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Parliament In Session (Acts Passed)



Today the Federation Of Oceania Parliament (The Dome) passed the One Nation, One People Act, Privatisation of Education Act, Privatisation of Fire Prevention Act, Indigenous Relocation Act, Extreme Force Authorisation Act, E-Democracy Implementation Act, Child Suffrage Act, Police Accountability Act.

The Coalition United Party has pushed though One Nation, One People Act, with strong opposition from both the Family First Party and The Social National Democratic Party with the Chancellor declaring we are of one people, of one nation We do not need minorities, minorities need us, if they want sharia law for example we will advise them to go to places who have sharia law, we will not grant minorities special privileges, or try and change our laws to fit their desires, no mater how loud they yell "descrimination.

Privatisation of Education Act and Privatisation of Fire Prevention Act also passed with support from Family First Party as long as strong independent oversight can keep businesses, corporations accountable, with strick limited laws ensuring these businesses, corporations also become completely transparent.

Indigenous Relocation Act was passed strongly opposites by Family First Party and The Social National Democratic Party and has resulted in multiple protests around Oceania. However with in weeks most protests had gone and the indigenous Oceanians were successful relocation away from land which is set to be sold to businesses and corporations as wells and to settle new towns and cities.

Extreme Force Authorisation Act also passed to help police protect the public more better giving them more powers to prevent crimes from happing, to balance the law the Police Accountability Act, also passed to keep Police Extreme Force Authorisation use accurate and appropriate to the situation and that there is no abuse of powers.

Also to enhancing the federations democracy E-Democracy Implementation Act was passed as well as Child Suffrage Act, to give child a voice as well as enhancing the way democracy works in Oceania, with large aspects of government now transparent and open to debate.

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