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Education Reform (Issue 4)

Lost Heroes


Within the the halls of the senate, our parliament has been hard at work passing laws to govern our society. We've all seen these laws in effect already. Many citizens enjoy their rights as promised under the universal declaration of human rights and their nationalize healthcare; corporations grumble because of new minimum wage laws and corporation taxes; our government established an efficient balanced budget. But a new wave of laws have come from our parliament.

This statement was released by President Lost. "Our nation's future lies with our youth, and in order to make a brighter future, we must first make a brighter youth. It is with great conviction that I present to the senate a series of laws that will help make our youth more intelligent and more capable to handle our future."

The senate passed 2 of the first 3 laws. The Educational Standards Act and Maths and Sciences Outreach Act both passed while the Enhanced Education Act failed, the first failure of a law proposed by President Lost.

An opponent Senator of the Enhanced Education Act stated, "We all hold the same dream of a brighter youth for a brighter tomorrow, but the fact of the matter is, our nation is not ready for this act yet. We must first grow our economy and grow our population before we can focus on the education of the youth."

Other critics of the education laws say these laws are just a ploy by President Lost to garner more political support for his party.

In other news, the government has purchased more warehouses and resources to accomadate the growth of Pilieum. Land purchases have finally stopped as the total land area of Lost Heroes hits 1200. Immigration rate reaches an all time high of 2.04 before dropping again.

Thank you for reading,

Jessica Faran from Heroes City

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