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  2. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    I am jesus
  3. Chris the game doesn't work plz fix
  4. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    you people need jesus
  5. You ass faces haven't kept my thread alive. Shame on you all.
  6. Greatings new and old members, if your reading this then the game and fourm is indeed dead. The admin of the game has yet to fine tune the game and there are tons of bugs in the game some off which effect your nation. (don't qoute me on that if you aren't drectly effected) now there is nothing i can do to stop you from signing up and using this service or playing the game,just know that no further progress is being made on the game. sign the Tsar.
  7. Exactly! Still down, incase you wanted to know.
  8. So where were you for those 74 days since your last post? You're not the only one allowed to do Chris imitations
  9. You ******** heads haven't been updating this for me. Shame on you all.
  10. Mid way through January? I guess better late than never, right?
  11. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    Unexpectedly repelled by me. The eternal winner
  12. Let's Make a Story!

  13. Project Terra received a much needed update! The copyright notice in the footer now says '2017'
  14. Let's Make a Story!

  15. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    Sneak attack.
  16. Some day in the future historians will ask why PT worked fine in early 2012 but was a moribund shell in early 2017.
  17. And early in the year 2017 there was no working PT!
  18. Chris, are you still alive?
  19. Dear Santa, This year for Christmas I'd like a working PT. Chris ain't gonna fix it so I'm relying on you.
  20. Chris pls fix so I can stop playing the cancer that is PW
  21. How much further can we be let down? Can anyone see the bottom yet?
  22. Current status of the game: Broken Clearly your IRC reminder isn't enough, so I'll be doing this as well.
  23. Let's Make a Story!

    A classic of the forum boards of any site, and one I can't find anywhere here. Is it too cliche? I think it's kinda fun. Let's make a story. Rules: Post one word at a time to create a story. Don't double post unless it's by accident. Keep it PG-rated in accordance with forum rules, and try not to make it overtly debatable as to derail the thread (ie: religion, politics, why capitalism is bad, etc.). If possible, quote the person above you in order to make things a bit easier to read. ie: Person 1: Once Person 2: upon Person 3: a Person 1: time Person 4: there Person 2: was... And so on... Let's see what the minds of Project Terra will create. Begin! _______________________________________________________ It...
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