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  1. Embedding a YouTube Video with BBCode

    You mean like this...? There's no code involved. Just copy the share link and paste it directly into the thread.
  2. United States of Terra DoE

    Charter's too short. Have fun out there.
  3. The tech thread

    My PC was definitely not built for gaming, although it does well with everything else. Won't even bother to mention the outdated specs, but it runs Windows 7. Phone is currently Samsung Galaxy S3. Considering a Galaxy Note 3, or waiting til September for a Note 4. Gaming...Xbox 360. Xbox One this fall (I hope).
  4. An alliance that inspires and others should aspire to. I love SK. o/
  5. Versutian Federation

    Just so you're aware (in case you aren't already), 99% of the alliances and people here use coldfront, including the game itself. You may want to consider setting up a channel if you're irc active.
  6. I'm not sure what to report as a bug vs. what's just not done yet, so I hate to flood the forums with bug reports. For example, I distributed food and the game deducted the amount I distributed, but then showed that I hadn't distributed anything because it still reflects "0" in Allocated Food Units. I also noticed that on the infrastructure screen, where I have purchased a total of 13 buildings (divided among 5 types), it says I have 7 total buildings. Also wondering if the Current Stats will be changed to what it used to be where your dollar amount was constantly running in real time when you hovered over it, or will we need to refresh the page to see changes?
  7. mobile

    I realize there's a lengthy "to-do" list, but I was wondering if optimization for mobile devices was on it? I haven't started a nation yet, but the home screen alone doesn't display properly on my cell.
  8. Refreshing to see the new Global Politics and the old threads dumped from the mod forums, as well. I like that the old alliance politics are still available for view, but with this being a new version and the old so long ago, I was thinking it would be cleaner and make more sense to take the alpha politics category and it's forums and put them in the archived forums at the bottom of the board, out of the way, but still accessible. Just my 2 cents. Also, will there be a new "Courtyard" for OoC added within the new Global Politics?
  9. Game Development Update

    This thread was needed, and it is appreciated. It wasn't something you had to do, but it was the right thing to do. See some of you, know where. Cheers.
  10. Old Timers.

    I've learned that it's better to wait for a completed stable game before inviting people. Bring them to a half finished product and they typically won't stay long. Then, when it's done, they'll be relunctant to give it another shot.
  11. Old Timers.

    Just about anyone who shows up to post was here before. Not everyone, but we're about the only ones who visit. I've been here since September 2011, when it was still owned by the original admin, before he closed it and then sold it to Chris. Gandalf, italiarule, and several others that are still stopping in were all here as well. Oh, and if you've never stumbled across it, here's a thread that gives a brief outline of events from the time Chris took over until about mid July...which was just over a month before PT went back offline.
  12. I think its because it's themed as a room (lounge), so there are various pieces of furniture that represent sections...such as Entertainment Center, etc.
  13. Game Development

    I'd rather just see the bugs get fixed and marked appropriately when completed. Anyone can check the bugs forum for updates on the status of tickets.
  14. Games That Suck

    I'm also one of the 14, lol. I enjoyed the campaign in its predecessor and thought I would in Warfighter, but it was so buggy that the game would freeze up and I never got to finish the campaign. The multiplayer sucked and it's the biggest disappointment that I've ever owned (and still own)...but it did get me into the future Beta for Battlefield 4, so I guess that's something.