

With Banks having to keep full amount of each depositor's funds in cash/silver/gold, ready for immediate withdrawal on demand, confidence within the banking community is at a all time high, although, leading and investment from banks have completely been wiped out, the state has replaced banks as the major leaders and investors within the economy, the people seem happy now knowing their bank deposits are self in the bank where to bank can no longer loan sone else your funds and its ready at any time to be taken out on demand.

Inflation is up by 7% while the GDP has grown 5.1%.

Guinea Class - Frigate 4x Sidney Missile launchers with 36x AA-Missile (Short Range, Anti Ship Missile), torpedo Single launchers,

Perth Class - Frigate 8x Alexandra Missile launchers With 72x AB-11 Missile (Long Range, Multiple-role Missile) Tomsen-22 Vertical Launching System with 10,


The Royal Navy of Maluku Attempts to land a landing party on New Guinea, however the medium size naval fleet was ambushed by 4 A-90 Cruisers, 13 Frigate are quickly detach from the main party to slow down the 4 A-90s, 2 A-90 use their supiure speed to speed pass 6 Frigate, while passing these Frigate, the 2 A-90 Cruisers use their Rear gun mounts, and sprayed them hitting almost 4 of the Frigate, as this goes on, the 2 other A-90 Cruisers, Launch 6 AA-Missile hitting and sinking 4 Frigate, getting to the close range at top speed, the other 2 A-90s user their 6.7 mm medium machine guns crippling 3 more Frigate and as they then turn around one of the A-90 were hit with Gun fire from 2 Frigate causing the Cruisers to lose engine power, stuck, the other 2 A-90 Cruisers raced in and finished of the surviving 5 Frigate with their 2× 6.7 mm medium machine guns and 2x Rear gun mounts.

Another 4 A-90 Cruisers arrive with 9 Scorpion-Corvette, Scorpion-Corvette attempts to split The Royal Navy of Maluku landing party in half, 3 Scorpion-Corvette are heavily damage while attempting to spit The Royal Navy of Maluku landing party, at the same time the remaining A-90 Cruisers launches AA-Missile sinking most transport vessels killing almost 24,000 solders, What was left of The Royal Navy of Maluku landing party began to retreat,

As the A-90 and Scorpion-calls enclose on The retreating Royal Navy of Maluku landing party, two Titian Class-Destroyer, appeared and began firing their 10 inch caliber gun, exploding the shells over the ship causing a hail of shrapnel to rain from the sky casing the Maluku landing party to stop and attempt to surrender, Once surrounded, orders were given to take prisoners then torpedo the surviving ships.

4 hours later 19 Titian Class-Destroyer, 8 Scorpion Class-Corvette and 13 A-90 Cruisers blockage major ports in southern Maluku, and begin bombard all major cities in southern Maluku,

16 hours later reports of dog fights over large parts of Maluku are reported with up to 43 AU-11's bombers beginning carpet bombing, cities in the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi and the northern islands in Maluku.

The kingdom of Maluku and The Socialist Republic of Sulawesi are reporting the sabotages Oceanian Oil terminal was a inside job, stating they didn't have the skill or the man power to spare to conduct such an operation on one of the most important and well guarded Oil terminal in Oceania, They continue to claim that Oceania sabotages its own Oil terminal to create a cause belli against The kingdom of Maluku, they claim that Federation of Oceania is trying to re create the Oceania Union.

The A-90 Cruiser is Armed with 2x Sidney Missile launchers with 18x AA-Missile (Short Range, Anti Ship Missile), 2× 6.7 mm medium machine guns (manually controlled), And 2x Rear gun mounts.

Scorpion Class-Corvette named for being heavy armed mostly in the rear "called the tail", is armed with 1 x triple launchers for only 3 - M11 torpedoes, and in the rear 3× 6.0 mm medium machine guns (manually controlled) Rear gun mounts.

