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Silistrious Forever and a Day



(Music plays)

Silistrious Forever!

We are strong today!

We march alongside Victory!

Forever strong!

We will show us the strength!

From the light of Democracy!

Our nation stays pure!

A beacon of hope!

In a sea of horror!

Silistrious forever and a day!

Here is a speech by Grand Chancellor Varspasian,

"A great man had died recently. A good friend to Silistrious. The leader of Oceania will be remember by all nations as a beacon of progress."

Silistrious has recently began working on a 10 meter high statue commemorating the achievements of the Oceanic Leader Charles. It will be given to the nation of Oceania when completed. A duplicate, measuring at 4 meters will be kept by Silistrious and placed in the presidential garden, alongside other Silistrian presidents. Where very few statues of non-silistrians reside.

In other news, Here is another speech by Varspasian,

"...a beacon of democracy had closed its doors recently, the Homari news network CNC. Not only was it very popular in Homar, but as well in Silistrious and many parts of the world. It is sad to see such a sound defender of the truth to go."

In more other news, despite the best efforts between the diplomats between Orellia and Silistrious, war had been declared. 50,000 Orellian troops stormed the border at dawn this morning.

In response to the attack, Varspasian has given his last speech.

"Silistrians! We will win this dishonorable war! The Orellian foe will not suceed in defeating us! We will fight them in the air, we will fight them on the sea, on the land, and if need be, in space itself! Hold your ground brave citizens! Hold it and do not let Orellia gain even a mere milimeter of Silistrian ground! Silistrious now! Silistrious-- forever!

After the speech, the Grand Chancellor had stated to a SSNN interviewer that he will not be making any more public speeches for quite some time, so he can focus on the war.

And finally,

Good day.

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