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Election Day and The First Law (Issue 3)

Lost Heroes


Just two days ago might have been the most important election in Lost Heroes history. The election was a fight to see who would control the senate when laws first came out. The Equality party had been slowly losing favor, although it still maintained a total of 408 seats. Members of the worker's party, the second largest party, hoped that this trend would continue and that they would be able to acquire more seats in the Senate. The Green Party also needed seats. Prior to the election they had no seats, and the leaders of the party were determined to get at least one green senator.

The results of the election surprised the worker's party. The Equality party had gained 21 more seats for a total of 439 seats. The worker's party, however, lost 54 seats and dropped from 83 seats to 29. The Green Party succeeded in winning their 1 seat. The Libertarian party also succeeded in groing from 2 seats to 15 seats. The final 16 seats were left to independents. Overall, the equality party achieved a majority of 189 seats and 87.8% of the total seats in the senate.

Barry Sacsbury, a political scientists, offers his opinion as to why the sudden major loss of the Worker's Party. "It seems that the Equality party has absorbed some of the Worker's party's platforms and 'converted' some upset Worker's party members. The other option is that the expansion of our country has appeased many citizens, mostly the new immigrants, who are now excited about the Equality's rule that converted the Worker's members. The increase in the libertarian party and independent movement is then just a nativists/isolationist reaction to our speedy growth."

With the new elections being so successful for the Equality Party, many turned to the leader of the party for some the nation's first legislation. President Adam Lost came out early this morning with the following statement.

"This great nation was founded on the ideal of freedom, equality, justice, and prosperity for all of our citizens. Therefore, in the spirit of our founding fathers, I present to this new senate a bill that would guarantee our citizens their undisputed rights, so that they may live as our founding fathers intended them to live. As such, I present to the Senate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

The bill passed with 412 senators voting in favor of the law. Critics say that this law was a waste of the first law and that a "more important law" should have been proposed. Critics also note how only 412 senators voted in favor of the law. They note that there must have been at least 17 members of the Equality Party, who didn't vote in favor of the bill. While 17 is only a minute number compared to 439 does this first piece of legislation foreshadow a future splintering of the Equality Party?

In other news, President Lost has announced his goal of obtaining 1200 km of land to combat population density before investing more money in Pileum. Infrastructure in Pileum has come as promised; 3 police stations, a clinic, and a school now reside in Pileum.

Thank you for reading,

Jessica Faran from Heroes City

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