Titian Class-Destroyer named for its unusual large size, its armed with 4 Sidney Missile launchers with 18x AA-Missile per Missile launchers, 6 × 15.9 mm heavy machine guns (Automatically controlled), 2× 5.5 inch M13's naval gun (rear), 2 × submerged torpedo tubes launchers, and 1x 10 inch caliber gun.


An Oil terminal in New Guinea has been sabotages, exploding killing almost 380 new Oceanians (New Guinean nationals), Outraged The President calls for emergency meets of both houses, and as Chancellor Charlies race back to the Federation Of Oceania, the president calls to empower the presidential office with war time powers, with both house dominated by the The Neo-Fatherland Party and without Chancellor Charlies veto powers, the president is elected War Time Powers.

By the time Chancellor Charlies lands in the main airport in Sidney, Oceania had declares war on The kingdom of Maluku (Maluku, North Maluku - Socialist democracy), 30 min later Socialist Republic of Sulawesi (Yellow) declared war on Federation Of Oceania to aid The kingdom of Maluku. 4 hours later, the People Union of Kalimantan (Communist Dictatorship) begins sending military and financial aid to The kingdom of Maluku.

Map Of the Land

Green - Federation Of Oceania

Red - kingdom of Maluku

Yellow - Socialist Republic of Sulawesi

Not Coloured - People Union of Kalimantan


Other News: Almost 50,000 socialist and 30,000 communist have been arrested, The Neo-Fatherland Party begin talks about what to do with the almost 140,000 socialist and communist that have been arrested so far, everything from mass exportation, mass killings or forced labor have been suggested, the Coalition United Party has began national protest and righting with the government against such actions calling for their release.

With the President now empowered with War-time powers, he has suggested Coalition United Party was starting to lean to the left and defending socialist and communist could be seen as an act of solidarity with them, which would give the President legal powers to ban and arrest the Coalition United Party.

With such talks and rumors, the Coalition United Party have called off planned protest.

Warning the following is just a small brief history of the region to explain whats happening now..sorry if somethings doesn't make sense i had to miss out ALOT of things.

NOTE: for those who are not aware, Before the Federation Of Oceania, there was the Oceania Union which had member state of all modern day Oceania states including Indonesia, when Oceania Union slowly turned capitlaist to socialist then communist, the Oceania Union went bankrupt, before its collapse it transferred the unions debt to all modern day Oceania states including Indonesia, Leaving Australia debt free, these state were not aware of the huge debt that was transferred into their name until they broke away, facing debt with interest rates almost 6 and for some states almost 20 times their GDP all state apart from Australia went bankrupt a second time, the result was after Australia recovered after the short 7 year civil war after the break up of the union, Australia rebuilt itself returning to where it was before creating the union under 9 years, however it took some state who recovered the fasterst like new Zealand and new guinea almost 80 years to get back on track while others like Indonesia never recovered and due to inherited debt and almost 60 years of Oceania policy to highlight culture difference within Indonesia resulted in the islands breaking off declaring independent.


Foreign News.

Federation Of Oceania has announced it has established relationships with Silistrious, The Neo-Fatherland Party is extremely critical of this move seeing Silistrious as a threat to Oceania, however Coalition United Party remains firm and is intends to great a strong and unbreakable bond between these two states.

The Oceania embassy in Homar is Currently undergoing remodeling as the new embassy in Silistrious begins construction, The new designs are to help drastically improve security as well to expand the current structure to enable Oceania to stuff more diplomat and delegates and state ministers.

Tensions have risen in The kingdom of Maluku (Maluku, North Maluku) As Oceania forces begin a huge build up in Oceanian state of Guinea, representative from Oceania has said these forces are there for a large scale military exercise, and not there to harm the great kingdom of Maluku. kingdom of Maluku has since claimed never in history has there been such a large force in Guinea and is a clear act of aggression on the part of Oceania

​Domestic news.

