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Fox Fire

The Way

blog-0094632001404427843.jpgThe Way

Celebrations erupt in Foxburo City today. After much anticipation, it has finally happened. The Senate has passed the Law of The Way earlier this morning. Effectively making President Fox Fire the nation's official monarch.

Fox Fire has stated that all branches of government and the Senate will remain in tact. This latest passed legislation comes after a landslide win in the Senate for Sionnach.

Members of CPRoF have so far declined to comment.

Fox Fire

blog-0841771001404317851.jpgSionnach Wins Landslide Election

Sionnach has won a record 488 seats in the Senate after postponed elections, forcing Fianna Fox out of government again as well as taking many seats from CPRoF members. This coming after recent divides between Sionnach and CPRoF. This election result seems to come as somewhat of a surprise, as CPRoF has held steady power in the Senate since the founding of RoF.

Many members of Sionnach are quick to blame CPRoFs recent proposals involving immigration and law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Fianna Fox took a crushing defeat, losing all Senate seats. This coming as no surprise after their votes against the Minimum Wage Act.

President Fox Fire made a brief comment on the election amidst clear tension among the parties:

The people have spoken. Its nice to see people agreeing on things. If the other parties in government can't represent the people, the people will vote them out. People know what they want, and right now it's not CPRoF or Fianna Fox.

Head of Fianna Fox, Samantha O'Hart declined to comment on the election. However, Dima Kalakov, head of CPRoF had this to say:

This is an unfortunate loss for our party and for RoF as a whole, thanks to Fox Fires lies, propaganda, and imperialist leadership. Next, we can expect Fox Fire to stop holding elections given her reluctance towards democracy and the misguided monarchist movement supporting her every move.

The last thing this nation needs is a monarch being worshipped, and we certainly don't need Fianna Fox's input on anything.

The division between Sionnach and CPRoF is evident, yet both parties maintain they have been working together on most issues.

Protests erupted in Kalakovgrad, a traditionally communist city. Demonstrators claimed the election was fixed, both Sionnach and the Nationalist Party denying those claims.

FJ asked Kalakov about the accusations, but he refused to comment.

Despite the party squabbling, polls suggest most people across the nation are more than satisfied with president Fox Fires performance. A poll conducted by FJ Research shows that 72% of Foxburans have no desire to replace Fox Fires leadership with 18% of people claiming Fox is a divine monarch.

The overwhelming support for Fox Fire and Sionnach is clear but not without some opposition. There's no telling what will happen with Fox Fires leadership at this point. However, Fox Fire has before expressed no desire to change the current government.

Fox Fire

blog-0116869001401808059.jpgNational IDs Rejected

The Senate rejected a bill today that would have made national ID cards mandatory for all Foxburans. The vote comes after much debate about how the government has been handling immigration and Foxburos ever increasing population.

Senator Joseph Mayakovski (N) argued that they are needed, saying:

We need to keep track of the people coming in, and we need ways of easily identifying people when needed. We don't even know how many people may have entered Foxburo illegally, but most importantly our law enforcement needs easier ways of confirming peoples identities. People are worried about a police state, but we haven't exactly made law enforcement an easy job in Foxburo.

We will only see more problems arise from the failure of this bill.

Opponents of the bill claim that it isn't needed at all, and is just a push by nationalists to further an anti-immigration agenda, and by communists who have long considered mandatory IDs to be necessary to ease strain on law enforcement.

Senator Samantha O'Hart (F), had this to say:

I see no reason why such a policy needs to be put in place, other than to discourage immigration and further the Communist desire for more public monitoring. There haven't been any significant increases in crime, even with our increasing population. Our law enforcement is doing just fine.

Overall, only 203 representatives voted in favor of the bill with the large majority of Sionnach opposing it. This is the first time we have seen Sionnach and CPRoF disagree so unanimously. This has raised concerns that the two major parties, who have almost always worked closely with each other, may be drifting apart.
Fox Fire

blog-0939312001400236343.jpgLegalization of Firearms

The Senate has passed a bill today that effectively legalizes the ownership of Firearms.

The passing of the bill has sparked minor protests in Foxburo City. Protesters claim the bill will only lead to encouraging murder and violent crimes.

President Fox Fire has expressed full support for the bill and deems it an "appropriate freedom for the people of Foxburo."


There have been no new developments with the G10 since FJs last report. The summit still has yet to clearly define itself.

