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A crash



At 9:47 this morning, the Silistrian Federal Stock Exchange was closed (It opens every day at 9:30AM). The economy had suddenly and abruptly taken a crash, losing nearly 4,000 points in only 17 minutes on the SIL Index, the main indicator in Silistrious of the economy. The Silistrian Federal Dollar has lost nearly 10% of its value already. Unemployment is now on the rise, going up nearly half a percent since the Stock Exchange opened.

A crash of the Silistrian economy has not happened in such a magnitude in many years, and due to this Grand Chancellor Varspasian has addressed to the people,

"Have no fear, and hold your faith in the government. This is only a one time event, I can assure you. By the time the Stock Exchange opens tomorrow, I have no doubt that we will see the SIL Index rise by the hundreds, if not thousands."

However, economic experts have stated that this may not be the case. Most notably THE top economic expert in Silistrious, Minister of Finance Alezander Frienz.

Minister of Finance - Alezander Frienz

"I applaud the Grand Chancellor for saying everything will be alright. But I do not believe this will be the case, at least not right away. It may be due to the SFSA, and their large amounts of spending. The economy was not able to adjust fast enough, and for that reason Silistrious may be in the 'hole' for a while."

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