Banking refrom is now on the table with new lavy's on bank which is due to fail in both house however the Reserve Act is expected to pass, the reserve act will force banks to keep the full amount of each depositor's funds in cash/silver/gold, ready for immediate withdrawal on demand. Preventing the bank from loaned out a depositor's funds, which happens in the current system. This will help prevent rush on banks in an crisis, and ensure banks no long can play with big money, their income will now come from interests payments and will be granted access to the Banking Fund (Banking Fund is used for major investments and expansion on projects and is funded by the state but controlled by the banks.).

Nationalisation with Australian characteristics bill was the only bill that wasn't signed into law, in the final hours of debating critical loopholes were found however after still finding its way pass both house the president was convinced to not sign the act by the capitalist factions in the party because they were sceptic on how the law would benefit system.

An armament has since been added to the bill only allowing the state to nationalise 49% of a company in stead of 51% and forbidding the ownership of any assets apart from non-wealth creating assets like the military and prison, it is currently being debated.

Another law which was later had an armament added to it was the Tech dot Boom act, with infringement laws significantly weaken, only patent that weren't in use in any current product could be legally copied.

since the significantly weaken infringement and patent laws, a phenomenon has since developed, Hundreds of small groups of hobbyist and inventors meet all over the nation and show off new products created with patent took from major corporations, and showing off conspectus of what could be done, although many have criticise this act, some experts however say it has enabled young hobbyist and inventors to create tools and products these big corporations could never thought off, some of these patents are years old and the corporation, never was able to do anything with it.

Thousands were arrested in Oceania, who were linked to the old communist regime, with warning those who helped the communist will also be prosecuted, many socialist and communist are attempting to flee the state, however many are eventually caught. The state plan's to extends the ban of left-wing free-speech and movement.

Chancellor Charlies leader of the Coalition United Party, has commented privately "although it is sad (for those on the left), it seems to keep them occupied (them being The Neo-Fatherland Party), we are able to pull back red tape and unleash freedom of speech and religion on everyone (apart from socialists). We are in deed a freer nation, we have more rights than ever before, we can now even stand out on the streets and prise a grand spaghetti monster in the sky and we are free to do is only a shame that socialist can not enjoy such freedoms.

(Note: kinda realising i have no format for my posts and its really effect the quality of my post ahah)


Bills passed.

Compulsory military service has just passed the lower and upper house, and the president is due to sign it into law within the week, everyone at the age of 17 will be forced into the military to service 2-4 years depending on school grade score and any criminal record.

The Neo-Fatherland Party wining a strong majority in both houses, have introduce a flood of new bills and acts, including

The Big Bureaucracy bill. Which will create a huge new Bureaucracy system, to help grow and maintain the state strong directive influence over investment, as opposed to maintaining the states traditional role of merely having a regulatory role, While the rest of the government will shrink by almost half.

Whats Good is Good act. Which will eliminating almost 5 out of 10 regulations to help capitalist and business grow. And in special sectors like tech and services sectors 8 out of 10 regulations will be eliminated.

Tech dot Boom act. which will significantly weaken infringement and patent laws.

Nationalisation with Australian characteristics bill. this act Allows The state at any time gain 51% of a company or business, allowing the state to control any business or company but the current business owner can not be removed form power or lose his company or business, the company or business is still owned by the owner but no longer controlling it.

Private enterprise recognition bill. the act bans Producers being organised by the state into cartels in the way of syndicalism, as well as banning the trade unions and other organisations of the working class.

The Neo-Fatherland Party has also abolished minimum wage as well as other forms of "government intervention".

In a surprising twist The Neo-Fatherland Party has voted to give more foreign powers to the chancellor offices, while debating about expanding its domestic powers.

the The Neo-Fatherland Party has also indicated potential structural Federal reforms.


Polls are open though out Oceana, and with everybody over the age of 18 having to cast a vote or risk a hefty fine, millions turn out, Voting for the new president and chancellor of Oceana.

In the Presidential Race, Parties are elected by the people, parties then elect members to make up the new government as well as elect the new president to head the new government.

In the Chancellor Race, Individuals are re-elected by their party where by then the people will elect the most suited Individual for the job of chancellor.

