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National Holiday (Issue 5)

Lost Heroes


After constant hounding of a holidayless public, President Lost released an executive order creating a national holiday for the people of Lost Heroes. "The Day of Heroes" is a government holiday that celebrates all past people that have had a great impact on Lost Heroes, and is celebrated every year on May 10th. The executive order comes with the statement that at any time the president may add or remove people being celebrated that day. Some opponents of the holiday say that the holiday is a mere catch-all and by having one holiday for all the historic people diminishes the reputation of each of them.

In an interview with President Lost, he expanded on the message of the Day of Heroes. "The Day of Heroes is made to celebrate all great people of Lost Heroes. It is important to remember our history and our historical leaders who make Lost Heroes so great. But it should also serve as a goal to every citizen. To be celebrated in The Day of Heroes is the highest honor that we can give to you, and it is achievable for every single citizen because any citizen can achieve greatness."

As of now, the list includes Gregory Soltura, the General who lead the war for independence, Timothy Hiem, the explorer who found the island chain of Lost Heroes, Samantha Raita, the author of the constitution, and several others. Many have noted that President Lost didn't include himself in the list as first president of Lost Heroes.

Opponents of the order criticize it as an unfair tactical maneuver for President Lost and his Equality party to gain supporters. Libertarian senator Jonathan Reed states, "The President is unconstitutionally using the executive order to unfairly gain support for his party in a way that no other party can." When asked why didn't President Lost include himself in the list senator Reed, "That damn bastard is playing the citizens. He wants to appear humble and modest, when he and I both know that he is waiting for the Senate to make a special holiday just for him."

In other news, the government officially separates church from state and is now totally secular. Pileum has been officially reclassified as a Metro Area. Lost Heroes's population has exceeded 1 million people. Elections held give only roughly over 100 seat majority to the equality party.

Thank you for reading and have a happy day of heroes.

Jessica Faran from Heroes City.

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