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About this blog

A day by day record of the collapse of the democracy in Silistrious.

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(Music plays)

Silistrious Forever!

We are strong today!

We march alongside Victory!

Forever strong!

We will show us the strength!

From the light of Democracy!

Our nation stays pure!

A beacon of hope!

In a sea of horror!

Silistrious forever and a day!

Here is a speech by Grand Chancellor Varspasian,

"A great man had died recently. A good friend to Silistrious. The leader of Oceania will be remember by all nations as a beacon of progress."

Silistrious has recently began working on a 10 meter high statue commemorating the achievements of the Oceanic Leader Charles. It will be given to the nation of Oceania when completed. A duplicate, measuring at 4 meters will be kept by Silistrious and placed in the presidential garden, alongside other Silistrian presidents. Where very few statues of non-silistrians reside.

In other news, Here is another speech by Varspasian,

"...a beacon of democracy had closed its doors recently, the Homari news network CNC. Not only was it very popular in Homar, but as well in Silistrious and many parts of the world. It is sad to see such a sound defender of the truth to go."

In more other news, despite the best efforts between the diplomats between Orellia and Silistrious, war had been declared. 50,000 Orellian troops stormed the border at dawn this morning.

In response to the attack, Varspasian has given his last speech.

"Silistrians! We will win this dishonorable war! The Orellian foe will not suceed in defeating us! We will fight them in the air, we will fight them on the sea, on the land, and if need be, in space itself! Hold your ground brave citizens! Hold it and do not let Orellia gain even a mere milimeter of Silistrian ground! Silistrious now! Silistrious-- forever!

After the speech, the Grand Chancellor had stated to a SSNN interviewer that he will not be making any more public speeches for quite some time, so he can focus on the war.

And finally,

Good day.


Today, Grand Chancellor Varspasian gave a speech, here it is,

"Strong citizens of Silistrious, I understand that you no longer hold our great Homari allies in high esteem. But listen when I tell you that the Senators are wrong, Homar is our friends, our allies. As an effort of good will between our countries, and to show you the people that Silistrious has trust in Homar, we are giving Homar three Radon engines. Although the engines we are giving are not the final engine used by Silistrian spacecraft, we have no doubt that it will help Homar develop their own advanced engines. So I ask you, my brave citizens, restore your trust in Homar!"

Hours later however, the Senate attempted to outlaw giving away the Radon Engines, however the motion was shut down due to them being "sub-par" to the current engines, and not a security risk.

In other news, the SIL Index has risen by almost 2000 points in the last several days, with Silistrious seeing a major recovery.



Henry Aellion - Libertarian Party "We cannot continue to claim to be allies with those Homari dogs! If we do not take action, they will stab us in the back. We must-"

Ron Walton - Federalist Party "Henry, calm yourself. It is only a few homari that disapprove of us. We should focus on the Orellian threat."

Henry Aellion "Orellia is no longer a threat to us. I was watching a Homari news agency the other day, and you know what I found out? They think we agree with slavery! Ha! The public has not held slaves in generations. The government doesn't have slaves, we simply exercise forced labor as a punishment. We must-"

Yarl Targ - Worker's Party "Sorry to interrupt, but perhaps they have a good point. Should we really still have 'forced labor'?"

Ron Walton "Of course we should. But that is a debate for another time. We should focus on the Orellian threat. Despite the continuation of peace talks, we cannot let our guard down."

Henry Aellion "Ron, you are an idiot. You know what those Homari dogs blame us for? They blame us for their own failure! Perhaps next time we shouldn't send in forces to relieve the embassy security. We don't see Oceania blaming us for the attack do we? No we don't!"

Yarl Targ "Henry you are out of line. Stop calling them dogs, its rude as hell. Let us change the topic to reconstruction or something. Heck even Orellia."

Henry Aellion "Fine. But mark my words if that president of theirs doesn't win their elections and those green congressmen get their way, Homar will abandon us in a heartbeat."


For several days the Silistrian economy has been in shambles. On April 23, the SIL Index measured at 19758 points, and by the end of the day it had dropped to 15498 points, a whole 4260 points. It continued to dropped over the next few days until yesterday, when the SIL Index began to improve.


Recent evidence has been presented by the Ministry of Finance that evidence for the crash became apparent several weeks prior to the crash, however Minister of Finance Alezander Frienz had dismissed the fluctuations in the economy has repercussions of the SFSA spending. Here is Alezander Frienz apologizing to the public.

"I apologize for my negligence. If I had looked further it would have been very probable that the crash would not have happened, and our economy would never have fallen. I am sorry."

However, popular support for Alezander Frienz is still high, despite his negligence regarding the economy. He has served as Minister of Finance for over 10 years, and he has earned not only the respect of his colleagues, but the people as well.

