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FJ Special Report: G10

Fox Fire


blog-0624197001397971993.jpgThe G10 has been the subject of much controversy recently. After all, not any real information has been released since the summit began.

No information has been posted in the lobby despite several requests, and there seems to be no transparency.

In the G10 Lobby, Lostheroes posted this:

In accordance with NPO's recent decree against poaching (link below), I would like to bring to the G10's attention the issue of poaching. Should there be any universal G10 stance against poaching? If so, what should it be? If against, what should G10 nations do in the case of poaching?

As with the other G10 lobby threads, this thread also exists to ask members of all alliances of their opinions to give the representatives of their alliances some idea of how their alliance members feel about this issue.

His response from Matthew:

This is an interesting issue, I will take it to the table of the G10 and keep you posted on the developments. Thank you for your contribution lostheroes

No such developments have been posted.


The Versutian Federation also seems to be firm in the idea that the G10 was created for its members.

Re: posting them on the PT forums - that probably won't happen. There's the possibility of an overview being sent out to the rest of the world, but the G10 is for just that - for the alliances involved.

-Versutian Federation Vice President, cornupucation


So far, from the eyes of many on the outside, looking in, the G10 appears to be a lameduck at best.

So what's being discussed behind those walls exactly? Alliances? Pacts? Economics?

For now, it seems we will not know.

FJ will be following this story, bringing you the answers.

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My view was that the G10 is just a summit, nothing more, nothing less. It is similar in that respect to APEC, where leaders meet, discuss what needs to be discussed, then set forth agreements on issues like free trade and all that jazz. They both also have virtually no transparency as to what happens behind closed doors.


The G10 is not a place to create laws against poaching (per your example) but to discuss what the best practice would be with regards to poaching. Alliances in the G10 are free to choose not to follow whatever guidelines the G10 comes up with, just as they are also free to follow the guidelines to a T.

TL;DR: G10 is a lameduck imo.

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