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  1. Update?

    I think its important to get a feature in that gives players a way to interact in game soon. I understand that the game isn't complete but the game had a lot of momentum that seems to have faded off and we could lose people and should keep in mind thinking of ways to get them back when the game is finished
  2. Just saw the PMs now. I'm on my phone at the moment but I get my laptop back Sunday so will have a big intro post up then
  3. I think if its going to be considered a rp over 100 years even a week to a month is slow. That would still take over 20 years to play out and as I doubt any RP lasts that long gives us plenty of time in that era. Maybe a week to 4 or 6 months maybe reduced during large wars or events Anyway sign me up as Russia I'll fill out the form in abit NATION NAME: The Russian Empire NATION LEADER:Tsar Alexander I GOVERNMENT TYPE: Absolute Monarchy NATIONAL RELIGION: Christian Orthodox under authority of the Holy Synod POPULATION: 35.5 million MILITARY SIZE: 200,000 Regulars + 700,000 reserves + Irregular Cossacks NAVY SIZE: Baltic Fleet 35Ships of the Line + 150frigates Black Sea Fleet 10Ships of the Line + 50frigates IDEOLOGY (Communism, Fascism, or Capitalism): Capitalism FOREIGN POLICY: Expand Russian influence in in decaying Ottoman Empire and protect other Orthodox Christians. Look for trade and colonial opportunities in Asia. Pragmatic attitude to other great power allies DOMESTIC POLICY: Centralize Power in the monarchy to combat nobles use Church and Cossacks to replace influence. Introduce a powerful but constitutional monarchy EXTERNAL GOALS (Three Please): Take Finland securing the the Baltic Fully consolidate the Caucasus Maintain Balance of power in Europe favourably to Russian interests INTERNAL GOALS(Three Please): Curb power of aristocrats Open trade and investment with Europeans to help industrialisation Increase education WILL YOU BE ABLE TO MAKE AT LEAST ONE POST A DAY: Most of the time I'd make up for ones if I miss themRequested land: RUSSIAN EMPIRE
  4. New Format

    A little divider between the law names and there effects and its perfect
  5. I got the google warning malware ahead screen when I clicked on the USF thread ? Link:
  6. Wealth Gaps/Inequality

    The biggest trend in the history of capitalism was been the concentration of wealth into fewer and fewer hands and well capitalism has also increased the absolute standard of living do you think that it will be able to do this forever
  7. G10 Invitation

    Disgraceful carry on by VF In all seriousness VF just invited the 10 largest to basically have a chat on their forums I don't see anything binding nor anyone signing up to be part of a permanent group although that could be a result. Some people make way to big a deal out of things
  8. Old warn

    Date of warning being appealed:25-October 12 Warning Reason(s): Spamming thealpha thread Reason for Appeal: We have a game now still cant believe it
  9. Political Affiliation Poll

    Then just vote other and explain. I am interested in the views of someone with a DPRK sig
  10. Political Affiliation Poll

    Communist of the trotskyist variety Religion dose not get to claim the institution of marriage for itself and exclude others from using it. Marriage is an ancient custom that pre dates the Abraham religions and has constantly changed over time. The church is free to be bigoted all it wants personally I think homosexuality will destroy marriage shows a real lack of faith in religious institutions. Praise be to theAyatollah
  11. Beta And Alpha Info

    Great news been a long time waiting. Cant wait for the game to start being populated
  12. Beta And Alpha Info

    So we should turn our anger to Microsoft is what I'm hearing
  13. Alliance Option...Feedback Wanted

    Imperium is the best but I am always biased towards roman things