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With the rise of outer state trading with the new states of the Federation Of Oceania and the dramatic increase possibility of in international trade, 2 major Shipping Companies have given rise, AussieCarriers Limited and Oceania Express Limited.


With the establishment of AussieCarriers Limited and Oceania Express Limited, 2 ship building Companies have also establishment, Adelaide Steamship Company and Strategic Marine which are in talks with the Federal Government about gaining a potential military contract to build The Federation Of Oceania first WarShips.

Currently both Shipping Companies employ together 140,000 employees with the Ship Builders employing another 100,000 employees and together earning $624,000,000.00



With the rise of Federation Of Oceania after the collapse of the Oceania Union, with a steadying population growth and growing business interest internationally, demand for Airlines have grown massively, with reports that after years Oceanian's traveling less and closer to home using transportation like trains and cars, Oceanian's have finally start to resume traveling outer state and internationally choosing airlines over other transportations.

Thanks to the return of a demand for a national airline Industry, small local airlines had attempted to recreated themselves for national service, sadly almost every small local Airline had failed to make it national apart form one, Qantas has established itself as the Federation Of Oceania first Major Airline, nationally and internationally


With the rise of Qantas, two Aircraft Manufacturer has also been established, the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (re-established) and Seabird Aviation Australia.

Together the Aircraft Manufacturer employee 18,0000 with Qantas employing another 4000 and all together earns over $1,035,000,000.00 a year.

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