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  1. Jester

    Got a quick request, Can you please, kind sir, please shut Madder Red the hell up? I read this forum for updates I don't like sifting through pages of him to find what i want. He's been trolling well everyone for days now and it's getting tiresome. Please man, please do something about him. Thank you in advance.
  2. question

    Noticed my appeal had been locked without so much as a reply and this thread will probably be deleted aswell which is why I've screencapped it. has the moderation on this forum gone so downhill that they can't even give the basic dignity of a reply? It's sad that not only has the release date been pushed basically into infinity that the mods have basically stopped moderating stuff. But Chris himself has stopped posting altogether on the subject. This community has degraded significantly in the months I've been gone, to the point that trolls run rampant and the mods do nothing to stop it, hell they ditch moderation requests by locking the threads without so much as posting in them. Is this a concerted attempt to kill PT from the community level on down? what exactly is going on here? thus far we have a select few that received invites while the rest of us poor bastards are locked out in the cold. if anything please give some general hint when PT will actually be a working game before you lock this thread. also mods please do your jobs.
  3. Unban request

    Nation:RMS Titanic Ruler:EJ Smith since there's been some unforseen delays in the release of this game which pushed the release date out indefinitely, can I please be unbanned? it's been almost a year.
  4. Forum Ban Appeal

    Ban Reason(s): 100% forum warn Reason for Appeal: That was a long time ago, months. I had time to think about it. I realize what I done was wrong. I'd just like to participate in the forums again. Please consider unbanning me...Sorry for everything guys... Warnings Received Prior: (Y/N) Y (I was banned because of 100% warn)
  5. Hugo Chavez: Dead

    smoking, drinking, bad diet etc...
  6. Hugo Chavez: Dead

    Ummm...it's cancer... he caused it himself...
  7. This A** Hole finally died. Yay

    I like this thread better o/
  8. Space Stuff... Is it ALIENS?

    Not gravity beams, Gravity well. Everything in space has a gravity well, or a gravitational force that it exerts on it's surroundings. One proposition by NASA was to launch a space craft to rendezvous with an asteroid and use the gravitational pull of the space craft (The space craft's Gravity well) to coax the asteroid to a different orbit. not only would that take forever, It's likely it wouldn't work at all. Especially if the asteroid is considerably more massive than your space craft. Using a gravity Tractor is akin to using tugs to steer a ship in harbor. (The term Gravity tractor was coined by NASA btw). I'm more of a supporter of steering the asteroid with onboard thrusters if we have long term notice, if we have a couple years, a series of Kinetic strikes, if we get blindsided and have a few months, a passive Nuclear strike (Standoff explosion)
  9. Space Stuff... Is it ALIENS?

    You'd need a parabolic mirror setup 10,000 miles across (Roughly the size of a planet), in the time it would take us to assemble such a monster, we'd be hit. I'm still with either maneuvering thrusters, or a big ass laser setup that can fire sustained for an hour or 2. that is if we have short notice. If we have a couple years, go for the mirrors or sails. We also need some sort of space based radar and optical detection network, like the sonobuoys we used during the cold war to detect soviet subs. Something that could detect and calculate the orbits of NEO's close to the earth. An early warning system of sorts. That would give us enough time to prepare for an impactor. Right now we can only scan near earth space in sections using land based telescopes. A system of this sort would have to surround the planet along the orbital plane of the solar system and give us a view of all space surrounding the earth in one shot. We'd need computers to monitor the radar and optical satellites and make calculations. Basically a colossal electronic surveillance system. That's called a Stand off explosion Pandora, suggested that already, but like you said, the calculations would have to be dead on. You basically use the shockwave of the explosion to alter the asteroid's orbit. You don't detonate ahead of the asteroid, you detonate alongside it and deal it a glancing blow to steer it to a proper orbit, and only if we have so little time, nothing else can be deployed. That only works for asteroids we actually detect that soon, Again they're not comets, they don't have tails, Iron and hematite asteroids don't reflect light that well. In the most likely scenario, we don't detect it until it crosses the orbit of Jupiter or mars (Providing it came from the Ort cloud), inbound for earth, At best we have 1 or 2 years to react, worst case we detect it inside of mars orbit and have 6 months to react (Providing it came from the Asteroid belt knocked in by a collision). most likely an amateur detects it, there's time lag between amateur detection and reaction. in that case we'd have to react evasively and deploy Nuclear weapons, or try and steer it with rockets. Also Italia, your sig rocks! Pure eye candy o/
  10. Space Stuff... Is it ALIENS?