In related news, the Silistrian Dollar has risen in value by 0.394% since the initial drop, which although small, is good news for Silistrious.


A crash

At 9:47 this morning, the Silistrian Federal Stock Exchange was closed (It opens every day at 9:30AM). The economy had suddenly and abruptly taken a crash, losing nearly 4,000 points in only 17 minutes on the SIL Index, the main indicator in Silistrious of the economy. The Silistrian Federal Dollar has lost nearly 10% of its value already. Unemployment is now on the rise, going up nearly half a percent since the Stock Exchange opened.

A crash of the Silistrian economy has not happened in such a magnitude in many years, and due to this Grand Chancellor Varspasian has addressed to the people,

"Have no fear, and hold your faith in the government. This is only a one time event, I can assure you. By the time the Stock Exchange opens tomorrow, I have no doubt that we will see the SIL Index rise by the hundreds, if not thousands."

However, economic experts have stated that this may not be the case. Most notably THE top economic expert in Silistrious, Minister of Finance Alezander Frienz.

Minister of Finance - Alezander Frienz

"I applaud the Grand Chancellor for saying everything will be alright. But I do not believe this will be the case, at least not right away. It may be due to the SFSA, and their large amounts of spending. The economy was not able to adjust fast enough, and for that reason Silistrious may be in the 'hole' for a while."

All of the captured terrorists were executed for High Treason against the Federal Republic of Silistrious. Although in the past it was customary for the Head of State to attend the execution of a person that has committed high treason, Grand Chancellor Varspasian did not arrive, stating that "I will not waste my time watching these fools die."

The SSNN has recently reported on the supposed slander on Silistrious by the new Secretary of State Leo Bartlet of the nation of Homar.

Here is a speech given by Grand Chancellor Varspasian in response,

"It has come to my attention that a certain official from Homar has a certain opinion that Silistrious is hypocritical. Although the official in question did not actually state the fact, it was clear in his beliefs. Citizens, we will not let such slander go unpunished. Thanks to one of the most prominent new agencies in Homar, we have exposed this potentially dangerous official to Silistrious relations with Homar..."

Prior to this speech, the majority of Silistrian citizens held sympathy for those Homari people that had died and, but public opinion had quickly turned away from this notion.

Also in other news, at 10:30 this morning, the TAR4 Comms Satellite was launched. Around 33,000 people arrived to watch the launch. The SFSA is planning to launch the TAR5 Comms Satellite to complete the original plans. Back in the 1980s the SFSA was launching TAR Comms satellites, also known as Targeting Area Radar Communications Satellites. The plan was to launch five TAR Comms satellites into orbit above Silistrious. However, due to de-funding the SFSA, only three were ever launched. But the three that were launched were able to function decently without the other two, but now in order to more accurately receive communication from the Cosmonauts on board the Silvirous.


Orellian Help

The Silistrian Ministry of the Interior, with assistance so graciously given by Orellian Intelligence, has removed all belief that Orellia is behind the attacks. It has been confirmed that the attacks were carried out by a terrorist group that has also been terrorizing Orellia for the past several months.

As for the captured terrorists, the Silistrian Supreme Court has denied their plea to go to court in the respective countries of which embassies they attacked. They all will be tried in the Silistrian court system, and most people agree that they will get life forced-labor.

With the cooperation of the Orellian Intelligence Agency, negotiations have returned between the two nations. Meanwhile, the Orellian Army has withdrawn from the demilitarized zone. News networks are claiming that war has been avoided for now, however the Government has recently released a bulletin asking citizens to remain away from the border between Orellia and Silistrious. Also embargoes and sanctions on Orellia have been lightened, but not entirely removed.

In other news,

  • The SFSA is inviting citizens to watch up close the launch of the TAR4 Comms. satellite. Already tens of thousands of tickets have been purchased for locations closest to the launch.
  • A popular fast food chain in Silistrious has been sued by the Government for using beef that actually didn't contain any beef.


Minister of the Interior - Edward Gawlon

"At 4:46 this morning, State Enforcers corned seven of the insurgents from the attack on the Oceania embassy. After ten minutes of negotiation, a firefight began between State Enforcers and these terrorists. Luckily no Enforcer was injured, but the terrorists weren't as lucky. All but one was killed.

As for the terrorists that had attacked the Homari embassy, four of the seven wounded terrorists died at surgery. The remaining terrorists were taken from the Homari security officials and are being questioned as I speak, and I have no doubt we will get plenty of information.

We currently do not know who is responsible for the attacks, but the Ministry has some suspects, in particular the nation of Orellia. However, the Ministry will not come to any conclusions without sufficient evidence. I promise to everyone, that the true leader will be found regardless of who he, or she, is from or where he or she resides. We will find those responsible, and we will bring them to justice!"

