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  1. Political Affiliation Poll

    Says Me. I don't see how you can attempt to in anyway you determine wether a Fetus as a Human, or not without largely ending up in the Realm of opinion. I've heard numerous argument for both sides, but non are either definitive proof of it's humanity it all just falls back to subjective opinion. Feel free to make your case as to why a Fetus isn't a person, but I'm fairly certain it's going to end up just being an opinion.
  2. Political Affiliation Poll

    I'm not saying Human Life can't be defined scientifically I'm holding that defining a Fetus as a Human Life cannot be done Scientifically, or atleast not in a manner that is objective. It has Human DNA and will eventually fully develope to survive outside the womb, but isn't fully formed enough to survive outside the womb until a certain point. Wether you can call it a human life, or not is more subject to opinion than scientific research.
  3. Political Affiliation Poll

    Why What?
  4. Customizations

    You can add your own Flag you just need a Web Link to a picture of it. There used to be time you could name the parties, but it seems they've gotten rid of that.
  5. Political Affiliation Poll

    "Nothing is certain. There is no way to verify that our perceptions are, in fact, accurate whatsoever." And this was the point I was trying to make the argument over whether it's a human life is highly subjective and their is no definitive way to answer this question. As to Scientific consensus what is this consensus on the Fetus being Human, or Not? Also Scientific Consensus can be completely wrong and I don't think you can scientifically determine wether to consider a Fetus is human, or not it's all just a matter of opinion.
  6. Political Affiliation Poll

    A pre-birth state dosn't exactly mean a non-human state and also you're going to need to elaborate on on the definition of human and where it derives from. Also Definitions are once again subjective and change over time. Just because someone has a man made standard for what is human and calls it scientific doesn't mean everyone is going to agree with it, or it's correct. nor are all scientist going to agree.
  7. Political Affiliation Poll

    It matters because if you ignore the values of some states over others you end up polarizing the political situation even more and your less likely to get anything done at all. It was this lack of consideration by Norhtern Abolitionist that lead to the Civil War. You also have to realize that putting everything to a National Initiative can also work the other way. Thoughout most of American History public support has been largely against same sex marriage if you left it to Federal Fiat you could have had same sex Marriage banned Nationwide. The issue of Slavery if we defferred to the Federal Government on the matter to begin with Northern and Southern States would have had Slavery. Also where did I say "decentralization is good because libertarians support decentralization". I've gone over my posts and I'm not seeing it anywhere. I'm not going to argue the first one, but when it comes to the second one that is highly subjective there is really no way to definitively answer whether a fetus is a human, or not, or deserves the same right to life as a person. It's all just a matter of opinion.
  8. Political Affiliation Poll

    The great thing is we have 50 States and if you don't like a States laws you don't have to live in it and can live it a state whose laws you do agree with. If everything was left to Federal Fiat you'd have to deal with bad laws coming from the Federal Government no matter where you live in the country. Californians can keep shooting themselves in the foot economically, Texans can continue to act like Religious nuts and Florida can remain being Bi-Polar each State gets what it wants and deserves instead of having some states driving policy that screws everyone over only a few states will get screwed over.
  9. World War III.

    I would argue Nuclear Weapons spared us going through another World War and not the UN.
  10. Political Affiliation Poll