For those who dont understand the difference between the roles of the president and chancellor, the president role is domestic, reforming domestic laws and industrial relations, regulations etc, while the chancellor role is more maintaining a strong military and relationships with other states, the chancellor position is often seen as the more powerful role as the chancellor can interfere in domestic politics in limited ways where the president has no legal way of interfering with the chancellor role. However its important to note although the chancellor might be seen to have more power, if a opponent party is elected into the office of the president, they can easily block and kill of bills or acts, the chancellor trys and introduce in either houses.


Election Results.

Presidential Race:

The Coalition United Party 18.1%

The Neo-Fatherland Party 76.2%

The Family First Party 16.7%

The Neo-Fatherland Party has won a landside election, with a stunning result for the The Family First Party which last election only received 7.1% of the votes, and what a devastators loss for the The Coalition United Party going from receiving last election around 67% of the vote to just over 18%, this is history in the making, this is the first time in Oceania Federation history that The Coalition United Party has lost an election, The Neo-Fatherland Party will now be in charged for all domestic policies, what exciting times we live in.

Chancellor Race:

The Coalition United Party 48.1%

The Neo-Fatherland Party 47.9%

The Family First Party 0.1%

The Coalition United Party just wins the Chancellor Race, receiving 48% of the vote while The Neo-Fatherland Party receive 47%, this is such a close race, the The Neo-Fatherland Party has asked for a recount and at the moment it still looks like the The Coalition United Party has won this race, historically the The Family First Party never does well in the Chancellor Race, so no surprise there. So it looks like The Coalition United Party will once again be leading this nation in foreign policies


With Election just around the corner, in a last ditch effect to rise falling polls, The Coalition United Party united with the The Neo-Fatherland Party in passing new Military reforms, deregulating sectors and selling off almost half of all state own industries and businesses (most of which were not making a profit) with other cuts in other areas, with funds being redirected to the military,

With Project 003 to create an indigenous median and main battle tank and Project 101 to create a indigenous next gen jet fighter and bomber and Project 231 to create an indigenous Aircraft Carrer, Frigates, Destroyers and submarines.

At the same time to construction of current foreign designed/indigenous modified Corvettes, Attack Helicopters, Trasport Airfraft, Interceptors, Armored Fighting Vehicles and Towed Artillery will begin construction, with Project 300 to begin slowly creating indigenous version of each unit with help from foreign allies.

Project 499 is to establish a advance early warning system which is to be connected to a complex Multiple Launch Rocket systems, this system is hope to be able to stretch to cover all of Oceania as well as her allies. Project 499 will be linked to the sub program "intercontinental missile and defence program" both project and program will work together with the "Institute for aerospace research and development" which is also developing Multiple low Earth orbital spacecraft systems.

Project 500 is to re-establish Nuclear and Boi-chemical research

A new bill has also been introduce for debate, this bill if enacted would force everyone who reaches the age of 18 to serve 2 - 4 years in the military.

Since the collapse of the Oceania union, the Oceania Federation has remained pretty demilitarized, but with the rise of the The Neo-Fatherland Party pushing for a remilitarization, and The Coalition United Party losing at the polls, the Oceania Federation is finally remilitarization.

At the same time the Oceania Federation passes act enabling the remilitarization of Oceania, both 3 major parties The Coalition United Party, The Neo-Fatherland party, and The Family First Party publicly Condemning the terror attack in Cyrus with Oceania Federation offering its condoles, and any Aid that they might need.


With Thousands out protesting for early election, The Coalition United Party has agreed to early elections, with many expecting the The Neo-Fatherland Party to win a strong majority in both houses, dealing a critical blow to the Center-right The Coalition United Party, which has yet to lose an election.

Early polls show many voters have lost confidence in The Coalition United Party, which was unable to hold the state together when a minority group attempted and gained control, With fears of another Oceania union style collapse or another "hijacking" many voters have shown to be giving their support to The Neo-Fatherland Party

Info about the Top 3 Political party.

