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Only caressing joking, kids! Oh, the sweet, sweet irony!

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Homophobic attitudes at fellow guardian members? WHODATHOUGHTIT?

[17:06] <~Cuba> Have you ever loved a man, Kadin?

[17:06] <@Kadin> Nope. I love women.

01[17:06] <%Citizenkane> thats not true either lol

[17:07] <~Cuba> So you never loved your father or grandfather?

[17:07] <@Kadin> Abbas has though

[17:07] <@Kadin> I never knew a grandfather

01[17:07] <%Citizenkane> "I don't kill women. I love them, eternally. They become part of me."

[17:07] <@Kadin> Lol

[17:09] <@abbasmehdi> Lol

[17:09] <@abbasmehdi> I have what lol

[17:09] <@Kadin> Loved men

01[17:09] <%Citizenkane> kadin

01[17:10] <%Citizenkane> jokes at the expense of the homosexual community is a hatred crime

01[17:10] <%Citizenkane> and is often classed as harassment

[17:10] <@Kadin> And?

01[17:10] <%Citizenkane> also, most homophobes are closeted homosexuals theirselves

01[17:10] <%Citizenkane> so yeah

[17:11] <@abbasmehdi> Lol

[17:11] <@Kadin> Good thing I'm not a homophobe then

01[17:11] <%Citizenkane> You are

01[17:11] <%Citizenkane> I've provided evidence in the form of logs on MANY occasions

[17:12] <@Kadin> Lol

[17:12] <@Kadin> Do I REALLY have to tell you its all just a joke?

[17:12] <@Kadin> Figured it was obvious enough

01[17:12] <%Citizenkane> I don't believe you

[17:13] <@abbasmehdi> Lol

01[17:13] <%Citizenkane> you're trying to hide away the fact you're doing it now :)

[17:13] <@abbasmehdi> I don't believe kadin ever

[17:13] <@Kadin> Welp, you're free to believe what you wish.

[17:15] <@Kadin> If you actually knew me you'd understand. I'm legit the most laid back person in the world.

01[17:19] <%Citizenkane> I don't believe that either

01[17:19] <%Citizenkane> I think you're a huge stressy loner with no friends

[17:21] <@Kadin> Well you're definitely wrong. I don't get stressed over anything

01[17:21] <%Citizenkane> ROFL

[17:22] <@Kadin> The funny part is that you think this internet stuff gets to me irl

[17:23] <@Kadin> Well okay there is one thing that is capable of stressing me out

[17:23] <@Kadin> But that's a rare occurrence so whatevs

01[17:25] <%Citizenkane> You wear your heart on your sleeve

[17:27] <@Kadin> You just read the things I say and think you know how I mean to say it

01[17:29] <%Citizenkane> It's not hard to comprehend what you mean when you call someone an idiot or retarded or manly beyond my wildest expectations

[17:32] <@Kadin> Well, when I insult someone's intelligence I typically mean it. I really don't tolerate stupidity that well.

[17:32] <@Kadin> Other than that its w/e

01[17:32] <%Citizenkane> Then your previous statement is invalid.

[17:33] <%[n_n]> [12:30:55] <@Kadin> Well, when I insult someone's intelligence I typically mean it. I really don't tolerate stupidity that well. <-- Oh sweet sweet irony.

So guys, Kadin used the 'its only a joke'! thing.

It's only a joke that you're spreading hated through homophobia, right?

Contrast this to.. "It's only a joke that you raped someone, right?"

It just doesnt stand up.

Oh, the irony is caressing supreme. I'm almost singing Alanis Morissette here!

Yep, this is another KadinLog © Stay tuned for more!

Citizenkane - Providing journalistic nutrition of the Kadin variety to the Project Terra community since 2012

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