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Remilitarization of The Oceania Federation



With Election just around the corner, in a last ditch effect to rise falling polls, The Coalition United Party united with the The Neo-Fatherland Party in passing new Military reforms, deregulating sectors and selling off almost half of all state own industries and businesses (most of which were not making a profit) with other cuts in other areas, with funds being redirected to the military,

With Project 003 to create an indigenous median and main battle tank and Project 101 to create a indigenous next gen jet fighter and bomber and Project 231 to create an indigenous Aircraft Carrer, Frigates, Destroyers and submarines.

At the same time to construction of current foreign designed/indigenous modified Corvettes, Attack Helicopters, Trasport Airfraft, Interceptors, Armored Fighting Vehicles and Towed Artillery will begin construction, with Project 300 to begin slowly creating indigenous version of each unit with help from foreign allies.

Project 499 is to establish a advance early warning system which is to be connected to a complex Multiple Launch Rocket systems, this system is hope to be able to stretch to cover all of Oceania as well as her allies. Project 499 will be linked to the sub program "intercontinental missile and defence program" both project and program will work together with the "Institute for aerospace research and development" which is also developing Multiple low Earth orbital spacecraft systems.

Project 500 is to re-establish Nuclear and Boi-chemical research

A new bill has also been introduce for debate, this bill if enacted would force everyone who reaches the age of 18 to serve 2 - 4 years in the military.

Since the collapse of the Oceania union, the Oceania Federation has remained pretty demilitarized, but with the rise of the The Neo-Fatherland Party pushing for a remilitarization, and The Coalition United Party losing at the polls, the Oceania Federation is finally remilitarization.

At the same time the Oceania Federation passes act enabling the remilitarization of Oceania, both 3 major parties The Coalition United Party, The Neo-Fatherland party, and The Family First Party publicly Condemning the terror attack in Cyrus with Oceania Federation offering its condoles, and any Aid that they might need.

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