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Dear all,

in fairness to all those who were eager to discover what was going on behind the iron curtains of the G10, i am afraid the answer will be disappointing to you; nothing.

The G10 set out with the noble intent to bring together the (at the time) largest alliances of PT but with time, interest and activity withered. The last signs of (minor) activity were in fact on May 8th. It is understandable that people have more on their mind than merely PT, but the general lack of interest was disappointing.

Close to nothing was actually concluded at the summit, other than some showing how testy they can become.

Despite several attempts to egg on the conference, for the G10 to define itself, and at one point even proposing for it to become a permanent aspect of PT nothing was actually concluded. Poaching was merely reproached, little or no trade and commerce were discussed. There was at one point talk for the creation of a perpetual Inter-Alliance Council (IC) with dedicated forum which would permit more alliances to join and reap of the same benefits, but that's all it was: talk.

I apologise to all those that actually had some expectations for this summit, so did I.


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