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Divine Leadership?

Fox Fire


blog-0358823001399240975.jpgDivine Leadership

Yesterday, the Foxburo Senate rejected a bill that would have officially deemed president Fox Fire, the title of "divine."

The Declaration of Apotheosis was rejected. 235 representatives, all from Sionnach, voted in favor of the bill.

Its no secret that many in the Taoist community desire to see Fox Fire deemed a theocratic monarch. And who can blame them? After all, she led the revolution, established RoF and essentially defines the nation as a whole.

Expressed Vladimir Malkovich, a senator from the Fianna Fox party.

However, we must remember that not everyone in Foxburo is a Taoist. And even many of them do not desire a monarch leader. The Communist Party is extremely opposed to this idea, and Sionnach has always tried to work together with them, knowing the amount of support they have.

In the end, I think Foxburo is in no need of a monarch. The idea is one I personally dont mind, but putting in place such a policy would only do more harm than good.

Despite the opposition, there are many who support the idea of a monarchist led republic, and even those who seem to desire an absolute monarchy.

President Fox Fire has yet to address the issue herself stating only this in a briefing:

I have other pressing matters on my mind right now. I will let the Senate handle this issue, as representatives of the public. Although, I do intend to keep the RoF exactly that. A republic.

This issue seems to be one that is dividing the government for the first time since the revolution.

Only time will tell how the political landscape of Foxburo will take shape from here.

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