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Operation Coastal Chaos



Intelligent reports confirm Sari Purnawarman muhammad the Queen of Maluku and her children have escaped to Socialist Republic of Sulawesi and now making their way to Silistrious.

Socialist Republic of Sulawesi remain under heavy attack from the bombers of the 3rd division's carport bombing, as 8 out of 9 ports are now blockaded by the Oceanians navy, the Ruler of Socialist Republic of Sulawesi has since requested to meeting with Oceania officials to talk about a peace deal, The Neo-fatherland party however makes it clear to the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi for there to be peace, they must accepted an unconditional surrender,

Oceania launches Operation Coastal Chaos where "squids" (specials-ops Marines) sneak into major power plants and fuel storage building and sabotage them, 18 Titian Class-Destroyer spread thought the sea of Sulawesi begin shooting down any building taller than 2 stories, with no fuel left cities being attacked and nation wide blackout, Socialist Republic of Sulawesi reluctantly agree's to Oceania's unconditional surrender, and pulls out of the Conflict.

Large parts of Maluku begin to also accept an unconditional surrender, with whole cities flatten and countless dead, with no King and a government fleeing, many are giving up.

The People Union of Kalimantan requests Silistrious to build a base in Kalimantan and to maintain as strong presence to prevent oceania expanding the war towards them.

Oceania's War machine begins to roar to life as its capability to construct warships and warplanes double.

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