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Your one stop for all the latest happenings in Lost Heroes,

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Lost Heroes

"For Freedom, Glory, and Virtue"

Every citizen in Lost Heroes knows the motto of our country. It's on our money. It's in our government buildings. It's everywhere. But is it true? How free are we?

Early passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights garnered a sense of freedom and equality for the citizens of Lost Heroes. Many citizens expected similar laws to be passed very quickly to ensure their rights were protected. But this was not the case. The government took an extended hiatus of freedom laws, and only recently have they been brought to the senate floor again.

President Lost released the following statement about this very issue. "I do regret not putting a stronger emphasis on human rights. I did not assure protection of these rights, and I do so regret not bringing these laws to the senate. However, I have learned from my mistakes, and I promise to the people of Lost Heroes that they will always be free, and that they will always have their government to protect their freedoms."

As such, President Lost aggressively campaigned for a law protecting freedom of the press and universal suffrage, both of which passed.

Opponents of the Equality party criticize the President for his late start campaign for freedom.

"The President is nothing more than just a bunch of talk," an anonymous critic wrote in, "He says all these things about protecting the people and ensuring their freedom, but any smart person knows why he gives these elaborate speeches. He wants more votes! The Equality party's power is slowly diminishing and he's trying to stop it. That's it. He doesn't care about freedom; he cares about power."

In other news, President Lost's education plan has been completed with the building of 3 new universities, several new schools, and the passing of the Enhanced Education Act. Lost Heroes has started buying more land to alleviate high population density.

Thank you for reading,

Jessica Faran from Heroes City

Lost Heroes

The Lost Heroes' Department of International Affairs released new alliance statistic report that has been shocking some citizens.

Strong Versutian Federation supremists beware, the numbers might not be on your side.

The Department released 4 ratings for each alliance. The results are below.

Rankings based on Total number of Nations

  1. Versutian Federation

  2. New Pacific Order

  3. Union of Independent Nations

  4. Spacebattles

  5. Democratic Socialist Assembly

  6. Seven Kingdoms

  7. Commerce Union

  8. R&R

  9. United States of Terra

  10. Bloc-22

  11. Guardreich

  12. United Operations

  13. Empyrean Ascendancy

  14. United Nations of Terra

  15. United Purple Nations

  16. United Empire of Islam

  17. The League of Magnificent Scoundrels

  18. West End League

  19. Sons of Rumsod

Rankings Based on Average Nation Age

  1. R&R

  2. Guardreich

  3. Seven Kingdoms

  4. West End League

  5. United Purple Nations

  6. Versutian Federation

  7. New Pacific Order

  8. Union of Independent Nations

  9. Empyrean Ascendancy

  10. United Nations of Terra

  11. The League of Magnificent Scoundrels

  12. Bloc-22

  13. United States of Terra

  14. Democratic Socialist Assembly

  15. Commerce Union

  16. United Operations

  17. Spacebattles

  18. United Empire of Islam

  19. Sons of Rumsod

Rankings based on Average Population

  1. West End League
  2. New Pacific Order
  3. The League of Magnificent Scoundrels

  4. United Purple Nations

  5. Union of Independent Nations

  6. Empyrean Ascendancy

  7. Seven Kingdoms

  8. R&R

  9. Commerce Union

  10. Bloc-22

  11. United Nations of Terra

  12. Guardreich

  13. Democratic Socialist Assembly

  14. Versutian Federation

  15. Spacebattles

  16. United Operations

  17. Sons of Rumsod

  18. United States of Terra

  19. United Empire of Islam

Rankings based on Average Population per Average Nation age

  1. Sons of Rumsod
  2. Spacebattles
  3. United Empire of Islam
  4. Commerce Union
  5. Democratic Socialist Assembly
  6. United Operations
  7. West End League
  8. The League of Magnificent Scoundrels
  9. New Pacific Order
  10. Union of Independent Nations
  11. United Purple Nations
  12. Bloc-22

  13. Empyrean Ascendancy

  14. United States of Terra

  15. United Nations of Terra

  16. Seven Kingdoms

  17. Versutian Federation

  18. R&R

  19. Guardreich

But what do these statistics mean? These statistics, excluding total nations, measures each alliance by their typical nation rather than their best nation or worst nation. This by no means can measure strength of the alliance. These statistics rather show what the relative prosperity of the typical nation in the alliance. The total nation statistic best resembles the total strength when looking at the alliance as a whole. The average nation age best categorizes the alliances in to groups to compare them to each other. The average population statistic measures the strength and prosperity of a typical nation in the alliance. Larger alliances tend to have smaller average populations as there is a higher chance of poor performing nations within the alliance. The average nation population per nation age is best used to compare the growths of alliances with the same relative average age. Older alliances tend to have smaller average nation population per age, while younger alliances tend to have much larger average nation population per age.

