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  1. Favorite games

    Overrated. Get it when it's cheaper.
  2. Favorite games

    Vindictus, innit.
  3. Beta Trade Sphere Implementation

    What happens to the extra 112 lumber and 177 brick? Are they transferred to the Sphere Owner/their bank?
  4. URL Tag

    Will do, thanks.
  5. URL Tag

    Hello there. I've run into a spot of trouble regarding the use of URL tags. That is, "forum.project-terra.com" is prepended onto it once the post has been made, meaning that the link the text goes to is false. For example, Googletakes me to http://forum.project-terra.com/www.google.com, which is not the site I wish to direct people to. Google
  6. Lets play a game

    This is incredibly interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Pandoras Photoshop Stuff

    Hmm, not bad.
  8. No, it's a deterrent. Military strength will make people think twice about attacking you, and for all the money it costs, America has an incredibly strong military. Were there to be a war, then that equipment would come into action.
  9. It would probably be better to link Tax Increases to the Economic downturn, rather than relating it to military spending. Yes, the US spends a lot of money on the military, but once your military is that big, cutting can become a problem. As demonstrated in the earlier posted graph, only a small part of the budget is on R&D - the majority is towards maintaining what the currently have. By cutting the spending, they'd either have to slow technological advancements, or shrink the size of the military. The latter would result in a military equipment not really doing anything, and some angry people if you try and lay-off those who work in the military. As for Government spending in general - few countries are in a surplus, let alone large economies. Going from a deficit to a surplus is by no means an easy task, especially when you consider the size of the deficits. Tax increases are a start, but by no means enough to resolve the situation. No, a lot of [proverbial] blood will be shed if we want to go back into a surplus, and doing so would jeopardise the country's economy as a whole.
  10. The Seven States

    It's the terrible posting mechanism, thing. Oh God.
  11. Introduce yourself thread?

    Just have to wait for them to realise their place
  12. Introduce yourself thread?

    'Tis good to see you back, Kyon John Smith.
  13. Nerd Test

    "One night" is not a very long time. Ergo, the Nitrogen.
  14. Name Change Request

    Yes, another - sorry. Due to the reset, I have changed my ruler name again - please can I be renamed to "Hyun-ae"?