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Federation Of Oceania Hit's 2Million.



The Federation Of Oceania population has hit the 2 Million mark.


When Asked to comment officially on the NEWS

The Coalition United Party: Its a great time to be alive, our beautiful nation is growing and developing, the larger the better, With a larger population we can have a larger Military, a larger Economy, and over all a better country.

The Social National Democratic Party: How is this a great time to be alive, we don't have the resources to upkeep this growth, soon we will be 5million... how are we going to feed 5million, its just not possible, We need a stable sustainable plan to limit our growth to a more acceptable levels.

The Family First Party: We believe we need a larger population, this is a must not a need, we are surrounded by larger nations, and while others are close to hitting 3 million we are only just about to hit 2 million.. that's not acceptable, We want to push for a bigger Oceania and we will.

Update: Polls are suggesting the The Family First Party might steal the next election, if this does happen, it will be the first time The Coalition United Party lose a election.

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