Random SSNN Anchor guy

"That was Edward Gawlon, Minister of the Interior. Now in that speech he gave just a few minutes ago, he mentioned 'State Enforcers'. Now, for those that aren't familiar with them, they are agents of the Interior, the secret police force if you will. They are, however, apart of the Silistrian Defense Forces, and they make up the fourth branch of the Military.

Now, lets just highlight what the Minister said, "...but the Ministry has some suspects, in particular the nation of Orellia." I believe it is obvious the Orellia is responsible, since why not? Tensions between Orellia and Silistrious is high, I have no doubt that this attack was to weaken our relationships with foreign nations. This may be a precursor to an attack, and you, the citizens of this great and glorious country should urge the government to take action against Orellia!"

Thirteen armed men broke into the Homari ambassadorial estate, and eleven broke into the Oceania ambassadorial estate. Security personnel at the Oceania embassy were able to kill three and injure several of the intruders, causing them to retreat with minimal causalities on the security. However, the Homari embassy was not as lucky. Two security personnel were killed, fourteen injured, yet luckily they were able to kill four of the intruders, and wounding seven of them. The remaining two surrendered. But before the insurgents surrendered they were able to lob a plastic explosive at the embassy, causing a large hole in the main building injuring five staff. None were killed.

In response to this, the Silistrian Defense Forces have positioned soldiers outside the embassies, as well as setting up checkpoints in hopes to catch the insurgents that had escaped. It is currently unknown to the government just exactly why the embassies were attacked, in particularly these two embassies.

The Silistrian High Command sends out its most sincere apologies to the families of the two personnel that were killed.

In other news,

  • Further skirmishes within the demilitarized zone between Silistrian and Orellian forces, however neither side has officially declared war. It is estimated that already 27 Silistrian soldiers have died, with around 42 Orellian forces dead.
  • According to rumour, citizens are worried about a space-race between Silistrious and the now space-ambitious Homari nation.


The SFSA, haven given a blank check to charge directly to the credit of Silistrious, has already spent over half a trillion dollars. Many Silistrian officials argue that the SFSA is spending too much money, and that they will drive Silistrious bankrupt. However, Varspasian reminds them that in less than two months the SFSA was able to manufacture a spacecraft capable of extraordinary speeds.

It seems to be a misconception in Silistrious that the SFSA made great strides in technological advancement in less than a sixth year, however in reality the basic technology was already invented, just never developed. This has lead to reduced costs, however extremely large amounts of money was needed to build a craft on such short notice. Varspasian addresses the issue in yet another speech.

"Silistrious has the might to spend such a large amount. Not a single person will complain when we send our valiant cosmonauts on planets not our own. I may not live to see it our accomplishments, but what we are doing today will ensure prosperity for our posterity.

Silistrious is not alone, the nation of Homar has just commissioned its own space-exploration programme. However, the Silistrian Federal Space Program is the most well equipped, most well prepared space programme in the current world, and we will continue to be!"

It is estimated that the SFSA will have spent 1 trillion SFD by the middle of May. Silistrious is doing its best to keep up with the debts, however for the first time since the Silistyreich, it will actually lose more money than it has gained in a single month.

In other news, tensions between Orellia and Silistrious rise. Officials believe war will breakout within the month. There have been advisories to citizens near the border to move to other cities and towns less prone to attack.


"I can remember my father telling me, 'Someday we will travel the stars, I am sure of it. It may not be in my lifetime, but I'm sure it'll be in yours.'. Well dad, I'm proud to finally say you were right after all. You didn't get to see it, but we are beginning our great journey to voyage amongst the stars!"

- Grand Chancellor Varspasian at the spacecraft launch at 8:50AM

At 9AM this morning, the spacecraft named the Silvirous, in honour of the Grand Chancellor. Despite the increase of hostilities, the SFSA has launched the Silvirous on what has now been confirmed to be a 21 year journey throughout the Solar System. Quintus Acalatus and Jeremy Rodgers, two of the best Cosmonauts in the SFSA, are now moving at speeds around 100KM/S. This is the fastest of any space related object launched from Silistrious.

The launch itself went out without a hitch.

Many however, ask just what exactly will they be doing. It is a misconception that they will be in the spacecraft for the entire voyage. The Silvirous has been equipped with landing gear and propulsion as a last minute add-on. Although minimal testing was conducted, the same landing system was used on other probes in the 1970s-1980s. They will be able to land on moons and possibly even planets, however it is not recommended by the SFSA to save fuel, however Christopher Ronaldson, head of the SFSA, says that if they get low on fuel, they can always just turn around and come home.

