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Roundup for 5/7/2015



Anderson Palmer: Good evening, tonight covering breaking news from Silistrious where a speech by the Grand Chancellor has just been made today in which he reaffirmed the relations with Homar and Silistrious.


GRAND CHANCELLOR OF SILISTRIOUS VARSPASIAN: Strong citizens of Silistrious, I understand that you no longer hold our great Homari allies in high esteem. But listen when I tell you that the Senators are wrong, Homar is our friends, our allies. As an effort of good will between our countries, and to show you the people that Silistrious has trust in Homar, we are giving Homar three Radon engines. Although the engines we are giving are not the final engine used by Silistrian spacecraft, we have no doubt that it will help Homar develop their own advanced engines. So I ask you, my brave citizens, restore your trust in Homar!


Anderson Palmer: As it's well known recently tensions between the two nations have reached a tipping point with new Anti-Silistrious rhetoric coming from the Green Party and opposition, and anti-Homar rhetoric coming from Silistrious. Here with us tonight for the first time, a live audience and a panel of guests here in this special edition of Roundup. With us tonight, Chairman of the Green Party and the opposition, Jack Flanigan. Celebrity and actor Nigel Milford. Congressman Geoff Vegas.


Anderson Palmer: With that, the first question of simply, should we have or should we continue relationships with the nation of Silistrious. For that, I'll go to Jack Flanigan first, Mr. Chairman.

GREEN PARTY CHAIRMAN JACK FLANIGAN: Well, let's look at the facts. We have a freedom loving society based and rooted within our foundations and a organized structure of supporting all, regardless of who you are or what you do. That's our nation. Now, let's look at the nation in question, Silistrious. Right now, we're faced with the question of association, do we want to associate ourselves with a nation which has openly endorsed slavery-

CONGRESSMAN GEOFF VEGAS:: That's simply false-

Jack Flanigan: Excuse me, excuse me, may I finish my point-

Geoff Vegas: We're faced with a nation that has made radical leaps and bounds forward to a more progressive stance which shows that the nation of Silistrious is willing to move forward and to actually make progress. We've seen their leader make a statement on the matter and he is commited, Varspasian to keeping open dialogue with our nation and given this historic new presence of Homar on the world stage, we simply cannot ignore a opportunity like that.

Anderson Palmer: I want to get Nigel's opinion on this at the moment, Nigel?

ACTOR NIGEL MILFORD: Yeah, well, look, I mean I support relations with Silistrious since we can't risk isolating ourselves again. It's a bad idea and under the Green Party leadership, we'll sink further and further into a hole which we can't get out of. That's why the Worker's Party and the National Front have created a coalition-

Jack Flanigan: Well, there it is isn't it? Your parties have from the start been practically the same, more and more of the same and now you're finally admitting it with a coalition that you're creating. What a disasterous day, I think that's exactly why you were removed from the opposition seat!


Nigel Milford: No, no-

Jack Flanigan: Yes, yes! I mean, it's not the most outrageous thought is it? People are tired and sick of your rhetoric defending a more conservative and authoritarian social policy. So, they wanted a change and I think that the fact that you're here defending the National Front and the fact that I am here defending the opposition speaks multitudes about the decisions made by the voters to end the political establishment.


Anderson Palmer: Alright, plase. Please. Will the audience, please keep the reaction to a minimum if possible. Now, Congressman Vegas, I'm sure you have something to say and can we please keep it on topic.

Geoff Vegas : Yeah, about Silistrious, but before I address that, I want to talk a bit on the parties and what Flanigan has said.


Andererson Palmer: I really don't t-

Geoff Vegas: Let's remember while the voters voted indeed more for the Green Party for them to become the main opposition, let's remember the voters voted the National Front in with 30 more seats than beforehand and that's with their knowledge of our foreign policy. The people know our foreign policy, they know where we stand which is more than I can say about your party Mr. Flanigan.


Geoff Vegas: Now, on Silistrious. Let's make it clear that this party has always been in favor of new and more substantial economic decisions and partnerships with other nations. Simply put, we are stronger together and weaker divided, that is a fact no person can deny and it's a fact that must be strengthened and enforced as our majority Congress rules. Our Congress has supported our decisions in foreign poli-

Jack Flanigan: Congressman, I have no problem with you saying that the majority of Congress supports your ideas, but simply put, do not say everyone in the Congress supports your ideas because guess what, I do not. Our party does not, and our millions of voters do not either.


Anderson Palmer: Alright, as you can see, a firey debate indeed and we'll continue that debate the break. More with Congressman Vegas of the National Front, Chairman of the opposition Jack Flanigan and Celebrity Nigel Milford.

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