Thank you for reading,

Jonathan Edwards, Chief Data Analysis from Heroes City

Lost Heroes

After constant hounding of a holidayless public, President Lost released an executive order creating a national holiday for the people of Lost Heroes. "The Day of Heroes" is a government holiday that celebrates all past people that have had a great impact on Lost Heroes, and is celebrated every year on May 10th. The executive order comes with the statement that at any time the president may add or remove people being celebrated that day. Some opponents of the holiday say that the holiday is a mere catch-all and by having one holiday for all the historic people diminishes the reputation of each of them.

In an interview with President Lost, he expanded on the message of the Day of Heroes. "The Day of Heroes is made to celebrate all great people of Lost Heroes. It is important to remember our history and our historical leaders who make Lost Heroes so great. But it should also serve as a goal to every citizen. To be celebrated in The Day of Heroes is the highest honor that we can give to you, and it is achievable for every single citizen because any citizen can achieve greatness."

As of now, the list includes Gregory Soltura, the General who lead the war for independence, Timothy Hiem, the explorer who found the island chain of Lost Heroes, Samantha Raita, the author of the constitution, and several others. Many have noted that President Lost didn't include himself in the list as first president of Lost Heroes.

Opponents of the order criticize it as an unfair tactical maneuver for President Lost and his Equality party to gain supporters. Libertarian senator Jonathan Reed states, "The President is unconstitutionally using the executive order to unfairly gain support for his party in a way that no other party can." When asked why didn't President Lost include himself in the list senator Reed, "That damn bastard is playing the citizens. He wants to appear humble and modest, when he and I both know that he is waiting for the Senate to make a special holiday just for him."

In other news, the government officially separates church from state and is now totally secular. Pileum has been officially reclassified as a Metro Area. Lost Heroes's population has exceeded 1 million people. Elections held give only roughly over 100 seat majority to the equality party.

Thank you for reading and have a happy day of heroes.

Jessica Faran from Heroes City.

Lost Heroes

Within the the halls of the senate, our parliament has been hard at work passing laws to govern our society. We've all seen these laws in effect already. Many citizens enjoy their rights as promised under the universal declaration of human rights and their nationalize healthcare; corporations grumble because of new minimum wage laws and corporation taxes; our government established an efficient balanced budget. But a new wave of laws have come from our parliament.

This statement was released by President Lost. "Our nation's future lies with our youth, and in order to make a brighter future, we must first make a brighter youth. It is with great conviction that I present to the senate a series of laws that will help make our youth more intelligent and more capable to handle our future."

The senate passed 2 of the first 3 laws. The Educational Standards Act and Maths and Sciences Outreach Act both passed while the Enhanced Education Act failed, the first failure of a law proposed by President Lost.

An opponent Senator of the Enhanced Education Act stated, "We all hold the same dream of a brighter youth for a brighter tomorrow, but the fact of the matter is, our nation is not ready for this act yet. We must first grow our economy and grow our population before we can focus on the education of the youth."

Other critics of the education laws say these laws are just a ploy by President Lost to garner more political support for his party.

In other news, the government has purchased more warehouses and resources to accomadate the growth of Pilieum. Land purchases have finally stopped as the total land area of Lost Heroes hits 1200. Immigration rate reaches an all time high of 2.04 before dropping again.

Thank you for reading,

Jessica Faran from Heroes City

Lost Heroes

Just two days ago might have been the most important election in Lost Heroes history. The election was a fight to see who would control the senate when laws first came out. The Equality party had been slowly losing favor, although it still maintained a total of 408 seats. Members of the worker's party, the second largest party, hoped that this trend would continue and that they would be able to acquire more seats in the Senate. The Green Party also needed seats. Prior to the election they had no seats, and the leaders of the party were determined to get at least one green senator.