In other news, Orellian soldiers have not withdrawn from the demilitarized zone. The Silistrian High Command is adamant to make sure not to fire first, however it appears so is Orellia. Diplomatic talks have resumed, however have gotten no where. Some analysts say the space launch was good for the public, as to bring them away from the thought of further war on our own soil.


Orellian and Silistrian diplomats met at the neutral island of Jargon. The island was used for the Gallyn-Nathan treaty, 60 years earlier. Silistrian and Orellian warships could be seen all along the horizon, however no military vessel is allowed within 10 kilometers of the island during negotiations.

Orellian Diplomat Argen Gurd

"We demand revisions be made to the treaty. Demilitarization is not an option! We know Silistrious is in no condition to fight, you couldn't even spare your officers to command your own forces in that Sulawesi country."

Silistrian Diplomat Andrew Erwin

"You are delusional if you think any revisions will be made to the treaty. Silistrious demands you withdraw your forces from the demilitarized zone immediately! Your people signed the treaty, follow it!"

Argen Gurd

"That treaty was forced upon us! We had no choice but to accept. You demanded we pay you war repercussions, even whilst our nation was in ruin. You cannot expect us to follow such a treaty that was so unlawfully put upon us."

Andrew Erwin

"You are in no position to make demands!"

Argen Gurd

"Orellia will not withdraw until we have been given justice!"

Andrew Erwin

"Then you have sentenced your country to die. This meeting is over. Go back to your ****hole of a country and tell them to withdraw or else!"

In other news, Silistrian officials have recently appealed to another neighbor of the nation, Hardaren. Although Silistrious and Hardaren have been in a semi cold-war. However, Hardaren had assisted Silistrious in 1952-1953 by bombing key strategic positions in Orellia.


Since 10:50 this morning, Silistrian forces have been crossing the Orellian border into the demilitarized zone. However, Silistrian forces were only able to advance around 20-25km, only about halfway through the demilitarized zone. Silistrious is still willing to negotiation however.

Here is an official broadcast from Grand Chancellor Varspasian,

"Silistrians! Stay strong. I am confident that once the Orellians realize the danger they are in, they will withdraw. Despite our recent conflict with the Violetists, Silistrious is still strong. We are also not overextended, I assure you. We may have forces in Sulawesi, however we still have plenty of valiant defenders at home. I also, have no doubt that in the event of an attack, our valiant and glorious allies will come to our aid. Orellia is technologically backwards, and their economy cannot compete. Our forces are highly trained, highly equipped, and have high morale. It is no doubt that Orellia will realize this and withdraw, Silistrious will be safe, as it always was."

The Silistrian Government has also re-imposed embargoes with Orellia, and has launched a series of sanctions against Orellia. Silistrian naval vessels have already began to intercept cargo shipments going to and from Orellia, and forcing them to turn around. The Silistrian Airkorps has also imposed a No-Fly zone around the border of Orellia, causing all air-traffic from Silistrious and over the Ocean to be restricted.

The Silistrian High Command issued this warning today,

"Any Person, Vessel, or Aircraft caught entering the nation of Orellia via the no-fly zones or through the blockade, will not be tolerated. The appropriate action will be taken against you. Orellia is a hostile nation that is threatening world peace. Any communication with Orellia will cause immediate investigation. For your safety, refrain from any interaction with the hostile nation of Orellia."

In 1954 Gallyn Ferdinand, a Silistrian, and Nathan Rane, an Orellian, signed and brokered a peace treaty.

In 1951, Orellia and Silistrious were in conflict. It was August 3rd when the war started due to an Orellian freighter hitting a Silistrian mine in Orellian waters. Although it was confirmed years later that the Silistrian mine detached from its anchoring and drifted to Orellian waters, Orellia claimed that the mine was intentionally placed.

Here is a condensation of the Gallyn-Nathan Treaty,

"The Grand and Illustrious nation of Orellia will concede the border cities of, Barborough, Harrisburg, Waestyn, and Olen. The nation of Orellia will concede up to 15 kilometers east of the Olen river. The nation of Orellia will also pay 150 million Orellian dinars in war repercussions. A demilitarization zone of the Orellian forces is established up to 50 kilometers from the Orellian-Silistrian border. The demilitarization will continue for 100 years after the conclusion of this treaty.

In return, the Federal Republic of Silistrious will cease the economic sanctions and embargoes against Orellia. The nation of Silistrious will agree to sell energy and other commodities at reduced price for three decades. Orellian citizens will be entitled to Silistrian medical care for four decades.

This treaty concludes the ceasing of armed conflict between the nation of Orellia and Silistrious. In the event of either side violating this treaty, let it be known to all nations, that the adequate response to such a violation is continuation of armed conflict."