It seems as if the G10 is going to remain as is. A closed organization of the "top ten alliances" and will continue to show no public concern.

So what's going on behind those doors? Quite possibly nothing at all.

Fox Fire

blog-0358823001399240975.jpgDivine Leadership

Yesterday, the Foxburo Senate rejected a bill that would have officially deemed president Fox Fire, the title of "divine."

The Declaration of Apotheosis was rejected. 235 representatives, all from Sionnach, voted in favor of the bill.

Its no secret that many in the Taoist community desire to see Fox Fire deemed a theocratic monarch. And who can blame them? After all, she led the revolution, established RoF and essentially defines the nation as a whole.

Expressed Vladimir Malkovich, a senator from the Fianna Fox party.

However, we must remember that not everyone in Foxburo is a Taoist. And even many of them do not desire a monarch leader. The Communist Party is extremely opposed to this idea, and Sionnach has always tried to work together with them, knowing the amount of support they have.

In the end, I think Foxburo is in no need of a monarch. The idea is one I personally dont mind, but putting in place such a policy would only do more harm than good.

Despite the opposition, there are many who support the idea of a monarchist led republic, and even those who seem to desire an absolute monarchy.

President Fox Fire has yet to address the issue herself stating only this in a briefing:

I have other pressing matters on my mind right now. I will let the Senate handle this issue, as representatives of the public. Although, I do intend to keep the RoF exactly that. A republic.

This issue seems to be one that is dividing the government for the first time since the revolution.

Only time will tell how the political landscape of Foxburo will take shape from here.

Fox Fire

blog-0529918001398648994.jpgNew Law

Today, the parliament has passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Fox Fire says this is the first step to building the Republics domestic policies and improving the living standards of its citizens.

Much work is still needed. But we are still young in our development. From here, we will be focused on passing more policies that will improve our nation as a whole.


No new developments in the G10 lobby yet. Foxburo has requested the G10 properly define itself, but has yet to received any response on the issue.


Fox Fire

blog-0624197001397971993.jpgThe G10 has been the subject of much controversy recently. After all, not any real information has been released since the summit began.

No information has been posted in the lobby despite several requests, and there seems to be no transparency.

In the G10 Lobby, Lostheroes posted this:

In accordance with NPO's recent decree against poaching (link below), I would like to bring to the G10's attention the issue of poaching. Should there be any universal G10 stance against poaching? If so, what should it be? If against, what should G10 nations do in the case of poaching?

As with the other G10 lobby threads, this thread also exists to ask members of all alliances of their opinions to give the representatives of their alliances some idea of how their alliance members feel about this issue.

His response from Matthew:

This is an interesting issue, I will take it to the table of the G10 and keep you posted on the developments. Thank you for your contribution lostheroes

No such developments have been posted.


The Versutian Federation also seems to be firm in the idea that the G10 was created for its members.

Re: posting them on the PT forums - that probably won't happen. There's the possibility of an overview being sent out to the rest of the world, but the G10 is for just that - for the alliances involved.

-Versutian Federation Vice President, cornupucation


So far, from the eyes of many on the outside, looking in, the G10 appears to be a lameduck at best.

So what's being discussed behind those walls exactly? Alliances? Pacts? Economics?

For now, it seems we will not know.

FJ will be following this story, bringing you the answers.

Fox Fire


Foxburo Journal

New RoF Flag

The parliament released the new flag design for the Republic of Foxburo (RoF) this morning:


While most seem satisfied with the new design, some nationalists are criticising it, saying its a move by Monarchist supporters to gain influence across the nation.


In other news, the G10 summit has been extended indefinitely. This brought up more questions about the controversial organization. Conspiracy theorists say the G10 is being used to plot future allianments and wars.

President Fox Fire says the summit is "nothing to be concerned about."

"Its a natural thing to want to get to know your neighbors. You need to know who you're dealing with," she explained to a reporter from FJ.

"Im confident that the G10 will not gain any legal or law making power in the international world. However, should this be the case, we are confident that our allies in NPO will make the best decisions for its member states and they're image."

Pacifica Warns Poachers

Emperor Jesse of New Pacific Order has issued a warning to Poachers attempting to recruit Pacifican states into their ranks.

This move comes after a more direct response when NPO leadership attempted to contact the poaching government about their actions. Such talks went downhill almost immediately.

Fox Fire calls this poaching attempt an act of war and pledges all RoF resources and manpower to Pacifica should they need them.