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Urbanization and Growth (Issue 2)

Lost Heroes


In such a short time frame, Pileum has already grown to 50,000 inhabitants and has been reclassified as a city rather than a town. This wonderful boom in population is not without criticism. Critics say that Pileum grew too fast and never had the much needed transition time between a town and a city.

"The transition state," an expert in urbanization says, "is essential for any town or city. The transition state is the time that the state uses to produce infrastructure in the new town and buy new land to combat the higher population density."

Indeed, Pileum has a remarkable lack of infrastructure and already has disease prevalence grown with an increased population density. However, President Lost, in an phone interview with the Heroesian Periodical, assures us that outfitting Pileum with the necessary infrastructure and acquiring more land is the next immediate goal.

However, no matter what the circumstances are not everyone will be happy. Nativists rejoice with the decreased immigration rate and are worried more land will lead to more immigrants.

In other news, Lost Heroes becomes the 10th largest nation in the Versutian Federation, and President Lost says he plans for Lost Heroes to become a larger player in the Versutian Federation, much to the dismay of isolationists. The G10 lobby, which was almost empty prior to the weekend has been extremely active with concerned nations wanting to know more about what is going on behind the convention room walls.

Thank you for reading,

Jessica Faran from Heroes City

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