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Roundup for 5/10/2015 (SERIES END)



Anderson Palmer: Over the past 280 days, Roundup on CNC has been dedicated to providing you with quality coverage of Homari news events nearly every single day. Since its beginning it has been our pleasure to work with you, to report for you and to inform you. We have continued every single day to bring that news to your screens, and unfortunately, those days must and have come to a end. A look at where we started, here's our first ever segment.


Anderson Palmer: Good evening Homar, you're watching Daily Recap for Thursday July 22nd on CNC.

Kevin Stamper: Your job under threat? Could be a plausible worry as the Congress passes the Open Borders Act, illegally thrashing this nation's dedicated, hard working workforce with immigrants who mooch off welfare. Congress's anti-Homar streak continues to show, and President Reberbio should answer to this farce of legislation, for it could literally kill jobs, and kill families. This is why Congress has a all time low 55 percent approval rating, and the President has a 49 percent approval rating. The defense of CNC, is the Homar Constitution. The President should show some defense for the 600 thousand citizens he promised to defend.

Emily Stewart: That's nonsense, you're just anti-immigration due to your desire to keep your nation pure.

Kevin Stamper: Never said that.

Nina Lestuwaki: Anyway, in a emergency session of the Federal Reserve, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve announced a new 1.5 percent interest rate, which is a 0.2 percent increase from 1.3, his former rate. Anderson, your take?

Anderson Palmer: Well, the Chairman is clearly attempting to round in inflation, which has been going at 2.5 percent this quarter, a mile away from the 1.25 percent the FED wanted.

Emily Stewart: It is expected today, that the President will bring to the floor of the Congress a new bill to deregulate the private sector completely, and it is expected to pass. Your company at threat? More tomorrow.


Anderson Palmer: And that was when the show was called Daily Recap. Through the near year we've been reporting, we've been reporting tremendous things and have helped impirnt events into the history books of the future due to our informative news. One of those events was our coverage of the 8/14 terrorist attacks. Here's a clip from our reporting then.


Nina Lestuwaki: This is CNC's Roundup, as we continue our coverage of the recent terrorist attack at the Center for Disease Prevention Headquarters. For more live coverage, we go to Anderson Palmer right outside the blastzone. Anderson, for those just joining us, what's going on?

Anderson Palmer: Well Nina, absolute disaster. Sixty already declared dead, more then two hundred injured. It was a quiet afternoon at around 1:20 PM in downtown Lublin, when a massive explosion was felt and heard. The entire front of the building then proceeded to collapse at around 1:56 PM. There is panic on the streets, and crowds have already gathered at the CDP Headquarters for quick prayer and mourning. Between those 36 minutes from impact to collapse, Homar has seen their most heroic citizens act up in defense of their fellow man and woman. You can bet we'll be covering this story for the rest of the day, and many more.


Anderson Palmer: Where there's been conflict, we've been there from the attacks on the Oceanic embassy to war with Homar for the first time in its history. We've been where others could not, and we have been glad to report for those who could not. Ladies and gentlemen, it's a sad night tonight that Roundup is ending, but we have no doubt that in the future this short setback will only be replaced by more innovative and more effective ways to providing what is going on around you right to you in your living room. After the break, for the last time, the news.

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It's kinda sad that we have people in the community that are willing to put this much effort into making these news threads and an admin that can't even put 10% of what you do into the game.

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