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Periodical of the happenings in the nation of Venotia

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Venotian Senate voted to pass the Foreign Investment Inducement Act this week, after several failed attempts. Including last week's singular vote, a total of 5 tries were required with the Act being passed on the 5th attempt. It garnered 339 votes. President Sexton's response to the bill's passage was,

I'm glad we managed to finally pass a bill which should increase our productivity and make us competitive from a foreign standpoint. Our citizens should see the number of jobs skyrocket now that we have incentives for foreign nations to invest.

It is unsure what effects the law has had up to this point, but the President still stands behind the bill.

While the Foreign Investment Inducement Act was the major debate this week, other laws were passed:

- The Maths and Sciences Outreach Act was passed with a total of 301 votes.

- The Windfall Tax Act was passed with a total of 287 votes.

- The Enhanced Education Act was passed with a total of 299 votes.


Federal elections this week only took place once, with the Medial Party beating predictions and taking a gigantic 193 seat Senatorial advantage, while the Worker's Party lost almost all of the contested seats. Said the President of only holding elections once this week,

I firmly believe that our party's majority is in the best interest of the nation at this moment in time. I promise to my citizens that free elections will be held again this month [May]. However, there are some Senators who refuse to vote on even the simplest requirements for our country to run - therefore, I am forced to use a majority when I have one.

Needless to say, there are some Senators from all parties who denounce the President as a despot for refusing to hold elections - especially when the Medial Party holds such a huge Senatorial lead. Senator Bill Poliakoff (Worker's Party) said in a statement,

This is a blatant act of tyranny and I for one cannot believe our citizenry is standing for it. Sexton is clearly in the midst of a power grab. I call on every citizen now to show him what our original goals for the revolution were.


The town of Paví was upgraded from a "town" to a "city" this past week, increasing the number of citizens living there from 10,000 to 50,000. Infrastructure was also upgraded, with the number of clinics increasing as well. In accordance with the increased number of citizens and continued immigration into Venotia, President Sexton bought 40km2 of land to help maintain decent living conditions.


The Venotian government has a full week's worth of laws to report this Friday. The full list:

  • The Secular Government Act was passed with 341 votes on its first attempt.
  • The Freedom of Religion Act was passed on its second try with 266 votes after garnering 141 the first time.
  • The Foreign Investment Inducement Act was not passed, and only was able to obtain 242 Senators voting in its favor. President Sexton did not reintroduce it later in the week.
  • The Balanced Budget and Department Control Act was the law which received the most support this week; 408 Senators voted in favor of it.
  • The Immigration Incentive Act was passed with 314 supporting Senatorial votes.
  • And finally, the Educational Standards Act was passed just this morning with 391 Senators voting in favor.

​President Sexton released a statement about the week, saying,

While I am pleased with what we were able to accomplish this week, especially the Secular Government Act and particularly the Educational Standards Act, I am also disappointed that our Senate was not able to come together and improve our nation's financial standing by passing the Foreign Investment Inducement Act. I plan on bringing the bill back to the table relatively soon.
The President also expressed his concern that so many bills were being made into laws while hardly achieving the majority of votes, something he sees as bad for the future of Venotia.


True to its word, land purchases by the government have not continued this week, even with the advent of a new town, Paví. President Sexton hailed the new founding, stating,

We are very happy to announce that funds saved from our stoppage of land purchasing have been redirected into the purchase of a new town, Paví. The plan is to as soon as possible add all of the necessary infrastructure to our new town to provide the citizens with their basic necessities. I hope to see the town grow from a relatively meager 10,000 citizens to a sprawling metropolis just as Madrás and Verús have done.

Indeed, the government has provided the necessary infrastructure for Paví even after spending 900,000,000 euros on its construction. The President was quoted as saying,

The sum of money we have spent on this new city is large, but every cent was worth paying in order for our country to continue to thrive.


President Sexton's Medial Party has seen its majority in the Senate continuously drop with each election. From a high of over 200, the party now sees its majority sit only at 104 Senate members. In a statement, the President stated,

I do not see a reason to be worried. I trust all of our Senators do vote for what is right, as can be seen by the list of laws [above] that we have passed this week. So long as our citizens continue to go out and vote, the laws that they deserve will be continued to be passed.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Medial Party will continue to lose ground; there is an election upcoming in 2 days (the Venotian Weekly reminds its readers to vote).


Last in the list of happenings this week is an addendum to the first article: the list of 23 laws selected by the President to be passed has been shaved down to 18 as counted this Friday, 16th May.


Only today, the Venotian government passed the Freedom of the Press Act, meaning that the Venotian times can officially legally begin to be published once more.


The major highlight of the week was the government's passage of the Freedom of the Press Act, enabling numerous journals, magazines, and newspapers to once again turn on the printers. Included in the law is the Venotian Times, your official Venotian newspaper. The Act took two tries to get through the Venotian Senate, surprising President Sexton. Said the President on the day of the first attempt,

I am shocked and saddened to hear that our representatives do not find Freedom of the Press to be of utmost importance to our society, especially considering our recent [revolutionary] past. I plan on speaking with members of all political parties with representation in the Senate, including my own Medial Party. I only ask that the Venotian citizens remain vigilant as they wait on the news they deserve.

The bill was narrowly passed on its second introduction into the Senate, garnering 301 out of 500 possible votes. The first time the Freedom of the Press Act was introduced, it received 169 out of 500 votes. Stated Senator Yelts who opposed the bill both times,

We are currently in such a fragile time in our nation's history that some things should remain censored in the name of public safety. While I would certainly not oppose this bill in the future, a country recently emerging from revolution must be extremely careful of what becomes public knowledge.


Also of interest in the past week was the government's announcement that it will no longer purchase land for the foreseeable future. President Sexton's goal of 1,500km2 of Venotian land has been reached; in a statement, the President announced,

While obviously a nice even number, the goal was also implemented to find enough land to suit our growing population while not bankrupting our fledgling nation. As the price of land increases with each square kilometer, we must find a balance for our citizens' safety - not enough land, and disease will run rampant; too much and the government cannot provide the necessary basic infrastructure because it has no money.
The President also added that should the need arise, the government would be willing to purchase more land - however, the official government goal has been met.


President Sexton announced earlier this week that he has compiled a list of laws to introduce through the following weeks. Page 16 of the Venotian Times contains the entire list; highlights include the Police Accountability Act and the Freedom of Religion Act. In his announcement of the list, the Venotian leader said,

This is a list of laws that are of the utmost importance to introduce to our Senate, and I feel that none of them should have trouble being passed. They include different fundamental liberties our citizens deserve and were deprived of during our revolution as well as some basic nuts and bolts to keep our society running well.

With the Venotian Senate officially allowed to pass only one law per day, the entire list of 23 laws should take until the end of the month to pass and then some. The President has stressed that citizens with ideas for any laws should feel free to petition their respective Senators, with all of whom he speaks with at least once a week.


This has been the first edition of the newly allowed to publish Venotian Times, May 9th 2014. We remind our citizens to vote for their Senators as often as possible - the next election is less than a day away.

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