The Coalition United Party: Center-Right, Pro-Union, Mixed Economy.

Minorities or the majority, All should be equal, We should welcome and make room for other cultures, this is the very basic building block of our great Federation, Together we bought Oceania back together, we reformed the Oceania union into the Oceania Federation, and together we have achieved what we had once lost, our wages, our standerd of living have finally reached Oceania union level, only the Coalition United Party has the experience and the history to be trusted to rebuild our nations.

Foreign Policy: Maintain Current isolationist policy.


The Neo-Fatherland party: Extreme-Right, Imperialist & Expansionist, Anti-Union, Pure-Capitalism

We demand the forced removal of all minorities that refuse to accept the English language as their first language and the anglo-saxon culture as their first and only culture, Unions must be crushed and big bussines brought back into line, Governmental intervention of the economy must be severely limited and the freemarket should be allowed to dictate freely.

Foreign Policy: strengthen ties between Homar and Oceania, extend Oceania sphere of influence in the region.


The Family First Party: Center, Mixed Economy, Christian, welfare.

We demand to defend christian values within our nation, to defend the current statues of unions and business, to help create a strong welfare system to help those in need and to ensure our nation grows strong, fair and balance for the years to come.

Foreign Policy: Slowly opening of relations with other states.


With the decline of the Socialist Federation and its spectator collapse, Although shockingly many still consider themselves center-left leaning, the failure of the Socialist Federation has resulted in a taboo of anything left leaving.

The result has been a huge rise of the Far-right and the The Neo-Fatherland party, a self proclaimed Fascist party.

The leader of the The Neo-Fatherland party proclaimed

"First the Oceana Union now Federation Of Oceania, when will these socialist scum realise their ideology is based on greed, jealousy, and the misunderstanding of the most basic principle of economics and reality"

The Neo-Fatherland party has laid blame for the rise and popularity of socialism and left-wing policies, on minorities, saying "those who fled socialist riddled failed states were now coming to prosperous capitalist states then foolishly try and making the nation more prosperous by adopting the same failed policy make their prosperous state into failed states"


The Crisis!

Crisis strikes the young Federation, as the The Social National Democratic Party declare war on the other The Coalition United Party and The Family First Party.

Declaring "For too long the The Coalition United Party and The Family First Party have supported dangerous and foolish policies, growing the foolish and exploitative free markets and the pockets of the few, while the majority continues to suffers, wages are too small, unions are too weak, we the people must regain power from these corrupt evil capitalist, for the sake of our people, for the sake of our children.

Profts is the name ofthe game, the worker is nothing more than a number, we are here to be used and abused, Our environment has been damage, and we continue to hugely pollute our waters, lakes and destroy our forests.. Our population is reaching almost 7.5million, this is simply unsustainable, we most immediately diminish our population, for the sake for a more sustainable future.

I say... we say enough! WE ARE THE PEOPLE! and we will have our revolution!"

Almost a million Oceanian's riot in cities though out the Oceania, attacking businesses and government buildings, blocking highways and ports, as many as 400,000 "the red guard" (a newly formed militent group of The Social National Democratic Party) storm political and government offices.

many Officials and politicians from The Coalition United Party and The Family First Party are either imprisoned or exiled. Chancellor Charlies flees to Western Australia.

The Federation Of Oceania is declared the The Socialist Federation. The Oceania Military declares its Neutrality.

Counter-Revolutions develop in Western Australia, Northern Australia and Queensland backing the former government.

The Socialist Federation is in gripped in a civil war, socialist policies are implemented and violent attacks are unleashed on business owners and the wealthy. The new The Socialist Federation struggle to contains civil order, as minimum wages are introduces almost doubling the average wage of a worker and taxes on the wealthy are almost boosted to almost 80% push businesses owners and the wealthy to flee to Western Australia, Northern Australia and Queensland where taxes are lowered to 23%, As their wealth and businesses slowly are nationalised.

