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A New Town (Issue 1)

Lost Heroes


As Lost Heroes passes it's one month anniversary of conception, a new town has been constructed in honor of this achievement. President Adam Lost informs us, from the capital building in Lost City, that the new town of Pileum has been constructed. In an interview with the President, he informed us that the town's name was chosen from the Latin word "pileus" meaning freedom.

"I strongly believe that the foundations of our government relies on the freedoms of everyone, and as such open the town of Pileum to all people of our great nation." [President Lost during the opening ceremony of Pileum].

Despite this tremendous achievement being accepted by the majority of the citizens, some do exclaim their criticisms of the President and his new town. An anonymous citizen writes, "Under the government's forced industrial growth, our citizens lose their traditional values and our children will grow up to become the very monsters we worked so hard to free ourselves from. [...] If President Lost cares for the true foundations of our nation, then he will stop this cityfication of our country."

In other news: the government of Lost Heroes has rallied behind others in the international community condemning poachers who try to violate the alliance sovereignty. With the recent announcement of extending G10, few radical isolationists have come out against the G10.

Thank you for reading.

Jessica Faran from Heroes City.

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