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  1. Forgot Password

    Apparently not.
  2. E3 Thread!

    It's actually more than that in the UK and EU.
  3. Mermaids

    Even longer than whales? What about seals?
  4. Xbox Reveal!

    Some people seem to dislike the new controller. I quite like it. As for the rest of it... I'll allow Angry Joe to explain.
  5. Boston Bombing Creepy, really creepy.
  6. Black Knight satellite

    The images below are where this theory stems from. NASA have labeled them as "Space Debris" That's probably what they are. The stories surrounding this have more than likely been made up by conspiracy theorists. There is no real evidence or reliable sources stating that this is some ancient satellite.
  7. Space Stuff... Is it ALIENS?

    I'll just leave this here. 1. There really isn't a lot we can do about it.We just don't have that kind of technology yet and probably never will within our lifetimes. 2. It (probably) is taken seriously by the people that matter and that doesn't include journalists or the media or the general public (as much as we may hate that, it's probably the case) 3. They probably already have measures in place, but they won't be of much use. Nukes are nothing compared to what a large meteorite could possibly do. So nuking it with even our most powerful weapons probably won't even slow it down. Bear in mind, if a meteorite was responsible for wiping out most of life on the planet several million years ago, we don't really stand much chance. 4. More likely than you might think. Earth is constantly being battered by meteors. None of them large enough to cause any damage, but as we've seen, you do get the odd one or two large meteorites that can cause some disruption. But the chances of one of them being large enough to end civilisation within the next 30 years is probably less than winning the lottery and being struck by lightning on the same day.
  8. I personally don't see the neccessity of blogs. A lot of what's posted in them could be posted in Planet Chris if it has nothing to do with PT, or The Courtyard and/or Global Discussion if it does. Alternatively, blogs should have a simple set of rules, as has already been suggested. Below are the forum rules, the ones I've striked out are rules that I'd consider to be irrelevant to the Blog section. The remainders are rules that I do consider relevant. Maybe more blog specific rules could be added or existing rules adjusted (for example, Rule #10), but in my opinion the remaining rules should be adequate. I personally find that IG and OOG can occasionally cross over from time to time and that separating them (in blogs) should be at the discretion of the bloggers themselves, so long as they comply with the rules laid out below. 1) Keep on topic. 2) Do not post random images. 3) Do not post obscenities (pornography, gore, etc), racist materials, or other hate speech. 4) Any image that is strictly used to emphasize human sexuality will be removed * 5) Keep it civil. 6) Do not get personal in IG threads. Keep real life out of them Prefacing such posts with [OOG] or [OOC] or similar tags does not excuse posting such material 7) Respect the Forum and Game Staff 8) No uniquely identifying personal information (e.g. Names, SSN's, links to outside profiles) whether of yourself, or of any other player may be posted anywhere on the PT forums. Non-uniquely identifying information (e.g. location, job, education) about yourself may be posted in Planet Chris insofar as it pertains to or informs the discussion. Such information about other players may only be posted with their consent. Any such non-uniquely identifying information you post is fair game for discussion by other members. No OOG information, personal or otherwise, may be posted in the IG sections of the forums. 9) Please limit discussion of similar games to the Off-Topic forum. Any mention of other games in Alliance Politics forums is strictly prohibited. 10) Do not post advertisements for personal gain. (within reason. Personal projects should be fine, i.e Youtube videos) 11) Do not discuss moderation issues or threaten others with the Moderation Team. Attempts to use the Moderation Team, and/or bogus reports to attack other players will not be tolerated. 12) Requests for locking of threads by original posters (OPs) must abide by following: the thread(s) in question must violate one or more rules of the forum. 13) Posting on the behalf of a player banned from the game or forums is prohibited without exception. Those who choose to do so will be given an immediate formal warning and the prohibited content will be removed. Attempting to replace the prohibited content will result in a temporary forum suspension. 14) Anyone who posts on the forums is required to have an in-game nation. Your nation name must be listed in your profile. Your forum name and in-game user name must match. 15) Attempting to circumvent the forum wordfilter is prohibited. Anyone agree or disagree?
  9. Date of warning being appealed: 13-October 12 Warning Reason(s): Spam in Beta and Alpha Info thread Reason for Appeal: I wouldn't consider my post to have been spam, more of an irrelevent point. I admit that my post was out of line though. I then kinda just forgot about it until I posted earlier today and noticed I still had the warning point.
  10. Bungie Officially Unveils Destiny

    Agreed. Seems odd to ignore the PC market. FPS games don't work well on consoles, but work great on PC. While Destiny does look amazing, I'm not convinced that current gen consoles will show the game off in the way people expect it to. Also, it's hinted that this may be more of an MMO game (hence the always on thing). Not a fan of that personally, especially considering there are still many people who have the older Xbox 360s. They don't seem to like the internet very much (from experience anyway). How very Kadin of you. Seriously though, you're right. I can see this game turning yet more people into basement dwellers and neckbeards. The people who spend so much time playing a particular game, that they begin to believe that only them and their circle of other neckbeards and basement dweller clanfreaks should be playing the game and that everyone else is either a cheater or a noob. I've played a few multiplayer games, I've had the pleasure of interacting with those kinds of people. I can't play any game for more than a few hours at a time, some RTS games are an exception, but that could only be for one or two days. I used to spend most of my free time playing games, now it's probably a couple hours a week at most.
  11. Meteorite explodes over Russia

    It really is just a coincidence. The meteorite came down in the north, while the asteroid was still far off into the south.
  12. This is Spam

    Not as long as I have. I fail to see your relevance here.