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Chief Tecumseh: pot, meet kettle

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Fixed it for you.

You also missed some really good points in his post.

I wish there was more discussion about the game rather than discussion about the forum police.

Terra sure has a load of them.

Since September 30th the above person has published 10 separate blogs targeting another player; I believe the purpose of this behavior contravenes Project Terra Rules and Regulations: Forum Rule (5) Keep it civil:


Yep, this is a Pot Meets Kettle Production © Stay tuned for more!

Citizenkane - Providing journalistic nutrition of the Pot Meets Kettle variety to the Project Terra community since 5th November 2012

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what? I bought to people's attention two of your posts, and you're crying about it? stop being a crybaby about it.

Don't say stupid My Little Pony unless you expect it to be quoted elsewhere and for you to be mocked about it.

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I quoted two statements from Tecumseh, one which complains about the very behaviour exhibited in the first.

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