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Criminal Code struck down: Emperor incensed



Criminal Code struck down: Emperor incensed


The emperor, Felix Corinthus, above, delivered an angry address in response to the Senate's recent rejection of the Criminal Code.

The Senate, earlier today, voted against the institution of Magistrate General Maninus' Criminal Code. The vote, which was held in the Chamber of State this morning, was widely expected to end with the adoption of the bill. Instead, only 196 of the senators voted for it, with the remaining 304, mainly from the Worker's Party, voting against it or abstaining.

The Emperor delivered an address to the Senate, mere hours after the vote:

"Today the citizens of Palaven and I have witnessed an utter failure of the nation's legislature. The sacred task of safeguarding the people seems to have flown from your minds, replaced by petty bickering and political infighting. Our dear Praetor, Pontius Maninus, offered you this vote as a token of appreciation, and to encourage greater cooperation between the legislative and judiciary branches of this government. That offer, that olive branch held out in respect and in the spirit of mutual understanding, was tossed back in his face by the sorry souls that I address now.

A greater conglomeration of scoundrels I have never seen, who so roguishly undermine the state. This 'Worker's Party', as it is called, has proven here today that its interests are not reflected by its name. Rather, we have all been given a taste of the party's bitter irony. In rubbing the poor itch of their opinion, these senators have rendered themselves scabs to the state, and pocks on the history of our fair government.

Let all the people know that I, Imperator Felix Corinthus, and that the Primacy, shall not allow for the Worker's Party to continually sabotage our efforts to run the state. We shall achieve progress despite those unrepentant senators who so viciously oppose it. Today marks the beginning of the end for all those who work against Palavan interests, and against the Palavan people. As we move into this next election, rest assured that I will do everything within my power to ensure the continuity of the Primacy majority, and to purge the Senate of those shameful individuals who rejected this vital act."

The address, which was met with a standing ovation by the Primacy senators, and by many citizens watching from outside the capitol, has reaffirmed the Emperor's pro-Primacy stance, as well as revealed an anti-socialist agenda hitherto unhinted.

It is unclear how this will affect the vote but, as the election is mere hours away, the Emperor's words are sure to be fresh in everyone's minds.

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