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  1. Hi, I was the original beta tester for the game, and I have not done any beta testing for quite some time. I have not accessed my nation much in the last few months (even after re-creating it) and I have lost interest in participating. I am requesting that I have my nation deleted by an in-game administrator, since I am unable to delete it due to the "My Account" page not being in working order. I have loved this game for a long time and have participated since March 2011 with the original players but I simply don't have the interest any more. Thank you for your time. P.S., If my nation cannot be deleted, then perhaps it can be handed over to a new beta tester after I change my log in credentials.
  2. To be fair here, I did intend for this to be an open discussion on the series. Y'know, books and show. So yeah, as the title indicates, this will contain inevitable spoilers. I haven't read any of the books, but I've been watching the show since 2011. Albeit, through nefarious non-legit means. I don't really mind knowing what happens, personally. So long as people aren't dicks about it.
  3. Tyrion is the best character in my opinion. I had some hopes for Jon as the ultimate winner but from what I've seen that's not happening and when the Queen of the Dragons makes it across... game over. I like how there's undertones of 'the lord of light can bring back Eddard Stark' present in the last season.
  4. I'm sure most around here have either heard of Game of Thrones or at least read the books/watched the show on HBO (Home Box Office). Currently the show is going into the fourth season. So. How 'bout that red wedding? Lol.
  5. Microsoft Backs Down

    "I have Internet so everyone else obviously has Internet." That's what I'm seeing in this thread, and it's wholly untrue. There's hundreds of millions - if not billions - of people without Internet and many live in North America. With how I live, there are plenty of times where the *only* form of Internet I have is my phone, and it's not exactly reliable. Most people outside North America and western Europe use Internet cafés and therefore would be screwed by this if they had an Xbox One. Microsoft truly is the Timex in the digital age here. Obligatory NES/SNES 4ever.
  6. Pledge of Allegience (US)

    I like the eastern shore, it's not at all like the rest of the state, which is the best thing. I haven't been to OC in a long time though, but every time I go across the bay bridge I think of that bridge that collapsed a few years ago killing those dozens of people.
  7. Pledge of Allegience (US)

    I live in Maryland. I have hated this state from the moment we moved here twenty years ago. It's filthy, crime ridden and the people are absolutely awful. At least everything not on the eastern shore or in north western Maryland.
  8. Pledge of Allegience (US)

    You're a terrible person. Maryland sucks balls.
  9. American Media: Part One.

    I'll admit that was funny.
  10. I'm going to mainly see what kind of replies I get and generate a discussion that way, but I figured I'd at least give a reason FOR replies. With the recent death of Venezeulan dictator Hugo Chávez, I decided to go and read various news sources to see what the reporting style would be like in the United States, and yes, even abroad. At first I thought it'd be something akin to "Viva Venezuela, Viva Libertad," you know, some variation. But I was actually sort of surprised to see that outlets like CNN and MSNBC had a slight praise for him. Okay, not *so* surprised, but still. I read a really good "iReport" article written by a supposed Venezuelan immigrant in the United States: Read Here. And was hopeful it was written by CNN its self, but obviously it wasn't. The problem I've noticed with the media in this country is that they either only report the things as they want to report them or they report nothing at all. So in many cases, people like myself have to go through various sources to see and read the things that we want to know. For example, I like to read BBC and CBC as well as Reuters, Associated Press and Fox News. I primarily visit CNN on my phone because the other mobile sites for their rival organisations either suck terribly or the content loads slow. So, I at least get my CNN quota. I've found that the BBC typically seems to have the most balanced and informative news, which to me is sometimes odd because I know that allegedly the BBC is controlled by the British government/Crown, and you'd expect the information to be slanted. And I've found rare cases of that being true. If I spend a half hour watching Fox News, I'll only get the conservative republican view with some attempts at presenting an alternative view, but just that -- attempts. If I spend a half hour watching MSNBC I'll get nothing but extreme liberal views that sometimes make me wonder if MSNBC is controlled by a foreign government that hates the United States, but hey? If I spent that same amount of time watching CNN I'd get a fair mix of liberal democrat and conservative republican with a film covered style of reporting; you hear and see the news, but learn nothing of substance. That one article written by that Venezeulan was probably the most informative thing that I've seen on CNN in any format in the last few months, and it really made me wonder how it is that someone whom is not a professional reporter can be so informative when the professional reporters present the news in such a way that their own agendas and coporate overhead is completely unfiltered and naked for all to see... but, then I remember, this is America and big business owns the major media outlets and they report the news in the way that their owners ideologically swing. I think it's time to go back to reading news papers or listening to radio for myself. After all, nothing beats the feeling of opening a news paper and reading the stories the old fashioned way -- that is supposing you don't once again run into the same corporate malaise that you deal with from the television... such a pipe dream.
  11. Reviving the blog.

    Eh. It depends really. Russia has a problem with corruption and abuse of power; but what country doesn't? At any rate, the government there does attempt to take care of its people but it does a not-so-good job of doing it. Putin doesn't like anyone that opposes him and takes every step he can to remove anyone that does -- and unfortunately, that has involved the deaths of some people. But, not all is bad there. Moscow has the highest ratio of billionaires in the world and their military is starting to put out new fighter technology and new weaponry. But it's hard to say if it has any resemblance to the sophistication or capability of anything between Britain, France and the United States.
  12. Syrian Rebels capture UN Peacekeepers

    Talk about failure of strategies.
  13. Anyone Know Any Other Nation Games?

    Lol. You only know half of the story of the terrible things he does with that game. Resetting people is only the tip of the giant iceberg. He's given groups of players free money, created multies to join alliances, used multiple names on IRC to talk to people without them knowing, he let's his staff interfere in the game and he spreads lies about Project Terra. So, play PN at your own misguided risk (that goes for anyone). There's other games like Lord Empires (it's dead though). NationStates is the most boring nation "simulator" to ever exist. But I did try eRepublik once, it was good.
  14. I don't really see this topic going anywhere else. Everything has pretty much been said that could have been said. At least this Moderation Team actually cares enough to ask the player base their opinions on rule changes rather than just creating new rules and removing anyone that questions it. I can't possibly see Chris even remotely considering deactivating the blog system. But, he has surprised me before. EDIT: Clarification.
  15. Reviving the blog.

    Most people are aware that I have a deeply intellectual side of me and that I enjoy discussing politics and culture. Just taking a glance at my entries in Guardian's Camp Boxxy Polling Station shows how in-depth I go with my polls and questions. So, starting this upcoming week I'm going to begin blogging about politics in the United States and around the world. My relationships I have with foreigners I know in life and the world we live in. I suppose this should be interesting.