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Roundup for 5/9/2015



Anderson Palmer: Covering breaking news tonight as Chancellor Charles of long-allied state Oceania has just passed away due to unknown reasons. Oceania, a good friend of the nation of Homar was one of the most revolutionary nations in respect to Homar as it was the first nation to ever create diplomatic ties with Homar. Since the announcement of the creation of ties between the two countries, Homar has been a nation thrusted on to the diplomatic and international stage, even going to war with another nation in defense of Oceanic national interests. For nearly half a year, Homar has stood alongside Oceania through thick and thin through conflict and ease. Now, that conflict and ease does not have a map to the future as the death of Chancellor Charles marks a new beginning between Oceanic-Homari interests. President Reberbio speaks.


PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: Good evening ladies and gentlemen please, be seated. Tonight, I have the sad news to present that I have just gotten word that Chancellor Charles of the nation of Oceania has just passed away. Obviously, this is a hard time for their nation and I do send my condolences for the death of their leader who's integrity, his diplomatic stature and his simple ability to bring together parties which otherwise may not have been together was second to none. A example of his ability was with me, with Homar. A isolationist nation stuck in 60s era values with a overwhelming majority of people saying to stick to those values, and I'll be honest, I was one of them. But the Chancellor's ability to recognize situations proved true as he forged one of the strongest relationships on the known planet where our embassy stands strong and safe, and theirs as well in our nation. Where our flag stands true and safe, and theirs as well. Chancellor Charles and I were indeed great friends and our nations greater friends, and we have worked alongside them since the beginning of our relationship. From great troubles of going into conflict, to supporting their internal political conflicts, we've been with the Chancellor from the beginning. Today, is a sad day for the defense of freedom, defense of values which make our planet strong, which make us stronger together, and weaker divided. Chancellor Charles knew that we were stronger together, and weaker divided, and I hope to follow in his footsteps as his legacy continues even beyond his death. I'll be removing effective immediately through signed executive order around a hour ago all troops from the Sulawesi state in a transitioning period of no more than 24 hours in a massive operation to remove all troops, including that of Silistrious. We work and live together, and we're stronger together. That includes our soldiers abroad who have defended the Oceanic state, and during this time of no doubt saddness within the nation, we express the need to continue the legacy of Chancellor Charles and his successful policies. That'll be the way Chancellor Charles name will be implanted into the history books as it well deserves. In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to restate something I said when I had my press conference with the Chancellor, that, It's through our mutual devotion to freedom, democracy and justice, at home and abroad. It is the example that we seek to demonstrate for all others. That's what we must continue and we must continue thinking ahead with the Chancellor always with us. Thank you.


Anderson Palmer: And now a clip from the press conference between the two leaders, the first time a press conference has ever been held on Homari soil.


CHANCELLOR OF THE FEDERATION OF OCEANIA CHARLES: ...The war the Federation Of Oceania and Homar are currently fighting has been an unfortunate one, Many innocent civilian have died, Both state are fighting for their own freedoms as well as each others, we are Brothers and sisters, our great Capitalist state are the envy of the world and this makes us a target, we must not submit or change to appease those who want to do us harm, 

the region of Oceania has gone through all lot and I hope a silver lining from this war will be a stronger and grander relationship…


Chancellor Charles: 

...the region of Oceania has gone through all lot and i hope a silver lining from this war will be a stronger and grander relationship. As well as a Defence and Security Cooperation Agreement, To share Non-Critical technology and full expertise while providing access to world-leading defence hardware and technologies, training courses and combined exercises, as well as vital intelligence capabilities of The Federation Of Oceania…


PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: In the Chancellor, Homar has a trusted partner in peace, and at the moment, perhaps no two nations are held together in partnership in alliance through military strife. That sense of interconnection alongside our shared ideology and interests have not only united us as allies, but as a people as well. Our focus today however, is of the highest priority of the international community, and the highest priority of my position as President…


Dylan Reberbio: ...and on every single day, the military has served patriotically and responsibly since we’ve entered the region, and now we must ensure that a peaceful transition is left to the people of Maluk to paint their own future on a canvas fit for all of their citizens. Above all, this transition must bring all of Maluk’s voices to the table. Homar will continue to be a friend and partner to the Federation of Oceania. We stand ready to provide whatever assistance is necessary to pursue a transition to democracy and a fair representative government system. It’s in both our interests, Oceania and ours, to make sure that those who are voiceless and stuck in the mess of bureaucracy are able to now speak in a new government, and voice their opinions, because a threat to Oceania is a threat to Homar.


Dylan Reberbio: The Defence and Security Cooperation Agreement will open up our intelligence agencies to more directly pinpoint and target terrorist cells on the planet to find and eliminate threats against our people. Because in an age of expanding opportunities, we do face grave dangers despite our attempt to maintain peace, democracy and all that those two entail. But our fundamental friendship is crafted by our agreed upon ideals and policies as well as interests. And at the core of this friendship will be the Free Trade agreement, a milestone in the development of the modern era of globalization.


Anderson Palmer: After the break, we're going to go to Nina Lesutwaki who's covering public and political reaction to this breaking news indeed.

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