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American Media: Part One.



I'm going to mainly see what kind of replies I get and generate a discussion that way, but I figured I'd at least give a reason FOR replies.

With the recent death of Venezeulan dictator Hugo Chávez, I decided to go and read various news sources to see what the reporting style would be like in the United States, and yes, even abroad.

At first I thought it'd be something akin to "Viva Venezuela, Viva Libertad," you know, some variation. But I was actually sort of surprised to see that outlets like CNN and MSNBC had a slight praise for him. Okay, not *so* surprised, but still. I read a really good "iReport" article written by a supposed Venezuelan immigrant in the United States: Read Here. And was hopeful it was written by CNN its self, but obviously it wasn't.

The problem I've noticed with the media in this country is that they either only report the things as they want to report them or they report nothing at all. So in many cases, people like myself have to go through various sources to see and read the things that we want to know. For example, I like to read BBC and CBC as well as Reuters, Associated Press and Fox News. I primarily visit CNN on my phone because the other mobile sites for their rival organisations either suck terribly or the content loads slow. So, I at least get my CNN quota.

I've found that the BBC typically seems to have the most balanced and informative news, which to me is sometimes odd because I know that allegedly the BBC is controlled by the British government/Crown, and you'd expect the information to be slanted. And I've found rare cases of that being true.

If I spend a half hour watching Fox News, I'll only get the conservative republican view with some attempts at presenting an alternative view, but just that -- attempts. If I spend a half hour watching MSNBC I'll get nothing but extreme liberal views that sometimes make me wonder if MSNBC is controlled by a foreign government that hates the United States, but hey? If I spent that same amount of time watching CNN I'd get a fair mix of liberal democrat and conservative republican with a film covered style of reporting; you hear and see the news, but learn nothing of substance.

That one article written by that Venezeulan was probably the most informative thing that I've seen on CNN in any format in the last few months, and it really made me wonder how it is that someone whom is not a professional reporter can be so informative when the professional reporters present the news in such a way that their own agendas and coporate overhead is completely unfiltered and naked for all to see... but, then I remember, this is America and big business owns the major media outlets and they report the news in the way that their owners ideologically swing.

I think it's time to go back to reading news papers or listening to radio for myself. After all, nothing beats the feeling of opening a news paper and reading the stories the old fashioned way -- that is supposing you don't once again run into the same corporate malaise that you deal with from the television... such a pipe dream.

  Report Entry


As far as credibility goes, any of the 24-hour news networks are in the middle ground. I follow events in the Middle East fairly closely, and American news sources are next to useless. Reuters and AP are both good sources, but the networks try far too hard to make stories and bring in "experts" to throw out opinions and call it news. Local news sources are some of the best to read if you want information, as long as you understand who controls those outlets. I read YNET, Jordan Times, al-Monitor, al-Jazeera, and some other foreign papers regularly. I do like the BBC though, and sometimes I'll read the Daily Mail and the Guardian too, just for a little variety.

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Oh my god Shellhound that sums it up quite well.


CNN has a bias, it's just more suttle than the glaringly obvious ideological slants MSNBC and Fox News present. Personally I've found NPR to be the least bias, but that's just me.

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