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New Flag, G10 and Poaching

Fox Fire



Foxburo Journal

New RoF Flag

The parliament released the new flag design for the Republic of Foxburo (RoF) this morning:


While most seem satisfied with the new design, some nationalists are criticising it, saying its a move by Monarchist supporters to gain influence across the nation.


In other news, the G10 summit has been extended indefinitely. This brought up more questions about the controversial organization. Conspiracy theorists say the G10 is being used to plot future allianments and wars.

President Fox Fire says the summit is "nothing to be concerned about."

"Its a natural thing to want to get to know your neighbors. You need to know who you're dealing with," she explained to a reporter from FJ.

"Im confident that the G10 will not gain any legal or law making power in the international world. However, should this be the case, we are confident that our allies in NPO will make the best decisions for its member states and they're image."

Pacifica Warns Poachers

Emperor Jesse of New Pacific Order has issued a warning to Poachers attempting to recruit Pacifican states into their ranks.

This move comes after a more direct response when NPO leadership attempted to contact the poaching government about their actions. Such talks went downhill almost immediately.

Fox Fire calls this poaching attempt an act of war and pledges all RoF resources and manpower to Pacifica should they need them.

  Report Entry


So you're going to fight people who are just trying to get members in their alliance, because your members are too dimwitted to say no? 


1v1 Foxburo 

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