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Roundup for 5/8/2015



Anderson Palmer: Tonight as conventions for parties draw closer, new party debates promise to change the delegate count of each candidate as controversial statements were made today in the most recent Green Party debate with all 3 running candidates, Melissa Percey, Jay Nikon and Andy Hannon. At the moment polls show Congressman Jay Nikon with a lead over Congressman Hannon and Percey by polling at 37 percent to Hannon's 34 percent and to Percey's 12 percent with 17 percent undecided. But pollsters suggest that after Percey's performance today, insiders within the Percey campaign may suggest that a resignation is near from the campaign after Percey made this controversial comment in today's debate.


John Brawnan: Mrs. Percey?

Melissa Percey: John, I think that what we must do about Silistrious, simply put, is a Homari intervention if you will. We need to tell them that simply, we're not going to take it and we're going to show them with military force the consequence of their actions.

GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN ANDY HANNON: Ma'am, are you suggesting a invasion of-

Melissa Percey: Excuse me, I uh, I meant we must show them the consequences of their actions with uh, we need to show them that their actions won't be tolerated.

John Brawnan: But ma'am you did say you wanted military action, did you not?

Melissa Percey: I didn't.


John Brawnan: Excuse me? But didn't you just say that you would consider military action or force?

Melissa Percey: I believe I said that we're going to show them the full costs and true value of their actions against Homar.

GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN JAY NIKON: Well, let's make it clear since some of us on this stage can't. I stand with the party in taking a firm stance against the recent Silistrian actions by bringing a Congressional vote of condemnation, but military action, that's out of the picture. We're not going to have military action, it won't be considered and it will not happen.



Anderson Palmer: Many also suggest that Percey may resign from her campaign shortly and endorse a candidate before the convention in which it is nearly for certain that Percey will not be winning the convention. Now next in breaking news, a possibility that the President could be taking a more hard line on Silistrious even after his statements regarding his unanimous support for the nation. Charlie Matthews reports.


Charlie Matthews: Three deep sources from the National Front chairman today stating that a possibly shift in foreign policy would occur. The shift towards a more pro-Silistrious or a harder position on Silistrious has not been confirmed yet. But until then, the nation waits for a confirmed definite policy despite the President stating that he stands firmly with the nation of Silistrious as he did days ago. Voters know where the Green Party stands on the issue and they stand firmly on the matter against Silistrian friendship and less on intervention alongside a withdrawl of troops from the Sulawesi state which has not been in the focus of attention recently. But the Green Party continues to support anti-Silistrian viewpoints and the National Front at the moment, seems like the opposite will stay as so.


Anderson Palmer: After the break, more on this breaking news of Silistrian relations. Stay with us.

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