At 5:55AM, Orellian forces crossed the demilitarization line, an estimated 20,000 Orellian forces now occupy the demilitarized zone.

In response, Grand Chancellor Varspasian has re-positioned Silistrian forces from the north in previously Violetist occupied zones to the Orellian border. An estimated 10,000 Silistrian forces have been re-positioned.

It is believed to the Silistrian High Command that the nation of Orellia is technologically backward to Silistrious and its allies, and believes any armed conflict would go swiftly. However, Grand Chancellor Varspasian has given Orellia an ultimatum. Withdraw all forces in one day or Silistrian forces will cross into the demilitarized zone to enforce the treaty.


"Through the might of Democracy

will the hollow bells ring

for the beckoning

of Freedom"

"When I was a child, I could go outside and see rows of slaves hacking at the crop. My daddy always told me that Democracy is what makes Silistrious different from the rest of the world. That we have more freedom than those that live under Kings and Emperors. But I'd ask him, how can we claim to be a free nation -- a free people, if we have men in chains not five feet from where we sleep? He said to me that not even the might of Democracy cannot break those chains. Well I'm gonna tell y'all that my daddy was wrong. It's only through the might of Democracy will the bells ring, beckoning for the righteous belief of Freedom for all."

- Isaiah Cornalleous 1787

"Freedom means Nothing

until it is taken Away"

"Silistrious has been a beacon of democracy and free will for over 300 years, but what are we coming to? We are further restricting our trade and our foreign affairs, we are ruling what our people can, and cannot do, we are dictating their lives. Most people don't know how lucky they are to live here where we have freedoms. But they don't realize that. They don't realize that our beloved freedom is being stripped away. They will someday soon realize that freedom meant nothing, until it was taken away from them."

- Henry Thoms 1903

"Forever above the clouds

A Utopia Forever"

"I do not have to tell you the might and glory of the Silistrian Republic, but what I must tell you, is that Silistrious will be a Utopia. It may not look like one yet, but mark my words, it'll be a Utopia someday. We will soar above the clouds and travel the stars. We shall explore the galaxy with diplomacy and friendship. We may not have that technology today, but just as we are yet not a true Utopia, someday, we shall be. This may seem like a golden age to some, but for others it is still hell. Silistrious will someday truly be forever above the clouds, to be a utopia forever."

- Alexander Filton 1898

"It was not God that gave us Democracy,

But the will of the Nobility and the Common

To make all people be blessed with the glories of Freedom"

"I do not condone the hells that is pressed upon the people. I sought to ease their suffering with the best of my divine power, and yet I now see they can only achieve freedom, not with the guidance of God, but through the death of men with the power to hold them in shackles. After all, it was not God that gave us Democracy, but it was the will of the Commons and of the Nobility will we make all people blessed with the heavenly glories of Freedom."

- King Charles XIV on his death bed circa 1600

List of the major backers of the Violetist rebellion.

NAME ..................................... SENTENCE












In total, 20 of the over 100 traitors tried pleaded for execution instead of life forced labor(previously known as State Slavery). Only 3 of the 20 were granted execution. However, although several traitors were directly sentenced to execution, Grand Chancellor Varspasian reportedly changed their sentence to less horrid sentences.

Meanwhile the Senate has been reconstructed

  • 350 seats allocated to the Federalist Party
  • 50 seats allocated to the Green Party
  • 50 seats allocated to the Libertarian Party (aka the Freedom Party)
  • 50 seats allocated to the Worker's Party (aka the People's Republic Party)

In other news, here is a speech given to the Senate just moments after its reconstruction by Varspasian,

"Senators! I know you have just been appointed, but many of you have been Senators previously. So now lets get down to business. We have a large amount of active personnel, and as many of you know, demobilization has already begun. But even without our reserves, we will still have an excess of soldiers due to the Violetist conflict. I move for resolution that we re-commit our forces, particularly the Silistrian Foreign Legions, to the Sulawesi region. However, due to the previous unnecessary bloodshed caused by a certain Field Marshal in the past, I recommend we give command of our soldiers to the Homari command in the area, with of course some Silistrian high ranking officers to make sure our valiant Homari allies don't disrupt Silistrian military code. If we pass this, I will instruct diplomats to strike this deal with our great allies of Homar."

The Senate passed Military Resolution 367 in which Silistrian forces will be re-deployed in Sulawesi under the command of Homari officers, the vote was 499 to 1.

In more other news,

Mobilization of the populace and the reserves has been cancelled. Demobilization has begun.


An official response from the Violetist headquarters at Ashterak, by Senator Henry Tarrick

"It has become apparent, that the end is near. I woke up this morning thinking I'd be dead, surrounded by nuclear waste. But I woke up to the sun shining on my face. The patience that Varspasian has showed us have given us the wisdom to surrender. Many generals and soldiers have already surrendered. Although I may think Varspasian a lying bastard that is trying to turn Silistrious into his own personal Autocracy, I now see he is the only option Silistrious has.

