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  1. I could see this as a donation reward. There was a research queue, not sure why there couldn't be a law queue as well.
  2. I think some form of indicator on your nation about which end of the spectrum your nation currently sits in regard to the three sliders for laws. Also some better indicators on the laws as to which way they favor as the descriptions are pretty hard to tell. For instance, from financial standpoint, my nation easily passed "Corporation Tax" and "Windfall Tax" however failed miserably when trying to pass the "Beard Taxation Act". I'm not talking about give me exact numbers, but a representaiton of sorts. And then on the laws you could simply add something like, "This law leans towards an isolationist foreign policy." or "This law has been classified by some as a socialist economic law."
  3. Site layout

    You guys are missing FoxFire's point. To his interface, this is a game-breaker. It's interfering with his ability to play from his mobile device, which if I'm not mistaken, was the entire reason the changes were made was to make it easier to play from mobile devices.
  4. Resources & Market

    Then you must be lucky. Every visit to the resource market for me, for instance construction, takes on average 30 seconds for the page to load fully. Not only that, it's definitely not organized asthetically. It looks like things are too wide for their current setup and are floating below. Now, if that was taken down to one box, and where the resource name was instead a dropdown for you to select which resource you wanted. It then pulls the data you need, and then you operate as normal. That would allow for multiple enhancements. More space, increase font size for the resources. Better layout and spacing of the buy/sell buttons and sections. And of course, the biggest enhancement would be the time needed to get what you want done. As it stands now you have to wait 30 seconds or more on average to have a fully loaded market page that you can interact with.
  5. Resources & Market

    There are multiple things wrong with the market page. The first is that it takes multiple clicks to get to where you want to go. Next is that everything is... crunched to fit into space. Thirdly, it takes forever to load, and my guess is part of that is due to the fact that it's making the six different calls at the same time (hence why they seem to pop up one at a time). Here's my suggestion. As we can already force refresh of single panels, why not have a single well layed-out panel, and let us select which resource we want to work with, then pull the data for it from a click. By doing this we alleviate some server load which should speed up load time, as well as have a more manageable and astheticly pleasing interface. I imagine a dropdown for the resource, then a click to pull data. Then we handle our business like normal. And it can all happen on a single page instead of clicking back and forth to get to different types of resources.
  6. Logistics

    Well that's why I asked was to make sure. Because it had sat at the July 4th figure for a good week and a half before changing.
  7. Logistics

    Are the logistics recalculated on the fly based on something? Earlier this month I fed my logistics to get everything out to around July 4th or later. Today I decided to take a gander so I knew when to refeed logisitcs and now they're at 6/29 & 6/30 for dates. I know everything was at least July 4th or later previously.
  8. Suggestion: Over-limit Warning?

    I made the mistake. I could have sworn I bought up to 25 warehouses to save for next upgrade, but apparently only bought up to 24... oops.
  9. The Legacy Group

    Original post amended. Bump.
  10. Can we get a warning in market purchases something like "Warning: This purchase will put you at or over your maximum capacity"?
  11. not entirely true... PT takes a cut of cost.. so now that cut has a reason, for maintenance of marketed products. And I'm not saying that a nation ruler WANTS their inventory to rot, I'm just trying to suggestion some more additions that give another level of detail. You can easily avoid rot by making sure the product doesn't sit wasted in warehouses. As an alliance leader though, the idea should be appealing because it would require alliance members to pay more attention to their nations.
  12. Couple of suggestions around resources, and not sure if they deserve separate topics or not. The idea came to me randomly on one of my insomnia driven nights when I logged in and found my warehouses at max capacity. Suggestion #1: When a resource reaches max capacity, the extractors/refineries for that resource should go into "shutdown" mode. They would remain that way until the nation leader "turned them back on". This would make sense, because if there's nowhere to store the product, the extractors/refineries would not be able to do anything. Secondly, this would require a nation ruler to be more mindful of their nation. Suggestion #2: This ties hand in hand with the above. When a warehouse reaches max capacity, product would "rot". I say rot as an example for like food resources. The idea would be that the resources would begin to diminish as they're simply sitting there gathering dust. Food rots, chemicals & compounds etc could destabilize or contaminate, etc. The idea is that the warehouses would have an option for cleansing and then the nation ruler would do something with their product or simply let what remained sit and turn their extractors/refineries back on to return to their routine. I think these would be great in generating/maintaining active control over a nation instead of nations simply sitting there inactive. Also, avoiding these would be easy, and of course would be suspended if a nation went into hibernation mode. Thoughts? Discuss.
  13. Anyone buying Food and Energy Resources?

    I fund my logistics till it's about a month out myself.
  14. Maps

    The fact that someone besides me remembers Trade Wars gives me hope.
  15. You're right, which is why I stated it in post #10. However, not sure that I agree with the energy break idea.