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Foreign, ​Domestic news..



Foreign News.

Federation Of Oceania has announced it has established relationships with Silistrious, The Neo-Fatherland Party is extremely critical of this move seeing Silistrious as a threat to Oceania, however Coalition United Party remains firm and is intends to great a strong and unbreakable bond between these two states.

The Oceania embassy in Homar is Currently undergoing remodeling as the new embassy in Silistrious begins construction, The new designs are to help drastically improve security as well to expand the current structure to enable Oceania to stuff more diplomat and delegates and state ministers.

Tensions have risen in The kingdom of Maluku (Maluku, North Maluku) As Oceania forces begin a huge build up in Oceanian state of Guinea, representative from Oceania has said these forces are there for a large scale military exercise, and not there to harm the great kingdom of Maluku. kingdom of Maluku has since claimed never in history has there been such a large force in Guinea and is a clear act of aggression on the part of Oceania

​Domestic news.

Banking refrom is now on the table with new lavy's on bank which is due to fail in both house however the Reserve Act is expected to pass, the reserve act will force banks to keep the full amount of each depositor's funds in cash/silver/gold, ready for immediate withdrawal on demand. Preventing the bank from loaned out a depositor's funds, which happens in the current system. This will help prevent rush on banks in an crisis, and ensure banks no long can play with big money, their income will now come from interests payments and will be granted access to the Banking Fund (Banking Fund is used for major investments and expansion on projects and is funded by the state but controlled by the banks.).

Nationalisation with Australian characteristics bill was the only bill that wasn't signed into law, in the final hours of debating critical loopholes were found however after still finding its way pass both house the president was convinced to not sign the act by the capitalist factions in the party because they were sceptic on how the law would benefit system.

An armament has since been added to the bill only allowing the state to nationalise 49% of a company in stead of 51% and forbidding the ownership of any assets apart from non-wealth creating assets like the military and prison, it is currently being debated.

Another law which was later had an armament added to it was the Tech dot Boom act, with infringement laws significantly weaken, only patent that weren't in use in any current product could be legally copied.

since the significantly weaken infringement and patent laws, a phenomenon has since developed, Hundreds of small groups of hobbyist and inventors meet all over the nation and show off new products created with patent took from major corporations, and showing off conspectus of what could be done, although many have criticise this act, some experts however say it has enabled young hobbyist and inventors to create tools and products these big corporations could never thought off, some of these patents are years old and the corporation, never was able to do anything with it.

Thousands were arrested in Oceania, who were linked to the old communist regime, with warning those who helped the communist will also be prosecuted, many socialist and communist are attempting to flee the state, however many are eventually caught. The state plan's to extends the ban of left-wing free-speech and movement.

Chancellor Charlies leader of the Coalition United Party, has commented privately "although it is sad (for those on the left), it seems to keep them occupied (them being The Neo-Fatherland Party), we are able to pull back red tape and unleash freedom of speech and religion on everyone (apart from socialists). We are in deed a freer nation, we have more rights than ever before, we can now even stand out on the streets and prise a grand spaghetti monster in the sky and we are free to do is only a shame that socialist can not enjoy such freedoms.

(Note: kinda realising i have no format for my posts and its really effect the quality of my post ahah)

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