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Sionnach Wins Landslide Election

Fox Fire


blog-0841771001404317851.jpgSionnach Wins Landslide Election

Sionnach has won a record 488 seats in the Senate after postponed elections, forcing Fianna Fox out of government again as well as taking many seats from CPRoF members. This coming after recent divides between Sionnach and CPRoF. This election result seems to come as somewhat of a surprise, as CPRoF has held steady power in the Senate since the founding of RoF.

Many members of Sionnach are quick to blame CPRoFs recent proposals involving immigration and law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Fianna Fox took a crushing defeat, losing all Senate seats. This coming as no surprise after their votes against the Minimum Wage Act.

President Fox Fire made a brief comment on the election amidst clear tension among the parties:

The people have spoken. Its nice to see people agreeing on things. If the other parties in government can't represent the people, the people will vote them out. People know what they want, and right now it's not CPRoF or Fianna Fox.

Head of Fianna Fox, Samantha O'Hart declined to comment on the election. However, Dima Kalakov, head of CPRoF had this to say:

This is an unfortunate loss for our party and for RoF as a whole, thanks to Fox Fires lies, propaganda, and imperialist leadership. Next, we can expect Fox Fire to stop holding elections given her reluctance towards democracy and the misguided monarchist movement supporting her every move.

The last thing this nation needs is a monarch being worshipped, and we certainly don't need Fianna Fox's input on anything.

The division between Sionnach and CPRoF is evident, yet both parties maintain they have been working together on most issues.

Protests erupted in Kalakovgrad, a traditionally communist city. Demonstrators claimed the election was fixed, both Sionnach and the Nationalist Party denying those claims.

FJ asked Kalakov about the accusations, but he refused to comment.

Despite the party squabbling, polls suggest most people across the nation are more than satisfied with president Fox Fires performance. A poll conducted by FJ Research shows that 72% of Foxburans have no desire to replace Fox Fires leadership with 18% of people claiming Fox is a divine monarch.

The overwhelming support for Fox Fire and Sionnach is clear but not without some opposition. There's no telling what will happen with Fox Fires leadership at this point. However, Fox Fire has before expressed no desire to change the current government.

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