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South/Northern Maluku Offensive



As the Titian Class-Destroyers flatten South Maluku cities, Oceanian troops land in South Maluku and heavy fighing breaks out in major cities, with close air support, Oceanian troops continue on a slow but steady pace gaining control over large parts of the island.

As war battles on to again control over the Southern Maluku island, 3 Titian Class-Destroyers and 5 Scorpion Class-Corvette were all destroyed near the Northern Maluku island, Unknown to the Federation of Oceania, The People Union of Kalimantan has almost 33 Oceania Union Submarines, although over 80 years old, they have been maintain extremely well with large part reconstruct, the Oceania Union's Blackbelt-Class S17-Attack Submarine was considered one of the most advance and powerfulest submarines of its time before the global Collapse and the collapse of the Oceania Union, despite being over 80 years old and the world largely recovered it remains a formidable Submarine.

A second fleet of 6 Titian Class-Destroyers and 5 Scorpion Class-Corvette 11 The A-90 Cruiser and 9 Scorpion Class-Corvette, attempted to move its way up to the northern Maluku islands, hoping to find the naval fleet that destroryed the smaller fleet, the large fleet was attacked as soon as it reached the port city of HoGa, in north Maluku, only 2 A-90 Cruiser and 4 Titian Class-Destroyers and 1 Scorpion Class-Corvette surviving , reporting Submarines.

Soon after reports of Submarine sighting and attacks coming from the top of the Southern Maluku island flooded in. Oceania began to pull back its navy from large areas of the Southern Maluku island, With the majority of Oceania's navy forced back to New Guinea, lacking a significant anti-Submarine capabilities, Oceania was forced to Speed up the deployment of the few Perth Class - Frigate it had, which was Oceania's first vessels since the collapse of Oceania Union to be fully fitted for combat, although it lacked in numbers, it gave sufficient cover from Submarine attacks to protect a small force near Southern Maluku island.

With the navy "defected due to lack of anti-Submarine capabilities" Oceania change doctrines from a primary navy lead attack to a primary Air lead Attack, with the full deployment and mobilisation of Oceania's airforce, almost 100 fighter jets (the AF-08'S) were sent to establish Air superiority, A few dog fights were reported but lacking significant technologic knowledge, resource and experience as well as limited industrial capacity Maluku air force was quickly crashed.

24/7 Bombing raids were established over kingdom of Maluku as well as Socialist Republic of Sulawesi, attacking Ports, factories, as well as crop fields and farms, as well as key population areas.

Soon after the Bombing raids over kingdom of Maluku and Socialist Republic of Sulawesi

were established People Union of Kalimantan began pulling support from both states and began to ask foreign state like Silistrious and Homar and many others for any form of aid including military equipment and military personnel.

Paratroopers began to land on both islands, resulting in heavy fighting and heavy resistant, rumours and reports are coming though that in large pockets of resistant Paratroopers would call in air bombing killing hundreds of woman and children.

Back in Oceania

Oceanian intelligence agency "intelligence reports" were unable to establish if the kingdom of Maluku or any other nation in the region had Submarines. It was clear Oceania's intelligence agency had failed, and were unable to establish if the kingdom of Maluku or any other nation in the region had Submarines nor was it able to accurately pin point key military base in the kingdom of Maluku, nor warn of terrorist attacks on its embassy in Homar.

Reforms to the Oceanian intelligence agency will be announced soon.

The Neo-Fatherland Party has also called for all Oceanians to return home after the terrorist attacks on its embassy in Homar.

With Oceania at war and in the middle of remilitarising, thousands of jobs are created, and with new work programs building new and Old national monuments as well as old Capitalist monuments like the iconic "The Southern Great Bull" monument, The grand Tasman bridge and the Continental Dome, as well as repairing roads and building new roads and rails, Unemployment is at less than 1%.

With Banks having to keep full amount of each depositor's funds in cash/silver/gold, ready for immediate withdrawal on demand, confidence within the banking community is at a all time high, although, leading and investment from banks have completely been wiped out, the state has replaced banks as the major leaders and investors within the economy, the people seem happy now knowing their bank deposits are self in the bank where to bank can no longer loan sone else your funds and its ready at any time to be taken out on demand.

Inflation is up by 7% while the GDP has grown 5.1%.

Guinea Class - Frigate 4x Sidney Missile launchers with 36x AA-Missile (Short Range, Anti Ship Missile), torpedo Single launchers,

Perth Class - Frigate 8x Alexandra Missile launchers With 72x AB-11 Missile (Long Range, Multiple-role Missile) Tomsen-22 Vertical Launching System with 10,

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