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The March to Freedom (Issue 6)

Lost Heroes


"For Freedom, Glory, and Virtue"

Every citizen in Lost Heroes knows the motto of our country. It's on our money. It's in our government buildings. It's everywhere. But is it true? How free are we?

Early passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights garnered a sense of freedom and equality for the citizens of Lost Heroes. Many citizens expected similar laws to be passed very quickly to ensure their rights were protected. But this was not the case. The government took an extended hiatus of freedom laws, and only recently have they been brought to the senate floor again.

President Lost released the following statement about this very issue. "I do regret not putting a stronger emphasis on human rights. I did not assure protection of these rights, and I do so regret not bringing these laws to the senate. However, I have learned from my mistakes, and I promise to the people of Lost Heroes that they will always be free, and that they will always have their government to protect their freedoms."

As such, President Lost aggressively campaigned for a law protecting freedom of the press and universal suffrage, both of which passed.

Opponents of the Equality party criticize the President for his late start campaign for freedom.

"The President is nothing more than just a bunch of talk," an anonymous critic wrote in, "He says all these things about protecting the people and ensuring their freedom, but any smart person knows why he gives these elaborate speeches. He wants more votes! The Equality party's power is slowly diminishing and he's trying to stop it. That's it. He doesn't care about freedom; he cares about power."

In other news, President Lost's education plan has been completed with the building of 3 new universities, several new schools, and the passing of the Enhanced Education Act. Lost Heroes has started buying more land to alleviate high population density.

Thank you for reading,

Jessica Faran from Heroes City

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