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Roundup for 5/6/2015




PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: The nation of Silistrious remains alongside the nation of Homar and vice versa, since the goodshowing and faith given by Silistrious after the henious attacks on our embassy only show that our two nations lie stronger together.


Anderson Palmer: Good evening, tonight we're covering reaction from the President's recent breaking news statement where he declared the continuation of relationships between Homar and Silistrious. But today, another political event dominated headlines. The recent Green Party televised Presidential debate where Congressman Nikon and candidate Percey had a verbal scuffle.


GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN JAY NIKON: ...the values which make our nation great, our faithful community of honor and respect while also defending our freedoms given to us by our constitution-

GREEN PARTY CANDIDATE MELISSA PERCEY: Faithful? If that's so true, why did you divorce your wife? Is that really the faithful community of honor and respect we can expect from a Green Party candidate?

Jay Nikon: Excuse me?

GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN ANDY HANNON: I'm sure that givent he situat-

Jay Nikon: No, that's absolutely wrong and honestly, I am disgusted that she would use a personal tragedy like that to gain political points. There's nothing about that which matters in this election, I can lead, and if this is any indication of how Mrs. Percey will lead, she is not only unfit to lead-

John Brawnan: Alright Congressman, that's enough-

Jay Nikon: No, she brought it up, I think I have the right to respond.

John Brawnan: No Congressman, Mrs. Percey looks pensive over there, I'm going to ask her now if she would like to take back such a comment. Mrs. Percey?

Melissa Percey: John, I don't take back any comment which I have made.


Anderson Palmer: Now with us, Congressman Jay Nikon of the Green Party who was forced to respond to the claims that Mrs. Percey made in today's Presidential Green party debate. Congressman Nikon, when she first made said comments, what were your original responses to the comments?

Jay Nikon: Anderson, honestly, I was shocked. We look at the history of comments that she made and she is known to keep relatively calm and this comment is honestly the opposite of her history. I think that it's disgusting and trash that she would bring to a Presidential Debate of a opposition party.

Anderson Palmer: Alright Congressman, and while you're here, there's been some recent controversy with Silistrious, what's your-

Jay Nikon: Anderson, the people know my opinion on the matter-

Anderson Palmer: No sir, they don't, we've been getting requests from you know, practically everywhere asking what your position is on Silistrious. We know that you've made statements on the floor of the Congressional Hall blasting the foreign policy of the administration, but no one knows your real official position. Do you mind telling us?

Jay Nikon: Yeah, basically, the party and I believe strongly in Homari being a independent country and not associating itself with those who endorse slavery or what they call it, forced labour-

Anderson Palmer: I want to also talk about that while we have you, it's becoming more recently apparent that given recent tanscripts of events, possibly, your comments could be destructive to the foreign policy of this country towards a ally of Silistrious. Are you concerned that your comments could be destructive?

Jay Nikon: Anderson, I don't think preserving the soverignty of this nation is considered destructive and I think that when the day comes, the voters will know and side with my opinion and my point of view since I think that a progressive social policy, a progressive economic policy and a progressive foreign policy is what voters want.

Anderson Palmer: Alright, thank you Congressman Jay Nikon and if you want, could you stay until we get back from break? We've got more questions and after the break, we'll be happy to ask them. Stay with us.

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