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A show of good will



Today, Grand Chancellor Varspasian gave a speech, here it is,

"Strong citizens of Silistrious, I understand that you no longer hold our great Homari allies in high esteem. But listen when I tell you that the Senators are wrong, Homar is our friends, our allies. As an effort of good will between our countries, and to show you the people that Silistrious has trust in Homar, we are giving Homar three Radon engines. Although the engines we are giving are not the final engine used by Silistrian spacecraft, we have no doubt that it will help Homar develop their own advanced engines. So I ask you, my brave citizens, restore your trust in Homar!"

Hours later however, the Senate attempted to outlaw giving away the Radon Engines, however the motion was shut down due to them being "sub-par" to the current engines, and not a security risk.

In other news, the SIL Index has risen by almost 2000 points in the last several days, with Silistrious seeing a major recovery.

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