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  1. Congratulations on the treaty...
  2. The Brotherhoood DoE

    Congratulations and good luck,Karl on your alliance!
  3. NADC Declaration of Existence

    Welcome and Congrats
  4. DOE of GGA

    Thank you for the welcome!
  5. DOE of GGA

    Today I come before you as the leader of PT's newest alliance on Planet Terra....I, hereby announce the existence of the Grand Global Alliance.. Grand Global Alliance is a proud alliance that is built on a strong foundation of unity,integrity,strive for excellence,and mutual prosperity of all its members.We look forward to our future here on PT. We look forward to getting o know all of you here on PT,and hope to build lasting friendships all the great alliances here on Project Terra. Alliance Stats: IRC Channel: #GGAPT on Coldfront Forums: And now the Constitution of GGA: