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  1. DOE of GGA

    Warn issued. That's just flat out unacceptable. Period. The game might be slow these days, but the rules and common sense still apply, and I expect everyone to follow them.
  2. Let's make sure this thread remains civil, and remember the rules regarding pictures in threads. Keep it clean gents...

    Locked. If I see anyone distributing anyone's IP address for any reason other than to report unlawful behavior (which should be forwarded to the Staff if it takes place in this community) it will earn you a ban. PS: I'm back from vacation. 'Sup?
  4. The Charter is Finished.

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I think that the fact we're even working on a charter atm, is progress in and of itself.
  5. Ban appeal

    Case Closed!
  6. Entire Squad Wiped out by IED

    ...holy sh*t. They stack landmines on top of each other. Ive seen some even up to twelve high. Just because something is designed to defeat improvised explosive devices doesn't necessarily mean it's invulnerable to them. It's sad, but it happens.
  7. Entire Squad Wiped out by IED

    Thread moved to current events
  8. Admin can see the future

    Moved to current events.
  9. First All Alliance Diplomacy Logs

    Verbal warn for posing a meme picture. Come on guys, read the updated rules please.
  10. 2012 Presidential Election

    You know that chart of defense spending? It's interesting to note that in 2008, only .05 of every tax dollar was spent on veterans affairs. Yet over .48 was spent per tax dollar on continuing two illegal and immoral wars. Just something to think about. If you think all this rah rah flag waving BS the tea party and sometimes democrats do is sincere, think again. It's all about the money and lucrative contracts to defense corporations. Hell, I think the deputy defense secretary used to be the CEO of Ratheon industries(sp?). You know, the people who make tomahawks iirc. Weird coincidence...
  11. Moderation Team: Declaration of Nixon

    Bribery, sir, will get you everywhere.
  12. Current Events Rules

    Welcome to the current events forum. This forum is the place to debate any form of current or past events in regards to social, economic, religious or political circumstances. This forum is NOT to be used for: - Spam of any kind - Trolling, flaming or other forms of abuse - Religious or political grandstanding. If you've got a claim, back it up via logical fact or argument Do Not: - Post threads containing only links. Please state your opinion on the event or circumstance and invite others to do so as well. - Do not use strawmans. I will find them, and root them out. - Do not post one line "witty" responses. Please make your posts thoughtful, and articulate. With that said, have fun and keep it clean.
  13. Moderation Team: Declaration of Nixon

    I stand by my fellow colleague and say, come and get me likewise. As self styled Grand Poobah Supreme Ayatollah of Rockin' Rollah I shall strike you all down with furious anger.
  14. Moderation Team: Declaration of Nixon

    Thus my reign of tyranny begins...
  15. Admin Request

    There should be an edit feature in there for one. Don't see why you had to delete. Anyhow, I am sure Admin will see to this.