    I'm assuming your talking about Same Sex Marriage, if thats the case then your right the average Republican doesn't want Same Sex couples forming such contracts. I've never heard of any Anti-Atheist, or Minority laws that prevent them from serving in office. Where are you getting this from? Now Republican voters as a whole tend to have a preference towards Christians, but that is more a voter preference than any laws. Well personally I find the whole idea of a completely secular government overrated. As to funding to religious groups thats a bit complicated. These groups aren't so much getting money because they're a religion, but because they provide services that even non religious people can agree with. The problem is they often use these services to get their religious message out. As to applying religious values to laws that isn't always a bad thing. Not Stealing and Murdering is a Religious value and most people would agree those are good values. It really depends on wether it's just values, or it's actually doing something in outright respect of a Religion. Difference between two what? Sorry you weren't too clear there. As to Libertarianism it is a philosophy and then you have the Libertarian party which perscribes to that philosophy. As to wether the Libertarian Party would practice what they preach if in a position to power is something to be seen and Government in General no matter who runs it is a Monopoly on Power, if you don't like this then you should support smaller limited government which means a smaller monopoly on power and Federal < State < Local < Individual. Libertarian Orthodoxy supports Drug Legalization and Same Sex Marriage. As to States rights LIbertarians would probably support states rights because your defusing power from a Centrail Authority which Libertarians are always for. You assume that changing something on a National Level is a Good thing. Were talking about a Country of over 300 million people with 50 differents states with their own economies and cultures. It would make more sense to defuse power to the States because they better know their constituants and could better serve their needs. Putting it in the hands of the Federal Government means your creating a one size fits law that affects different groups and regions differently. It is a lot easier and less contraversial to just let states figure thgins out for themselves.
  11. Baccano!

    So I'm not the biggest fan of Anime and just like good shows which Anime provides from time to time. I recently watched this lost Gem from 2007 called Baccano! and it was pretty (Insert Profanity) good. So good people put on par with Cowboy Bebop, It was so good I'm actually bothering to tell you guys about it. What's it about? Without revealing too much, It's largely set in the early 1930's and revolves around number of stories that are all interconnected with no real plot, or main character. The show does time jumps between these stories so it can get pretty confusing at first and you probably won't be able to fully grasp the flow of the show and what story a scene is in until around Episode 6-8, but it actually manages to wrap the whole thing up in a satisfying way by the last Episode (13). The show is very character and event driven and it does the time jumping so masterfly in a way that provides the most suspense and mystery to keep you hooked. A majority of it's large cast of characters manage to be very entertaining and interesting to watch. The Animation is Good, and the English Voice Work is superb especially when dealing with the various accents(most predominant the classic Italian American accent). The show can get pretty gory though so if you don't like lots of blood and gore, people being pumped full of bullets, limbs torn to shreds by moving traintracks, or heads blown to pieces by a shotgun this may not be for you. The Show in General has Good Humor, Great Action, Plenty of Suspense, Entertaining characters, and just fun to watch. The Show has 13 Episodes and 3 Epilogue episodes from the DVD you should be able to watch them all on websites like WatchCartoonOnline, or Hulu. I hope this compells some of you who like Cartoons, Anime, or Good Shows to watch this terribly forgotten show. EDIT: Nothing pressing, but I though I posted this in the Entertainment Section, but didn't. So if a mod looks this over can you move it there when you get the time, Thank You.
  12. Political Affiliation Poll

    I don't know where you're getting with Contract Rights, but in terms of Privacy both parties have been pretty bad, honestly when it comes to Foereign Policy both parties are pretty much the same, and I don't see how Republicans are problematic for Freedom of Religion unless you're against it. Libertarians are strong believers in Individual Liberty and Small Limited Government to oversimplify it they're Fiscally/Economically Conservative and Socially/Culturally Liberal. They believe in Small Limited Government and Free Markets, but support Drug Legalization and Homosexual Marriage. They're probably the closest you can get to a Classical Liberal.
  13. Political Affiliation Poll

    The Political Party that is closest to the Classical Liberals are probably the Libertarians and then Republicans. Classical Liberal strongly stressed Limited Government and Laissez Faire Economic Policies the Libertarian and Republican Economic philosophy(Which Republicans have sucked at practicing) promote these ideas.
  14. Growth rate?

    Haven't done the math so maybe a real crapshoot guess here, but maybe he took a measure that grew it faster while you weren't looking and after it grew it slowed down afterwards?
  15. Day 1 of Project Terra: Hows Progress ?

    I don't think it's been added in yet. I'm trying to figure it out too. I recall it being under Edit Nation, but it's not there. My resources didn't shape out to well either.