Growth in the Socialist Federation begins to drop rapidly as well as population, with fewer people, the welfare system stuggles to find enough people to support the increasing number of people entering the welfare system, As state own businesses go into debt to keep prices are record low levels, the Socialist Federation discover the "Economic calculation problem".

The Federation Guard (supporting the former government) set a an exiled government, and elect Chancellor Charlies.

The Socialist Federation standard of living, as well as growth of wages all stagnate as inflation explodes, The Exiled Government in the few controlled areas Western Australia, Northern Australia and Queensland see strong growth while small increases in wages (wages still no where near that in the The Socialist Federation).

The Socialist Federation begins to attempt to solve the "Economic calculation problem" by implementing limited free market mechanisms, with a huge public backlash, The Socialist Federation became increasingly unstable, however after implementing limited free market mechanisms, growth begins to pick up, A huge reshuffle of leadership develops within the Oceania Military, news spread the Oceania Military was on the verge of collapse and factions developed and threaten to break the military up, after talks, military leaders, agree in promoting new leadership, the new leadership quickly reacted in attacking key faction within the military. The new leadership declares its support of the exiled government, and attacks the Socialist Federation, bring down the government,

A military spokesmen statue that "The former Socialist Federation began to implementing limited free market mechanisms indicating flaws within the original socialist system, although wages were higher, growth and the increase in wages and stranded of living were higher in the regions controlled by the Exiled Government, although the wages were higher in the Socialist Federation.

The new Leadership saw the population of Oceania going from 7.5million to just under 4million, a drop that was not only unacceptable but the methods to achieve such a decline of the populations was a clear violation of human rights and freedoms. The Socialist Federation which started out to created a classless society ended up developing into state which not only violation of human rights and freedoms in the name of equality and the overall good but resulted in a huge loss of human life and a mass exodus

We decided we finally step in, to restore the former government, and development and progress were better than under the The Socialist Federation."

The Federation Of Oceania is restored.. Chancellor Charlies declare brutal regulations for unions while banning socialist or left-wing unions, Chancellor Charlies also bans The Social National Democratic Party, and creates a task force to investigate any groups or parties that show signs of socialist tendencies, A huge rise of fascism also developed, seen far more extreme than the current center-right The Coalition United Party and The Family First Party, Creates a new political party called The Neo-Fatherland party.


Federation Of Oceania Hit's 4 Million.


When Asked to comment officially on the NEWS

The Coalition United Party: ANOTHER milestone, The Federation Of Oceania will keep on grown larger and stronger, we are just so happy our vision of a great and strong Oceania can be realised.

The Social National Democratic Party: No Comment..

The Family First Party: We couldn't agree any more with the The Coalition United Party, this is a time of celebrations and reflection on just how far we have came.


Today the Federation Of Oceania Parliament (The Dome) passed the One Nation, One People Act, Privatisation of Education Act, Privatisation of Fire Prevention Act, Indigenous Relocation Act, Extreme Force Authorisation Act, E-Democracy Implementation Act, Child Suffrage Act, Police Accountability Act.

The Coalition United Party has pushed though One Nation, One People Act, with strong opposition from both the Family First Party and The Social National Democratic Party with the Chancellor declaring we are of one people, of one nation We do not need minorities, minorities need us, if they want sharia law for example we will advise them to go to places who have sharia law, we will not grant minorities special privileges, or try and change our laws to fit their desires, no mater how loud they yell "descrimination.

Privatisation of Education Act and Privatisation of Fire Prevention Act also passed with support from Family First Party as long as strong independent oversight can keep businesses, corporations accountable, with strick limited laws ensuring these businesses, corporations also become completely transparent.

Indigenous Relocation Act was passed strongly opposites by Family First Party and The Social National Democratic Party and has resulted in multiple protests around Oceania. However with in weeks most protests had gone and the indigenous Oceanians were successful relocation away from land which is set to be sold to businesses and corporations as wells and to settle new towns and cities.

