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National IDs Rejected

Fox Fire


blog-0116869001401808059.jpgNational IDs Rejected

The Senate rejected a bill today that would have made national ID cards mandatory for all Foxburans. The vote comes after much debate about how the government has been handling immigration and Foxburos ever increasing population.

Senator Joseph Mayakovski (N) argued that they are needed, saying:

We need to keep track of the people coming in, and we need ways of easily identifying people when needed. We don't even know how many people may have entered Foxburo illegally, but most importantly our law enforcement needs easier ways of confirming peoples identities. People are worried about a police state, but we haven't exactly made law enforcement an easy job in Foxburo.

We will only see more problems arise from the failure of this bill.

Opponents of the bill claim that it isn't needed at all, and is just a push by nationalists to further an anti-immigration agenda, and by communists who have long considered mandatory IDs to be necessary to ease strain on law enforcement.

Senator Samantha O'Hart (F), had this to say:

I see no reason why such a policy needs to be put in place, other than to discourage immigration and further the Communist desire for more public monitoring. There haven't been any significant increases in crime, even with our increasing population. Our law enforcement is doing just fine.

Overall, only 203 representatives voted in favor of the bill with the large majority of Sionnach opposing it. This is the first time we have seen Sionnach and CPRoF disagree so unanimously. This has raised concerns that the two major parties, who have almost always worked closely with each other, may be drifting apart.

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