So now, I officially surrender all forces belonging to the Violetist cause."

After almost an entire month of violent conflict, the Violetist forces have surrendered! Here is a speech regarding the event,

"God save Silistrious!"


"We have achieved victory from the enemy! Even with Silistrious torn apart, she rose to the test!"


"I offer an invitation to all foreign diplomats to company me in a grand celebration on the Friday of this week. As for the average person, taxes will be cut in half for a month!

However, as for the issue of martial law, it appears that until total unrest is eradicated from Silistrious due to the Violetists, martial law will remain in place for the safety of us all."


In other news,

  • Violetist Senators have been arrested and due to be tried tomorrow by Military Court Martial.



Here we are with Harlem Yarkz, a famed political expert and a former military advisor of the SDF. Here is the interview

Harlem Yarkz

Now, really. Would Varspasian use nuclear weapons against our own people? Hell no. It was a great ploy given by Varspasian, really. The threat of nuclear attack? What else could break the morale of the enemy more than that? The Grand Chancellor isn't an idiot. A total idiot anyways. He is well aware that the use of nuclear weapons against anyone, especially our own people would result in international condemnation.

SSNN Interviewer - Frank Thompson

But wouldn't you say that the great Grand Chancellor has overstepped, even if the threat of nuclear attack is a ploy?

Harlem Yarkz

No, not at all. It was a brilliant tactic. Who knows how long the war would continue without such a ploy? Of cour-

Frank Thompson

Sorry to interrupt, but what do you have to say with the reported mass slaughter of the foreign legions? We have reports coming in that foreign legion divisions were purposely positioned in areas were it was believed Violetist forces wouldn't surrender. In fact, it seems as if foreign legions have seen almost 90% more fighting in the recent counter-attack than Silistrian divisions. What do you think of this?

Harlem Yarkz

Now now now, mass slaughter? I don't believe that, that is a correct term. For a state news agency you sure are hostile to the governme-

Frank Thompson

I have no doubt that Varspasian wouldn't have used nuclear weapons, but as for sending the Silistrian Foreign legions to die, the evidence is too high. The only reason I can see for is this so that Silistrious doesn't have to give them citizenship.

Harlem Yarkz

I think this interview is over.

In other news,

Frank Thompson was later fired from his position at the SSNN.


At 7:30AM, Grand Chancellor Varspasian gave an Ultimatum to Violetist forces.

"The Violetist rebel government must surrender by this upcoming Wedsnday, or Silistrious will launch seven nuclear bombs on key strategic Violetist positions. The attack will be relentless. If Violetists forces hide amongst the populace, it matters not. The war will end, by capitulation or nuclear detonation. Silistrious forever amongst the clouds, a familiar motto, but this time those clouds may be nuclear."

Here at 8:30AM, Grand Chancellor Varspasian gives a speech,

"When one thinks of what the average Silistrian looks like, they will often say 'A white skinned, black haired person with blue or green eyes.'. Well no longer! In the upcoming days, Silistrian might will be put to the test. All foreign legionnaires will receive Silistrian citizenship if they so desire it! Silistrious welcomes those that would die for her. She shall ignore your previous crimes from your homelands, as long as you do not repeat them. Silistrious and her people welcome our brave foreign legionnaires to their new home!"

Then, at 11:59AM, after several days of relative quiet on the Silistrian-Violetist front, tens of thousands all across the lines charged in a massive bayonet charge. Supported with artillery, air-support, and other support types, the charge was menacing and effective. Entire Violetist divisions surrendered. Many Generals now attribute this mass surrendering due to the speech on nuclear attacks given by Varspasian earlier in the day.

However, fighting was not uncommon. It is believed that the majority of fighting was carried out by the foreign legion divisions, however it is unknown if it was intentional or not.

By 4:56PM, Silistrian Defense Forces have completely overran Violetist positions, and it appears as if victory will be achieved within the week.



Abraxas Science, the leading Scientific Research Corporation within Silistrious, has just had one of its largest laboratories hit by Violetist weaponry. Several unknown pathogens have been released due to this.

Although contained in the area surrounding the laboratory, it is a sad day for scientists all over Silistrious, if not the world. According to Abraxas Science, several new inventions were in the process of being made a reality. One of which was hyper-sonic spacecraft. This hyper-sonic spacecraft would fly at hyper-sonic speeds, ejecting itself from the Atmosphere. This also allows for re-entry to be smoother. However, although the schematics are still on the Abraxas computer system, the prototype itself has been lost.