Extreme Force Authorisation Act also passed to help police protect the public more better giving them more powers to prevent crimes from happing, to balance the law the Police Accountability Act, also passed to keep Police Extreme Force Authorisation use accurate and appropriate to the situation and that there is no abuse of powers.

Also to enhancing the federations democracy E-Democracy Implementation Act was passed as well as Child Suffrage Act, to give child a voice as well as enhancing the way democracy works in Oceania, with large aspects of government now transparent and open to debate.


Recent Issue: Growing Worries

Rumours are growing that The Coalition United Party is about to break a interstate-regional treaty created by the once powerful Peoples Communist Party and the break away states of the former Oceania Union, that Australia the main body of the Oceania Union and the current federation will remain demilitarised, and that the Oceania region itself will become a another demilitarised zone.

Although this treat was technectly broken when the Australia used domestic militia left over from the civil war after the collapse of the Oceania Union to force smaller state to rejoin Australia in a second attempt at a united capitalist right-wing democratic Oceania (the current federation), Oceania had remain demilitarised from a professional military force however.

The fear is before Oceania Union fell under the power of the left, Oceania Union was a imperial power, colonising and annexing lands in an ever expanding trend, and due to is location very few nations interfered with the Oceania Union, now that Oceania is back under the power of the right, Oceania might again become an aggressive imperial power.

Feel Free to comment on your thoughts about these Rumours


The Coalition United Party leaves Family First Party in its dust, Social National Democratic Party no where to be seen.

A Brutal Landslide, with the both The Family First Party and The Coalition United Party successfully bring the once powerful, influential party The Social National Democratic Party to just one seat, the predecessor of the once dominant The Peoples Communist Party who ruled the former Oceania Union and was ultimately responsible for the collapse of the first attempt to unite Oceania.

The election focused not on current issues but on history of the once prosperous capitalist Oceania Union that was brought down by policies of the The Peoples Communist Party who won election and later hijacked the nation.. the current Social National Democratic Party held policies similar to the Peoples Communist Party which has caused a steadily decline in popularity of The Social National Democratic Party since the recreation of the federation of Oceania.

The Family First Party also losing seats surprisingly only winning 188 seats, with the The Coalition United Party wining 310 seats, while Independents have also been reduced to 1 seat.

With recent history of cooperation between The Family First Party and The Coalition United Party successfully passing 99% of every law which was introduced to the Dome, Analyses guess the people of Oceania is choosing to stick to this winning combination which has so far made Oceania one of the must successful nations in the world


The Federation Of Oceania population has hit the 3 Million mark!!


When Asked to comment officially on the NEWS

The Coalition United Party: ANOTHER milestone, Our nations is just getting bigger and bigger and with that comes new challenges, and we will meet them all, and make this nation the greatest of them all.

The Social National Democratic Party: No Comment..

The Family First Party: It seems just only yesterday we had hit the 1 Million mark and in no time we will hit the 5million mark.. This is incredible news.


Today the Federation Of Oceania Parliament (The Dome) passed the Free Trade Act, Intellectual Freedom Act and Derivatives and Financials Act

Furthering the march to Liberty, The Federation Of Oceania Parliament (The Dome) passed the Intellectual Freedom Act which will Enshrines the right to freely use information whether in print, digital, or otherwise.

Also to help stabilized and ensure strong future growth and hopes to reunite the the flames of double digits growth, the Federation Of Oceania Parliament (The Dome) passed the Derivatives and Financials Act and the Free Trade Act, Furthering Deregulating the financial sector, and Removing all barriers to international trade from private companies.

Free Trade Act passed by 299, Intellectual Freedom Act passed with a strong majority of 391, Derivatives and Financials Act passed by 318



The Federation Of Oceania population has hit the 2 Million mark.


When Asked to comment officially on the NEWS

The Coalition United Party: Its a great time to be alive, our beautiful nation is growing and developing, the larger the better, With a larger population we can have a larger Military, a larger Economy, and over all a better country.