The results of the election surprised the worker's party. The Equality party had gained 21 more seats for a total of 439 seats. The worker's party, however, lost 54 seats and dropped from 83 seats to 29. The Green Party succeeded in winning their 1 seat. The Libertarian party also succeeded in groing from 2 seats to 15 seats. The final 16 seats were left to independents. Overall, the equality party achieved a majority of 189 seats and 87.8% of the total seats in the senate.

Barry Sacsbury, a political scientists, offers his opinion as to why the sudden major loss of the Worker's Party. "It seems that the Equality party has absorbed some of the Worker's party's platforms and 'converted' some upset Worker's party members. The other option is that the expansion of our country has appeased many citizens, mostly the new immigrants, who are now excited about the Equality's rule that converted the Worker's members. The increase in the libertarian party and independent movement is then just a nativists/isolationist reaction to our speedy growth."

With the new elections being so successful for the Equality Party, many turned to the leader of the party for some the nation's first legislation. President Adam Lost came out early this morning with the following statement.

"This great nation was founded on the ideal of freedom, equality, justice, and prosperity for all of our citizens. Therefore, in the spirit of our founding fathers, I present to this new senate a bill that would guarantee our citizens their undisputed rights, so that they may live as our founding fathers intended them to live. As such, I present to the Senate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

The bill passed with 412 senators voting in favor of the law. Critics say that this law was a waste of the first law and that a "more important law" should have been proposed. Critics also note how only 412 senators voted in favor of the law. They note that there must have been at least 17 members of the Equality Party, who didn't vote in favor of the bill. While 17 is only a minute number compared to 439 does this first piece of legislation foreshadow a future splintering of the Equality Party?

In other news, President Lost has announced his goal of obtaining 1200 km of land to combat population density before investing more money in Pileum. Infrastructure in Pileum has come as promised; 3 police stations, a clinic, and a school now reside in Pileum.

Thank you for reading,

Jessica Faran from Heroes City

Lost Heroes

In such a short time frame, Pileum has already grown to 50,000 inhabitants and has been reclassified as a city rather than a town. This wonderful boom in population is not without criticism. Critics say that Pileum grew too fast and never had the much needed transition time between a town and a city.

"The transition state," an expert in urbanization says, "is essential for any town or city. The transition state is the time that the state uses to produce infrastructure in the new town and buy new land to combat the higher population density."

Indeed, Pileum has a remarkable lack of infrastructure and already has disease prevalence grown with an increased population density. However, President Lost, in an phone interview with the Heroesian Periodical, assures us that outfitting Pileum with the necessary infrastructure and acquiring more land is the next immediate goal.

However, no matter what the circumstances are not everyone will be happy. Nativists rejoice with the decreased immigration rate and are worried more land will lead to more immigrants.

In other news, Lost Heroes becomes the 10th largest nation in the Versutian Federation, and President Lost says he plans for Lost Heroes to become a larger player in the Versutian Federation, much to the dismay of isolationists. The G10 lobby, which was almost empty prior to the weekend has been extremely active with concerned nations wanting to know more about what is going on behind the convention room walls.

Thank you for reading,

Jessica Faran from Heroes City

Lost Heroes

As Lost Heroes passes it's one month anniversary of conception, a new town has been constructed in honor of this achievement. President Adam Lost informs us, from the capital building in Lost City, that the new town of Pileum has been constructed. In an interview with the President, he informed us that the town's name was chosen from the Latin word "pileus" meaning freedom.

"I strongly believe that the foundations of our government relies on the freedoms of everyone, and as such open the town of Pileum to all people of our great nation." [President Lost during the opening ceremony of Pileum].

Despite this tremendous achievement being accepted by the majority of the citizens, some do exclaim their criticisms of the President and his new town. An anonymous citizen writes, "Under the government's forced industrial growth, our citizens lose their traditional values and our children will grow up to become the very monsters we worked so hard to free ourselves from. [...] If President Lost cares for the true foundations of our nation, then he will stop this cityfication of our country."

In other news: the government of Lost Heroes has rallied behind others in the international community condemning poachers who try to violate the alliance sovereignty. With the recent announcement of extending G10, few radical isolationists have come out against the G10.

Thank you for reading.

Jessica Faran from Heroes City.

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