    the problem is applying enough force to knock something that big off course. remember your moving something as big as the largest mountain on earth, maybe larger. To use Gravity, your gravity tractor would have to have 1/4 it's mass atleast and equal density. A kinetic strike with something big enough to move it would present a new set of problems. Best shot, we'd have to develop a rocket motor that doesn't burn it's fuel as quick as current rockets but provides equal thrust. You'd have to launch, say 8 of em, position them on the rock to work like steering thrusters. maneuver the rock to a different orbit. it would be like steering a bullet. you can't slow it down, again mass. you'd have to steer it at full speed. Like maneuvering the space shuttle. Bear in mind, asteroids aren't as easily detected as comets. if we didn't see it until, say it crossed the orbit of mars inbound to earth, we don't have enough time, end of story. our option than becomes nuclear stand off explosions and pray like hell that we can divert it. The gravity tractors proposed by NASA are satellites orbiting asteroids. for those that think that'll change a rock's orbit, football field size or office block size, maybe. but for a monster the size of everest or larger, forget it. We have a small planet orbiting us, it doesn't change our orbit. If the asteroid has a far larger gravity well than our space craft, we lose period. it will tow our space craft around like a toy ship, period. we'd either have to steer it directly or use something with atleast 50% of it's gravity well. Solar sails only work if you have decades advance warning. the most likely scenario we have a couple years at best warning. The fact is, the number of people looking for these things is less than the day shift crew of a Mc Donalds. We're not going to have alot of warning. the most likely scenario is the government has so little advance warning, they clam up about it to avoid a panic.
  11. Space Stuff... Is it ALIENS?

    He's referring to an object that would be a credible threat to our existence as a species. You know like the Chixalub rock? I never bought into Gravity tractors, it's too much like trying to change the course of a multi million ton monster with something the size of a volks wagon, the object with the most mass wins that gravity contest. Your gravity tractor would be captured in orbit around such a behemoth.
  12. Space Stuff... Is it ALIENS?

    1. How? to be a global extinction event it has to be atleast the size of Mt Everest (about 6 miles across). Forget your gravity tractor, that's like trying to steer the titanic using a bass boat with a 5 horse evinrude outboard. option 2 is use a laser to create a jet of steam or gas to steer it. Problem there is we don't have a laser that big that can fire longer than a few minutes. option 3 is a nuclear stand off explosion. if your wrong, or if you miscalculate, we get a shot gun blast of several big rocks. with our current technology, even if we have advanced warning, there aint much we're gonna do about it or be able to do. We'd be best putting our resources and money into bettering the nations of earth than wasting money on things we can't change at this point in time. even attaching a rocket outboard motor only gives us about 20 minutes of thrust. again like towing Mt Everest with a volkswagon beetle. 2. nope, if it's gonna happen, any amount of preparation using our current technology is futile. how about using the same money and resources to stop our more imminent threat, that ongoing, slow motion natural disaster known as Global warming? 3. 3. I agree with those above me, no, true the United States and Australia have sky surveys going to detect large NEO's but again if detected, what can we do? so why waste the money? money that can be used to improve our school systems, our healthcare, our infrastructure. 4. Statistically you have a greater chance of being killed by a falling satellite. it's so miniscule, it's not worth the expense.
  13. March 5th....Which Would You Buy?

    Azyren, your the only one in this thread that beta tested, what are the pros and cons of Sim city 5 vs say sim city 4? are there missing features? is it online only (Which could cause problems for dialup and slow broadband users)?
  14. March 5th....Which Would You Buy?

    Is your graphics card 9xx or Intel Q chipset?
  15. Bonus

    ok but if you think I'm the only one pissed off about this, you obviously haven't seen the game facebook page. Some of them guys are downright hostile aside from the few core actives on this forum, the majority want the staff to get it in gear and get some invites out.