Founded in 1927, Abraxas Science, Inc. is one of the oldest Scientific Research Corporations in Silistrious, and possibly the world. Several things that are used in Silistrious originate from Abraxas Laboratories. Things such as Thorium reactors, Kallixzine, and Silistrian Styrofoam are all products of the innovation at Abraxas Science (Kallixzine was helped developed by scientists from the Silistrian State Institute). Besides the things previously mentioned, the majority of the body armour and weaponry used by the Silistrian Defense Force has been co-designed by Abraxas Science with assistance from scientists at the Silistrian State Institute.

Abraxas Sciences have also however, been accused of violating human and animal rights. However, the Government has never found any evidence regarding these claims. However, nonetheless protestors can often be seen outside of Abraxas laboratories. With the Senate allowing Silistrian companies to buy Homari assets, it has been rumored that now the majority of Abraxas test subjects are indeed Homari. This has caused further uproar as Abraxas Science will often pay upwards of 1,000 SFD per test for test subjects. Although it is also rumored that many Abraxas tests can cause insanity and other mental health problems, and of course physical damage, people argue that if they're going pay anyone it might as well be Silistrians.


Despite fighting and hardships happening in the Federal Republic of Silistrious, the SFSA aka the Silistrian Federal Space Association, will be launching a manned spacecraft. This is the first time a Silistrian will be in space in over 40 years. Using brand new technology, the SFSA claims that the same mistakes that caused public favor and funding to fall will not happen.

Quintus Acalatus and Jeremy Rodgers, two of the best Cosmonauts in the SFSA, are embarking on a voyage that is estimated to last 20 to 30 years. Quintus Acalatus - 35 and Jeremy Rodgers - 33 will be around 55 to 65 and 53 to 63 respectively when they arrive home. They are to voyage to the near edges of the solar system, collecting data and information no robotic mind can. It is unknown how the timespan in space will effect the two Cosmonauts, but it is believed they will be able to survive.

The spacecraft specifications:

Length: 200 meters

Width: 40 meters

Height: 40 meters

Engines: 3 Radon based Ion-Engines
(Dubbed the Radon Engine)

Emergency Engines: 4 - 1KM by 1KM solar sails
(Solar sails were tested in 1983, one year prior to funding being cut from the SFSA. According to the 1983 recordings, solar sails are a viable system for emergency propulsion)

Cruising Speed: 100.00 KM/S

Confirmed Maximum Speed: 192.37 KM/S

Maximum Speed: 271.82 KM/S

Power Source: 4 Thorium reactors, 8 solar arrays, 24 thermal-energy collectors
(Collects excess heat from reactors and engines to produce energy)

​Heat Source: Excess heat from the thermal-energy collectors
(They are currently only 77.92%
However power can be directed from the reactors/solar arrays to heat the spacecraft.

Artificial Gravity: Using cryogenics, extremely powerful magnets are made superconductive. The cryogenics will keep the magnets at near absolute zero temperatures. These magnets create extremely strong magnetic fields which are used as artificial gravity.
(In 1982, the SFSA was able to make small live specimens levitate using similar technology. Thus showing that such technology is capable of producing enough g-force to negate the effects of Earth's own gravity.)

Supplement System: The spacecraft will have an onboard garden in which genetically modified plants will grow at faster rates, providing a food source. The spacecraft will also have a recycling system that recycles human feces.

Liquid Recycling System: The spacecraft will have compressed H2O
​onboard which is estimated to last at minimum 10 years. All liquid will be recycled however, including urine. It is believed that if all systems run nominally, there will still be compressed H2O by the time the Cosmonauts return home.

Communications: 5 Delta-R long range communication devices. Capable of working at distances farther than the Oort Cloud.

Here is an interview with Christopher Ronaldson head of the SFSA from 1994 to 1996 and again from 2015 to present,

"Many people are asking us, why was this not possible in the 1980s? Surely a manned mission would have saved the SFSA from defunding. Well to that, I have to say one simple thing. We did not have the technology we do today. I don't know about you, but I know in the 1980s we didn't have Thorium Reactors, Radon based engines, super conductive magnets. Thats just to name a few. We didn't have what we have today. In the 1980s to reach Pluto it'd take almost 15 years. Using Radon Engines it'll take less than 5. As for being saying that they'll not know what has happened in Silistrious by the time they get back, or have not seen their families, we have developed the best communication devices to date. They are capable of sending and receiving communication at full efficiency at distances farther than 100 million miles away. That means it reaches the edges of the Oort Cloud, as its begins only around 93 million miles away. The Cosmonauts won't be going that far, so they will be able to see how Silistrious is handling itself, see their children grow up, watch the latest movies, read the latest books, learn the latest knowledge. If anything major happens, they can always just turn around and come home.