The Social National Democratic Party: How is this a great time to be alive, we don't have the resources to upkeep this growth, soon we will be 5million... how are we going to feed 5million, its just not possible, We need a stable sustainable plan to limit our growth to a more acceptable levels.

The Family First Party: We believe we need a larger population, this is a must not a need, we are surrounded by larger nations, and while others are close to hitting 3 million we are only just about to hit 2 million.. that's not acceptable, We want to push for a bigger Oceania and we will.

Update: Polls are suggesting the The Family First Party might steal the next election, if this does happen, it will be the first time The Coalition United Party lose a election.


Today the Federation Of Oceania Parliament (The Dome) passed the Basic Criminal Code & Drunk and Disorderly Act

With The Family First Party now the Opposition Party, and polls showing a massive increase in support of The Family First Party and a potential lost in the next election for the The Coalition United Party, The Family First party was about to pass two massively important acts.. The Drunk and Disorderly Act to combat the high rate of public drunkenness and disorder, while implementing a badly needed Basic Criminal Code.

The Social National Democratic Party while supporting the ideal of a Basic Criminal Code & Drunk and Disorderly Act, did not agree with the wording and other points, but in the end still supported it.

The Basic Criminal Code & Drunk and Disorderly Act were passed with a majority of 410.



Today the Federation Of Oceania Parliament (The Dome) passed the National Birth Campaign Act & Immigration Incentive Act

After delaying the act for almost a 3 terms (15 years) and parlaying the Parliament (The Dome) for 9 years, The Social National Democratic Party lost the propaganda war and the election by a unprecedented 212 seat leaving them will only 3 seats in the Dome, never before in the history of the Federation Of Oceania nor in the former Oceania Unions has one of the primary parties had lost so many seats.

After the devastating loss, the The Social National Democratic Party is preposition as a minor party, while The Family First Party winning 142 seats from their 32 seats became the new opposition party, leaving The Coalition United Party with a strong majority.

Together The Family First Party and The Coalition United Party passed National Birth Campaign Act & Immigration Incentive Act otherwise known as the Big Oceania act. The National Birth Campaign Act Passed with 212 majority supporting it while The Immigration Incentive Act just passed with 12 majority.

There were mass demonstrations (A total of almost half a million protesters nation wide) by the middle to far left in opposition to the Big Oceania act, saying a Big Oceania endangers the environment and put stress on already low resources, simply put the targeted growth rates were unsustainable.



Today the Federation Of Oceania Parliament (The Dome) passed the Equality of Suffrage Act & Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Guaranteeing the right to vote to adult citizens and ratifying the full Universal Declaration of Human Rights passed by General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948. The acts were passed unanimously by all parties.



Today the Federation Of Oceania Parliament (The Dome) failed to passed the Family Growth Act

The citizens of Oceania are very closed off and a strong small majority believes in a 'small Oceania' for a 'big Oceania' would not be sustainable in their eyes. While officially both parties supporting a 'big Oceania' nether parties have ever acted on supporting a population boom.

However looking back on history of the former Oceania union, due to a slowing growing and rapidly aging population, the Oceania union could no longer could afforded social programs, causing massive budget blowouts.

Along with this, Oceania union could no long amass large amounts of troops, it once was able to do, with a aging populations more and more wealth was taken out of the military and other servers to pay for the budget blowouts.

While Social Democratic Party of Oceania believes that the problem was that the Oceania union was to large (population wise) to begin with, The Coalition United Party Of Oceania believes the problem was that the Oceania union was unable to only to adopted to changing Demographics, but as a developing state, needed to reply on a growing population to help grow the nations tax base.

The law was first introduced by the Coalition United Party Of Oceania, however shortly after introducing the act to parliament, the act split the Coalition United Party Of Oceania, which resulted in, infighting due to public presser. the end result was almost half of the Coalition United Party Of Oceania joining the Social Democratic Party of Oceania in voting down the act.

the Coalition United Party Of Oceania has said they will look into re-introducing a modified version of the act and try and pass the law again.


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