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Kadin with more racist and homophobic behaviours

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More racism and homophonic behaviour from Kadin, allthough I did start this one, it was totally caressing worth it!

[16:23] <~Cuba> I really dislike village idiots.

01[16:26] <%Citizenkane> and Kadin

01[16:26] <%Citizenkane> he's the PT general idiot

[16:27] <@Kadin> You shouldn't be talking My Little Pony if you can't be kicked

01[16:27] <%Citizenkane> boo hoo

01[16:27] <%Citizenkane> tears

01[16:27] <%Citizenkane> deal with it,lover of sunshine and rainbows

[16:27] <@Kadin> Why don't you leave

[16:28] <@Kadin> Nobody wants you here

[16:28] <~Cuba> I do.

[16:28] <~Cuba> I like Citizenkane.

01[16:28] <%Citizenkane> founder has spoken, Kadin

01[16:28] <%Citizenkane> overruled, lover of sunshine and rainbows

[16:28] <~Cuba> She's a little rough on the edges but funny.

[16:28] <@Kadin> And once again he allows people to say whatever the hell they want to guardian members in guardians channel

01[16:29] <%Citizenkane> You're not really a guardian member, Kadin.

01[16:29] <%Citizenkane> I have respect for every guardian member except for you.

[16:29] <@Kadin> Trust me nobody cares if you respect them

[16:30] <~Cuba> Citizenkane, can you be a little nicer. For niceness sake.

01[16:30] <%Citizenkane> No, I cant be. For Kadin's sake.

01[16:30] <%Citizenkane> I bet he's whinging about it in guardian's channel, istn he?

[16:31] <~Cuba> I don't expect you to make out with Kadin, but at least be a little nicer.

01[16:31] <%Citizenkane> no.

01[16:31] <%Citizenkane> I will not be nicer to kadin! :)

[16:31] <@Kadin> Then keep your retarded mouth shut

01[16:31] <%Citizenkane> No, Kadin.

[16:31] <~Cuba> <_<

[16:32] <~Cuba> Well how about you two just not talk to another.

[16:32] <~Cuba> Might help.

01[16:32] <%Citizenkane> I'm not a retard.

[16:32] <@Kadin> In other words keep your retarded mouth shut

01[16:33] <%Citizenkane> perhaps you misunderstood basic english

01[16:33] <%Citizenkane> I'm not a retard

[16:33] <@Kadin> Yes you are

01[16:34] <%Citizenkane> I'm really not, lol

[16:34] <@Kadin> Could've fooled me

[16:34] <~Cuba> I hate the word retard.

01[16:34] <%Citizenkane> It's not hard to fool you, Kadin

01[16:34] <%Citizenkane> not being able to understand basic english must have it's flaws

01[16:34] <%Citizenkane> That's one of them.

[16:35] <@Kadin> Dumbass

01[16:35] <%Citizenkane> Kadin. I've just proven why infact it's more likely you're the one who is a 'dumbass'

[16:36] <@Kadin> Lmao you haven't proven My Little Pony

[16:36] <@Kadin> R u srs

[16:36] <@mankiller> if you can't make up and make out, just stop talking to eachother, this is getting old

01[16:37] <%Citizenkane> Kadin. You misunderstood basic english. That makes you the dumbass.


[16:37] <@Kadin> STOP ASKING

01[16:37] <%Citizenkane> Is that because you're scared you might get infected with intelligence and common sense? :)

[16:38] <@Kadin> Smh Smh

01[16:39] <%Citizenkane> I will not 'Suck my horse'

[16:39] <~Cuba> I named my fine wooden pipe horse, just sayin'

03[16:40] * [z_z] is now known as horse

01[16:40] <%Citizenkane> "I love horses, best of all the Animals. I love horses, they're my friends!"

[16:40] <~Cuba> Haha

[16:41] <%horse> <3

03[16:41] * horse is now known as [n_n]

[16:41] <@Kadin> manly beyond my wildest expectations

[16:41] <~Cuba> How you doin'

[16:41] <%[n_n]> I'm good babe, how you?

01[16:41] <%Citizenkane> btw, I'm 100% sure that Kadin is homophobic

[16:41] <~Cuba> I take good care of my horse.

[16:42] <%[n_n]> I like the way you gently brushed me last night.

[16:43] <~Cuba> Gently, but then you stood up and started spitting at me.

[16:43] <@Kadin> Even more manly beyond my wildest expectations

[16:43] <~Cuba> Such awful manners.

[16:43] <%[n_n]> I couldn't help it. It just felt so good.

01[16:43] <%Citizenkane> Kadin: http://www.gaytimes.co.uk

01[16:44] <%Citizenkane> Who thinks it would be hillarious to change kadin's ident host to bum@lover

01[16:44] <%Citizenkane> ?

[16:44] <%[n_n]> me

[16:44] <~Cuba> xfd

[16:44] <@Kadin> Citizenkane you should be less manly beyond my wildest expectations

01[16:44] <%Citizenkane> shutup homophobe

[16:45] <@Kadin> No u

[16:45] <@Kadin> You manly beyond my wildest expectations

01[16:45] <%Citizenkane> and proud

01[16:45] <%Citizenkane> lol

01[16:45] <%Citizenkane> one things for sure tho

01[16:45] <%Citizenkane> u homoprobe

01[16:45] <%Citizenkane> erm

01[16:45] <%Citizenkane> hobophobic

01[16:45] <%Citizenkane> erm

01[16:45] <%Citizenkane> homophobic

[16:46] <~Cuba> Homoprobe

[16:46] <~Cuba> Lol

[16:46] <%[n_n]> I keep forgetting that Citizenkane is homosexual.

[16:46] <@Kadin> Totes

01[16:46] <%Citizenkane> lol

01[16:46] <%Citizenkane> kadin

01[16:46] <%Citizenkane> i don't know why you're such a homophobe

[16:46] <@Kadin> I totally hate manly beyond my wildest expectationss. And blacks

[16:47] <~Cuba> Wow.

[16:47] <@Kadin> Lol

[16:48] <~Cuba> I don't find that funny.

[16:48] <~Cuba> That's pure ignorance.

[16:48] <@Kadin> Don't be so sensitive

[16:48] <@mankiller> :D

[16:48] <%[n_n]> It's not a matter of being sensitive.

[16:48] <@Kadin> This is the internet

[16:49] <%[n_n]> If you call that sensitive then I call stabbing you with a sword to be "poking".

[16:49] <@Kadin> Lol@longblowe's fake moral outrage

01[16:49] <%Citizenkane> kadin

06[16:50] * ~Cuba stabs [n_n] with his sword

01[16:50] <%Citizenkane> considering you said this earlier

01[16:50] <%Citizenkane> [16:28] <@Kadin> And once again he allows people to say whatever the hell they want to guardian members in guardians channel

[16:50] <@mankiller> look, it goes right into him!

[16:50] <%[n_n]> Ow, Cuba poked me!

[16:50] <@Kadin> And what

01[16:50] <%Citizenkane> ISNT IT IRONIC ?

Yep, this is another KadinLog © Stay tuned for more!

Citizenkane - Providing journalistic nutrition of the Kadin variety to the Project Terra community since 2012

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