We are currently working on Anti-matter based engines, however currently since we know little about antimatter we cannot say it'll be done anytime soon. We have made anti-elements up to anti-lithium however. Who knows, prehaps by the time these brave men come home, we'll have mastered Anti-matter engines!"

Two days ago, the Silistrian High Command sent out a message on all military and civilian frequencies outright declaring that the hill of Iren Nashor will be bombed to oblivion using cruise missiles and other similar weapons in a matter of days. This was in hopes in the event that any Silistrian soldiers still on the hill would seek shelter, and any Violetists to abandon it.

However at 7:34 AM today, the Silistrian High Command received a simple, yet very distorted message of only four words. "We are still alive". It was later confirmed to have originated from General Varren's bunker.

It is believed to be a "miracle" that General Varren's troops are still holding out against overwhelming odds. This has caused a great tide morale to sweep amongst not only the military, but the civilian population as well.

In a speech yesterday, Grand Chancellor Varspasian said the following,

"This horrid conflict will end soon. I guarantee that you, the people, will no longer see fighting by the beginning if April. Peace talks have already begun, and it appears that the Violetist resolve is weakening. Continue the war effort, fight for glory and for our nation. Our brave soldiers will be home by April, I guarantee you.

As for the conflict in the Sulawesi state, I am proud to announce we will be reducing involvement. We will hand off key position to our allies and we will begin to bring our brave warriors home.

And finally, something of lesser pride and of respect. I am sad to announce that we will be restricting travel to the nation of Homar. Silistrian companies that have assets in Homar, which many now do, will not be interfered. This travel embargo will only be present during their elections. We also choose this, as it has come to our attention that the nation is in a sense of minor political turmoil due to recent domestic events."

With the first civil war Silistrious has faced in over 400 years, many turn to the ancient ties to the Christian God for guidance. Officially a secular nation, Silistrious has parted from its Christian ties since the death of the last king of Silistrious, King Charles XIV. King Charles XIV was crowned by the Catholic Pope. On King Charles' death bed, one of the many things he said was,

"Never before have I seen the glory of God so clear as it is now. Yet I cannot bear the fact that I oppress my own people for not believing in the glories of my God. Whenst I die, never again bow down to the whims of the Church. Hold strong and renounce our barbaric practices. Let the people believe in what they will, and only through their own free desire, will they come to know the glories of God."

Grand Chancellor Varspasian, officially agnostic, has shown Christian tendencies when regarding belief. Not only Varspasian, but many Senators and Presidents before him.

President Xavier Henry (years as president:1903-1931), was once found saying,

"The Holy Bible says that, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.". It is from that belief I answer your question mister Karleton. I have pushed for taxation on the rich, for it is they who must know the path they are on is not righteous, but indeed destructive."

27 found GUILTY

The Supreme Court of Silistrious found twenty-seven of the thirty four former executives guilty for tax evasion, tax fraud, money laundering, blackmail, greenmail, securities fraud, threatening murder, encouraging murder, accessory to murder, hiring of illegal mercenaries, as well as numerous other crimes. However, the most serious of all the crimes they have been convicted of, is "The endangerment and violation of the well being of the Silistrian civilian populace". This was a primary push for them to be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Their entire fortunes have been confiscated, their companies nationalized, and have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The confiscated money has generated over 3 trillion SFD. Half of the total money confiscated will be kept by the government, while the remaining half will be redistributed among the poorest citizens going upward from income.


Iren Nashor, the tallest and largest peak in Silistrious, often called the Hill of Iren Nashor, yet technically and officially known as the Mountain of Iren Nashor. Unbeknownst to the majority of the population, Iren Nashor is not only a popular tourist site, it is also home to the largest state laboratory in the nation. In it are secret specifications to nuclear warheads, radon bombs, electrical grids, Kallixzine, as well as many other state secrets. The Silistrian High Command believes this is the reason for why Violetist forces are attempting to take the hill. Yesterday at 11:03 PM, the Air-force could no longer provide any air support to the soldiers still fighting. Every day radio signals from the Defense Forces defending the hill become weaker, and is believed by tomorrow all contact will be ceased due to Violetist radio jamming.

Here is an announcement made by the Silistrian High Command,

"Silistrious is offering the chance of a life time to foreigners that wish for adventure and action. The Silistrian government is establishing a foreign legion in which non-citizens may join the Silistrian Defense Forces. Foreigners will be paid at 54.55 SFD per hour, as well as be provided free transportation to Silistrious, and if one serves for 3-6 tours of service, Silistrian citizenship will be granted for your dedication."

Meanwhile, Field Marshal Sylvester has sent in a letter stating that Silistrian Defense Forces have "Won the war" in the Sulawesi state. However, many officials have no idea just what that means.

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