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  1. There won't be any more blogs from everyone's favourite Ice Cream man. I'm heading into retirement from my duties as an administrator due to health problems that I've been dealing with for awhile. I'm not disappearing, I'll still be around as a player. But, this is it for Lieutenant Dan. Sorry I'm not huge on goodbye's and all that...
  2. Community Outreach

    You can mention IRC, it's not against the rules. Generalizing: There is a recognition within the Moderation Team that some rules are too harsh or have to be enforced in a way that seems to be harsh. Therefore we created the idea of making this thread about a week ago to address the issues consistently raised by the community that we all serve. I can assure you that no current moderators are "out to get" the players and that our current staff have been spoken to on occassions past where such things might or might not have occurred. I have been asked numerous times on IRC both in query and in our #terra-moderation channel if we enjoy giving warnings and having to 'mess with players' and the honest answer from myself is and always will be 'No.', because when I became a moderator in 2011, I realized after having played other games before -- that an overly-aggressive or oppressive staff can and will drive players away from the community. Do we make mistakes? I believe we do. And when we do, it's addressed as soon as possible. Some in the community believe otherwise, but anyone that has been a moderator recently would be lying if they said those issues aren't addressed internally when they occur. As for the OOC/IC line, believe it or not, internally, that was the main reason this thread was discussed as a possibility to see the concerns of the player base and to make changes where needed. It's most certainly not the only concern from the players, but it's most certainly chief among the concerns. So rest assured, this thread and its responses will not go ignored by the staff. Do you (Mason) feel that the rules regarding mechanics mentioning in regards to wars between alliances and mentioning the name Project Terra should be allowed entirely? And if so, for what reason? Is it simply so that it's easier to just communicate and get points across about why or why not somethings occur related to that? You bring up a good point about the IC/OOC line needing to be there to keep people from bringing egregious insults into discussions on a personal level. I'm curious about how you would feel if the rules were relaxed a bit? ---- I'll be available on IRC if people want to discuss anything. If I don't reply right away, I will eventually.
  3. Community Outreach

    Please be constructive with replies. Anything not constructive or deemed spam will be removed.
  4. Unsuitable Request?

    Just to make a note corresponding to what Hannibal said: The Moderation Team does not deal with alliance issues unless it is violating the rules of the game. Requesting access to another alliance's forum or anything related that doesn't violate the mechanics of the game or anything else necessary to keep the game going that would present a hindrance to said operations -- that's something we don't police, unless said otherwise.
  5. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Thanks to SniperJoe showing me that video, lol, that's soo awesome. KPop xD
  6. Multiple nation on the same IP

    Topic locked and moved.
  7. Multination IP address

    Topic locked and moved.
  8. Ban appeal.

    Due to a lack of response on behalf of the complainant, this request is denied.
  9. Nation Deleted

    This issue seems resolved, if I am wrong, please message me and I will unlock this thread.
  10. Warning Appeal

    Appeal granted.
  11. Warning Appeal

    Your appeal is being reviewed. You'll be notified of a decision shortly.
  12. IRC ban appeal

    We do have rules on how IRC is moderated, we keep records of every ban as well. However, it does appear the teenagers have been quite busy while I'm away.
  13. QOTW: July 3, 2012 - Donations

    Chris donates to me, by letting me be a moderator of this splendid world.
  14. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Such a turn on; the girls fighting that is. I love this song, though.